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issues i have with the children’s tv show franklin
  • all of franklin’s friends have names like “bear” and “owl” but franklin’s name is franklin.
  • all of franklin’s friends parents have names like “mr. otter” and “mrs. otter.” does that mean that otter’s name is otter otter?
  • bear has a sister named beatrice bear which means that bears name is definitely bear bear.

Forget Nick and Judy, if anyone needed an apology, it was Manchas cause seriously the guy’s gonna get PTSD or something.

(( @2ndwind-art drew some really cute Mrs. Kujos, as well as some really cute Stone Ocean Magical Girl AU stuff, so I wanted to draw them something as thanks! 

Here’s Magical Marina. She used to wear the arrow amulet/locket as her power weapon, and after Jotaro decided he’d rather work alone, he asked her to give it to their daughter, should she ever need to unlock her own magical powers.

Alternately, if I can do the @bdjamsession AU, this was Marina’s outfit in the 80′s when her songwriter/briefly husband took her to Japan for their honeymoon and she decided to go in a more J-Pop direction. Her now-pop-singer daughter found the outfit in her mom’s closet and was horrified.))

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i think i'm gonna lowkey start shipping parkolin jeje but, what are everyones favorite tv shows? and favorite movies? and everything favorite i just love them all so much

Someone: Parkolin
Malek: I was threatened. I have never seen anything so false. Ever since that encounter my life has never known peace. Snakes began manifesting in my house physically.

Favorite shows as a kid:
Dallas: Pb&J Otter! Mr Rogers.

Dallas: I can’t sleep.
Malek: *turns to him*
Malek: it’s you I like. It’s not the things you wear. It’s not the way you do your hair. But it’s you, I like.
Dallas: what are you, my mom? Singing Mr. Rogers isn’t gonna make me sleep, dude.
Malek: The way you are right now,
The way down deep inside you–
Not the things that hide you,
Dallas: *literally knocked out*

Malek: some shows on Nat Geo and Discovery chanel because he’s a NERD. Bill Nye too ofc
Malek: this is obviously fake
Ancient aliens: could this be the work of ancient aliens?
Malek: that reaction image of DW

Poppy: THE RUGRATS! It broadcasted way late when she was a kid so she’d sneak out her bed and crawl downstairs to watch it. Dev would catch her and it’d always scare her but he’ll laugh and give her a noogie before he splits a crunch bar with her.

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Do you have any useful resources for someone who knows very little about watercolor techniques? Where's a good place to start?

Here are some sites and vids that I found useful when I was learning about the medium myself.

Hope this helps!! 

Day Seven: Soulmates

Last day, people. Last day.

This week was hard for personal reasons and SanversWeek helped a lot. It helped me to escape for a little while and yeah, soak in the appreciating you guys do for our work, letting me know that I’m valid and that I can do at least something right.

So, thanks to @reinakonanofate for always being my rock, my friend, my confidant and the one holding the whip that helps me focus. You are amazing and I love you.

And thanks @queercapwriting for building this family and for giving us a place where to grow and learn and find people like us. Thank you so much :D

Without further ado, let’s read last day, Soulmates.

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“Papa! Kara no go!”

Papa chuckles from the driver seat, but he doesn’t turn around to check on you or your sister. “Don’t you want to make friends your age, Kara?”

Your sister pouts from her car seat. You both are small for your ages. Papa says that’s because you didn’t get to eat that often in your old house, but you are older and wiser, so you get to use a booster seat instead of a baby seat like Kara. “Kara have Alex!”

Papa chuckles again. “Yes, and Alex is going with you. And she’s excited, aren’t you, Alex?”

You shrug, playing with the tail of Otto the Otter. You are not excited, but Papa is and Kara doesn’t want to go, so you can’t say that out loud.

It took Papa ages to calm down your sister after breakfast.


“Yes, Papa.” You find Papa’s eyes in the rear mirror. You see how they soften, how they get warmer.

“It’s okay to be nervous, girls,” he says in his ‘soft’ voice, which is different from his ‘angry’ voice and his ‘I’m tired’ voice. He uses his ‘soft’ voice when you are scared of the dark or you got our knee scraped. “But, nothing will happen to you.”

