mr. peacock


I’ll take “Tragic Parental Backstories with Heart-warming Beginnings™” for $600, Alex// 

mama agreste was quite a shock to the system while gabriel was still in his zero-sleep art student phase

We all love the suave and handsome man, but consider…

Ignis Scientia

  • The man who can flirt up a storm, but the moment someone flirts with him, he freezes, stutters and stammers, and then has Gladio slide in and drag him away.
  • The nerd who can do all of these fancy talented things but can’t draw a stick figure at all. They’re just ovals with eyes, that look too much like something profane.
  • A dork who failed to understand that ‘getting baked’ did not mean that Prompto and Noctis were going to try making a cake together. He was disappointed
  • A man who really gets into character when playing Clue, because he IS Mrs. Peacock, dammit! And Mrs. Peacock knows that Mustard is a lying bastard.
  • The guy who had to keep pushing his glasses up and down while squinting at menus because 'does that say 'fondue’ or 'fuck you?’
  • A man so polite he once encounter a Tonberry, asked it to put the knife away and give it directions, and the Tonberry listened and walked with Ignis to where he was supposed to go.

Because everyone has a dorky side, right?

Theory Time!

Okay. We know that the butterfly miraculous is with Hawkmoth (*cough*Gabriel*cough*) and that Fu has the turtle miraculous.
But the peacock miraculous is missing as well; so someone has it.

From the latest episode, it seems pretty clear that Mama Agreste was the Peacock Miraculous holder.

Fu had previously said that he had made a mistake once in his life.

What if the mistake he made had to do with the reason why Mrs. Agreste is missing/dead?
He most likely gave her the peacock miraculous, and after her (most likely) death, maybe he decided to hold on to the rest of the miraculous?

And then there’s Gabriel.
It’s pretty obvious that he’s Hawkmoth…

So, what if he wants the power of creation and destruction…

…just to bring back his wife?


Clue #1

When the mysterious Mr. Boddy turns up dead at his own dinner party, everyone’s a suspect! Miss Scarlett, Colonel Mustard, Mrs. Peacock, Professor Plum—all the familiar faces from the famous board game are back, with a couple new twists. But will Boddy’s Body be the last to fall, or is it just the beginning? Follow the clues and solve the mystery in IDW’s new CLUE series! - $3.99

Clue #2

After multiple murders rock the mansion, our earnest investigators discover a mysterious room that may hold all the answers. Meanwhile, Upton works to make all the guests happy—and keep them alive!

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Clue #3

As suspicions continue to mount, we learn more and more about our guests’ strange connections to a mysterious flower with curative properties. Plus, our faithful butler reveals a shocking truth that will change everything!

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Clue #4

As a prime suspect emerges, the body count continues to rise drastically. Meanwhile, one of our characters grows tired of waiting, and decides to take action—with predictably deadly results! The suspects dwindle and our endgame nears.

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Draco Malfoy and the Chicken Etiquette Class

I can legit imagine Draco going to The Burrow and critiquing the chickens and the cockerel on their plumage saying how they’re not anything against the Malfoy’s peacocks

Mrs Weasley asking Harry where Draco has gone and Harry is like uhhhh hang on and he goes and finds Draco out in the yard bent over double with his fingers wiggling behind his back as he struts up and down cawing. The chickens and cockerel are in a line watching him and their little heads follow him left to right and back again. Draco is adamant and saying ‘THIS is how you do it!!! not any of that pansy cawing! Or strutting!’

Harry awkwardly trying to get Draco’s attention but Draco is now showing the chickens how to properly push their chests out and strut around to attract a mate. Harry is silently in tears for trying not to laugh at how mortified the chickens are

Draco suddenly realising he’s not alone and freezing where he’s bent over fanning a pretend tail. His face colouring up bright red and immediately spluttering. Harry knowing he’s never gonna let Draco forget this and shrugging, gesturing to the chickens and back. 'Well…it worked. I’m here’

'What?’ Draco snaps, his face maroon now and his voice high pitched

'You attracted a mate. It worked’ Harry grins, waiting for his humour to sink in

Draco looking absolutely mortified but the chickens begin cawing happily and he glares at them as Harry begins to laugh manically.

'Traitors’ Draco hisses venomously as Harry, so fucking in love with this pompous arrogant blonde, tugs Draco into a kiss right there in the Weasleys back yard, not even caring when their embrace is joined by a chorus of cawing birds


It’s been close to a year since I updated my theory collages to future Miraculous holders, so this is what I got going now with new info added. These, or at least most of them now, are guesses of mine, and I’m not making these to prove a theory. If there is a possible connection I’m curious about, I like to gather related details on it.

On the top row are Chloé Bourgeois and Alya Césaire, who are both confirmed as the future Queen Bee and the future real Fox Miraculous holder respectively. Now that we know this, it was fun to go back into the serious and try to find more connections, like the honeycomb hexagon shapes of the jewels of Chloé’s bracelets.

The second row includes my highest hopes for upcoming Miraculouses we already know about. We know that Le Paon is due to have the Peacock Miraculous next, but I am still holding out that Nino gets the Peacock Miraculous after her, as Nino does have a strong peacock motif in design and symbolism. The same desire applies to Sabrina getting the Moth Miraculous after Hawk Moth.

On the bottom row, those are my curious comparisons. Looking at the shadows from “Ladybug & Cat Noir” closely, I realized how there are a lot of details similar to Hawk Moth. Even if the Collector shows up and is strongly implied/revealed to be Gabriel, I’m going to be stubborn on how Gabriel and Hawk Moth are too alike to be coincidental or family-related until Hawk Moth’s identity is revealed in its full glory. There are more than one character who could be Le Paon, but I was interested to compare the future villain with Mrs. Agreste. The heads are quite alike I found, though it’s hard to be sure if the two will look more similar or not in the final CGI versions of them. Finally, a favorite theory of mine is that Nathalie is a past Ladybug Miraculous holder. I don’t think the few images and related objects I found are nearly strong enough to prove anything, but there are some tiny similarities work looking at.

Other little details:

• I noticed that some of Angie Nasca’s drawings of the four teens had similar poses to Angie’s art of the kwamis, so I compared them.

• I think Nathalie’s earrings are supposed to be pearls, but is it me, or can you see five dots on them like the Ladybug earrings? At the least, the pearl earrings seem subtly spotted.

• It amuses me that both Gabriel and Sabrina have white shoes with black soles.

I hope these are worth looking at, whether you agree or disagree with what are being linked together for curiosity sake.