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I’m not properly back from my hiatus. I’m just checking in to post something for no one other but @nightofthefury-3d. :)

Happy belated Birthday, Mr Fury! c: You’re such an amazing person, and there is no way I deserve all the things you offered me <3 ( (sorry my gift is so sketchy <3)


March 21, 2017 - BEST DAY EVER!!!

So Bobby basically was filming all day mainly with Jaime Murray. 
So after standing in the cold for ..a good few hours..he came to the crowd of fans of about 100 :O. He said “Oh my god!” hehehe. I think the first person he went to was a little girl who came from Florida and it was her birthday and he gave her hugs and kisses it was soo cute. Then, he took pictures with EVERYONE and once when that was done he signed autos for EVERYONE again. How amazing is he?! When I got him to sign my photo he said it was his favorite picture of them. “We look so happy”. And he wished Emilie was there today. Aw!!!
There was some funny moments when a girl gave him a pic from 6x11 to sign and he said wow this is a recent one and he pointed at his suit then to the photo. Then after her a girl gave him a Goldstiltskin picture to sign and she told him he looked really sexy there LOL. And he did a bashful laugh hehe. Then someone mentioned Begbie and he was like “Oh yeahh with the stache and all” lol so hilarious. 
After he left, one of the workers from set said he had never seen any actor do that (take that much time for so many people). 

I’m soooo thankful and grateful this happened. All my hard work paid off :’)
Dream come true and I can basically die happy now lmao