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Her Instinct - Chapter 13

Chapter 13 - A Broken Frame

*mature gifs ahead*

This chapter was inspired by the song Guys My Age by Hey Violet. Feel free to listen as you read, it’s a great song and really fitting to the character ;-)

Morning came even quicker than last time. I feel the warmth of his body against my back. It was so comforting, his lean arm draped over my body, connecting us.

I studied his forearm. His skin looked and felt so smooth, not oily or dry, but just healthy and clear. I outlined his arm, taking in the shape with my hands.

Remembering it.

Memorizing it.

I glided my fingers down to his hand, tracing his palm. His hands weren’t as soft and smooth as his harm. Callouses outlined his palms, either from working out or all that housework he must do. The memory of his cart full of household cleaning items came across my mind. Funny thing, Mr. Leto never talks about a gardening. It must be for the houses he sells.

My mind wandered back to his warm body pressed against my back. I lapsed back into the memories from last night of us wrapped in each other’s arms, inseparable.

I felt myself melt into his arms. A soft kiss on my neck broke my train of thought.

“Someone’s awake,” he said groggily. The huskiness in his voice sent chills down my spine and was literally, the sexiest thing to wake up too.

“Someone’s still sleepy, ” I retorted playfully as I turned to face him .

“For you, I’d be awake in a heart beat.” He said suggestively.

His voice paled in comparison with his looks. Yep, he was just as flawless as he was before. My eyes outlined his perfectly handsome features. I started with is eyes, then his cheek bones, his jaw , down to his neck and stopped at his clavicle. I decided to give my eyes a break and grazed my fingers against his shoulders and chest.

He stared back at me calmly as I touched him. I felt peaceful in the oddest way.

“I don’t want to leave. I could stay in bed with you all day.” I said out loud to myself.

“Don’t say that Kerri, or I’ll just might have to make that happen.” He tapped my nose with finger with his finger.

I laughed as I inched closer to him. He leaned in, kissing me tenderly. He proceeded to kiss down across my jaw tracing down to my shoulders.

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Where Soul Meets Body- 10

Summary: Soulmate AU. Some people went their entire lives without ever meeting their soulmates. You were one of the lucky ones, to have found and fallen in love with the owner of the initials tattooed on your hip. When your soulmate’s best friend struggles to deal with a tragedy in his own life, you discover that you might not have been as lucky as you thought.

Steve Rogers x Reader; Bucky Barnes x Reader (Not MMF)

Warnings: (Series, not specifically this chapter: bad language, unprotected sex or sexual situations, drinking/alcoholism, drug use, violence, cheating, references to death, mutilation and trauma, maybe more.)

Words: 1682

Author’s Note: STEVE FEELS ARE HERE. Oh, I guess Bucky is in this too.

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Master   Part 9

Bucky was stoned.

This was the first time in a while he’d hit it this bad. Memories of the last time, the last few times, swirled around somewhere in the back of his head as he fell into the couch cushions, glazed eyes fixated on the buzzing television screen. Black and white images flickered, but it was on mute. Tom Petty played from the phone on his stomach, the tiny speakers muffling the sound just enough that he could pretend like Last Dance with Mary Jane really was about a girl.

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Dog Days - trickydeepforest - Glee [Archive of Our Own]
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Title: Dog Days
Artist: @quizasvivamos
Author: @klaineclectic
Beta: @fearlesslysgleefics
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 9000

Triggers/Warning: none


Kurt gets a summer job dogsitting Mrs. Anderson’s prized Lowchens, and then one of her sons shows up for a surprise visit home.

Written for the Klaine Prompt Reverse Bang run by @prompt-a-klainefic.

Art by the talented and generous @quizasvivamos


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Chris Evans Imagines - Lost Your Way Part 1

Originally posted by cheekychappychris

A/N: I had inspiration and I used it to write this and now I’ve gone ahead and started another series. I hope you’re gonna like this christmas themed fic. 

Summary: It’s an early morning in New York and Chris Evans just happens to stumble upon you, not like you recognised him since you were still drunk.

Pairing(s): Chris x Reader

Word Count: 1,014

Warnings: None really

It was a cold Saturday morning in New York, you had been out all night and it was around 6 o’clock now. 

The morning hassle had started up and you were sat on a bench on the edge of central park still in your skin tight dress and heels with a coffee in your hands. You were numb but you figured that was probably because of the alcohol or the cold or both.

You thought you should probably start heading home, try and sleep the oncoming hangover away but the weight on your ankles encouraged you to stay and sit a while longer. 

You tapped on the plastic lid of the coffee cup and sighed, your breath visible as you did. You were the only person in central park that had stopped and sat down, everyone else was on their way to work or breakfast or walking their dogs that wore better coats that you did.

You felt an icy tear roll down your cheek as you looked up at the pale blue sky that was tinged with the pink of dawn. 

“Excuse me, miss?” 

A stranger’s voice had startled you, you whipped your head round to the right when he had touched the back of your shoulder to get your attention. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you, I just wanted to know if you were alright?” The man sent you a lopsided smile. You sipped your coffee and nodded your head. 