His tone doesn’t make you feel any better.

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I just got the otter onesie from @staypaddedofficial and omg I’m in love with it! the material is so soft and it fits so snugly it’s an absolute perfect fit for me. And the design goes perfectly with my stuffie mr otter or lord otterton as I’ve taken to calling him. 😋😊 needless to say I’m extremely pleased with this onesie it’s an absolute 10/10. If you haven’t got one yet you should definitely get one! :)


13 Watercolor techniques by Mr. Otter Art Studio

A great Portrait of Jerry Nelson, an underrated Performer, and a Man who was so much more than a “Muppet Performer” for Characters we love like Herry Monster, Snuffy, The two headed Monster, Floyd Pepper, Gobo Fraggle, The Count, Robin Frog, Lew Zealand, Uncle Deadly, Yip Yips, Scred, Droop, Emmet Otter, Mr. Johnson, Marjory the TrashHeap, Pa Gorg, Farley, Thog, Featherstone, T.R. Rooster, and so many more that we all know and love, but he was able to throw his voice in many different octaves and tones in a way that many people can’t. People have said that he had up to 12 different sounding voice’s, and indeed if you listen to his characters, only a few have the same type of voice but then he has so many others like Herry Monster and Lew Zealand that make you wonder, how did he do that. This Man was also a great Musician and Singer, and even had a band and some Albums worth checking out, after all he is Floyd in The Electric Mayhem. Jerry Nelson was a great Guitar Player and Songwriter, and besides being great at so many things, he was a Great Human Being, and is dearly missed. R.I.P. Jerry Nelson, we Love You.

John Tavares told me not to read about myself. He told me that he found his draft year [2009] a bit difficult [because of] the pressures that came with being an exceptional player … Everyone is excited about you in the beginning but it almost turns into ‘What you can do to keep on impressing people? What can you do to keep up your image?’ And Mr. Tavares scored 72 goals as a 17-year-old. How do you possibly [top that]?
—  Connor McDavid,

“It’s my husband. He’s been missing for fourteen days. His name is Emmitt Otterton.”

Finally broken by the ZPD’s inaction in finding her husband, Mrs. Otterton turns to Judy Hopps, the new private investigator in Zootopia.

“You’re here because the ZPD isn’t doing anything, I am guessing” Judy asked, turning to hand the fresh cup of coffee to the otter. Mrs. Otterton carefully accepted the cup, wary of the heat. She shook her head.

“They aren’t” the otter replied, using the cup to warm her paws before taking a sip. It can get chilly in the mornings in Downtown Zootopia, and this otter had showed up as early as it gets. Judy went to take her seat at the other side of the desk.

“Well, Mrs. Otterton,” Judy said, scooting closer to the desk with her chair. “…A private investigator’s services isn’t on the cheap side, I am afraid” she said, keeping her facade up. Inside, her heart broke a little bit, having to bring it up.

“I know” Mrs. Otterton nodded. She had come prepared and reached for her purse. She pulled out a wad of cash and placed it on the desk on front of Judy. Judy frowned a little and sighed with sympathy.

“Ma'am, this would barely cover a week’s worth of services, if even that. I cannot guarantee I-” Judy said while Mrs. Otterton withdrew her paw from the wad and rested it on the coffee cup, and Judy’s heart broke a little bit more, now noticing the lack of any wedding ring on her paws. A wad of cash. As if from a pawnshop. Quickly and roughly estimating the amount of cash, Judy further realizes that the wedding ring wasn’t the only thing that must’ve been sacrificed.

“I know it’s not a whole lot, but could you at least work for as long as the money lasts? You must be able to come up with something,” the otter frowned, nervously clasping the coffee cup. Judy held up the wad of cash, observing it for a moment. “Maybe at least-” Mrs. Otterton started to speak again before Judy interrupted her.

“I’ll find him”

Mrs. Otterton shone up, hesitantly. “You will?”

Judy placed the wad back on the desk, nodding. “I’ll find Emmitt.”