“Yeah, I’m fine.” You blatantly lied. 

“Are you sure? I mean it’s freezing out. Can I get you a cab or anything?” You looked up at the man’s deep blue eyes. He seems familiar but you were too tired and/or too drunk to think about who he was. 

“I’m fine.” You stood up and went to walk away. The man followed you a couple steps as he noticed you wobbled when you tried to walk. 

“Please, let me get you a cab. It’s the least I can do.” He insisted, you stopped and closed your eyes. Sucking your lower lip between your teeth.

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anonymous asked:

So I just needed to share this idea I had with someone creative and so: Karate Instructor Derek. Like the pack don't know his day job and they follow him one day and they see their grump alpha helping 8 year olds break boards with the biggest smile and Stiles just melts and yeah

Can you just imagine though????

He probably brings them all treats for after class, and I’m not talking about sweets or candy but actual prizes. He prints out certificates and when someone does something well or manages to do something they couldn’t before he writes it down on the certificate and makes sure to give it to them at the end of the day and tell them what a good job they did. 

For the kids who tried really hard but couldn’t manage to do the stuff, he always makes certain to high five them and tell how awesome they are doing if they’re sad - which naturally Derek can sense with his wolfy nose - and lets them choose a prize from ‘Mr Hale’s Goodie Bag’.

When little Jack from his teeny bopper class shyly confesses he has a crush on him Derek smiles and in the nicest way tells Jack he’s maybe just a little too old for him but he’s glad Jack told him and that liking other boys is always okay and he can always come and talk to Derek about anything. 

When Lacy from his slightly older class comes in one day and tells Derek the only reason she’s there is because her parents work until late and can’t afford a babysitter and she really doesn’t like karate, Derek talks with her parents and tells them Lacy is welcome to come and sit in with him free of charge Monday - Friday. Every day Derek talks to Lacy about the stories she likes to write and starts bringing in gold stars so he can give her one every time she finishes a new story. 

No one ever fights in Derek’s class because Mr Hale’s disappointed face is devastating. No one ever likes to see Mr Hale sad, especially because he doesn’t have a mommy or daddy. They all found this out on Mr Hale’s birthday (because every single one of his classes are really nosy) but they guessed it was okay because he kept getting texts from someone called Mr Stiles all throughout the day and that seemed to make Mr Hale very happy and go all red in the face, like a tomato.

It’s not until Thanksgiving though the pack finds out what Derek does as a day job. A couple of the kids’ parents had to work on the holiday so Derek asked if he might throw them a little dinner. He got a big projector to watch movies on, a turkey and some mac and cheese for Jack who is a vegetarian and really loves pasta. The pack (or should we say Stiles and Erica) are really adamant they can’t have Thanksgiving dinner without Derek, so they track him down and once they do, well…Erica declares she is never going to let Derek live it down because he currently has paint on his face and is in the middle of telling some ridiculous story - complete with funny faces - when Erica and Stiles walk in. 

Stiles, on the other hand, is trying not to freak the fuck out because he just managed to talk himself into finally trying to get over Derek yesterday. So much for that plan, especially when a little girl pulls on Derek’s hand and points at Stiles and whispers (see: stage whispers) it’s the really pretty boy from Derek’s phone he always talks about. “Are you dating Mr Stiles? Are you going to let us meet your boyfriend? Are you going to kiss him at Christmas???”  

All the while Derek is blushing like mad and doing his best not to frown because he loves these kids and he really works hard at keeping a smile on his face for them. 

(Not that he has to try hard for long. Not when Stiles comes over and takes Derek’s hand, waggling his eyebrows, says, “gee, I don’t know, if Mr Hale gives me some pie I could be persuaded to go out with him”. Naturally, the kids all offer Stiles their slice of pie on behalf of Mr Hale because they all want Mr Hale to be really, really happy and have tons of babies and puppies with Mr Stiles because then Mr Hale will be happy always and they’ll all get to hold the babies and pet the puppies and be happy always too.)

Portrait of Mary Johnson (c.1927). John Theodore Johnson (American, 1902-1963). Oil on canvas.

Johnson was educated at the Art Institute of Chicago from 1921 to 1925. He became an artist and instructor in Life Drawing at the Institute from 1928 to 1929. Mary, a portrait, was awarded a Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Logan Prize at the 1928 Chicago and Vicinity annual exhibition of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Portrait of Mrs. Harriet Quentin by Jean François-Marie Huet-Villiers.

After attending an exhibition Jane Austen wrote to her sister that she had found a portrait of Mrs Bingley’s:

“Mrs. Bingley’s is exactly herself-size, shaped face, features, and sweetness; there never was a greater likeness. She is dressed in a white gown,with green ornaments, which convinces me of what I had always supposed, that green was a favourite colour with her. I dare say Mrs. Darcy will be in yellow…

….and I am disappointed, for there was nothing like Mrs Darcy at either. I can only imagine that Mr Darcy prizes any Picture of her too much to like it should be exposed to the public eye. I can imagine he would have that sort of feeling, that mixture of love, pride, and delicacy.”

(24 May, 1813)