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Di piano e forte 04

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↠Summary: Piano; A keyboard of cypress, played with soft and loud. Was it the ivory and onyx keys that let you escape from your reality…Or was it the man with sable hair and ivory skin. 

↠Genre: Angst, fluff.

↠Warnings: This fic contains slight domestic and verbal abuse as well as mature subjects.

author’s note: Updates for this series on Thursday or Friday, enjoy!

Steadily you wrapped a few dozen of pastries for the display case, and then you helped brew the coffee and teas. You took an early morning shift and all you could think about was what you were gonna say to a Yoongi when you see him this evening. It’s evident that he heard you crying over the phone but you hoped that maybe he forgot. 

“Excuse me, can you remake this with almond milk?” 

A woman handed you the beverage and you threw it away grudgingly, grabbing the necessary ingredients to make another one. As you poured the milk you felt your phone vibrate through your jeans; of course you had to ignore it due to sanitary reasons but you knew who it might be. A few minutes went by of you waiting for the clock to strike 5 so you could leave. A few more costumers and you were out of here. When it finally came time you clocked out and gave Mel a call back in the locker room. 

“Hey, sorry, I just got off, what’s up?” You held the phone to your ear as you hooked your bag over your shoulder and walked out the back door.

“I just wanted to make sure you had the correct address to the theater, I sent it to you, right?” Her voice sounded a little stressed and you could understand why. “It’ll be maybe an hour and a half, the adult class performs first then the teens and then the younger kids.” 

“Ok, I got the flyer last night. It’s about a two mile drive away from her dance studio so I’ll be there roughly on time. Oh, and I’ll bring the cake to you beforehand because I won’t be able to stay long after.” You informed her, knowing she’d be curious onto why.

“Aw, Hara’s not gonna like that, she already thinks you’re staying over tonight.” She fake pouted, knowing the five year old didn’t have a high tolerance for sudden changes.

“I know…but I’ll make it up to her.” You waited at the red light, relaxed and glad to know you were still good on time.

“Ok, I’ll see you in a little bit, b-bye.” When she hung up you pressed on the gas pedal as the once red light turned green. You pulled into the parking lot, trying to get your usual spot but your inconsiderate neighborhood had guests over, there went your spot. You had no choice but to park a few cars farther from your place, you got out while checking your text messages. One message in particular caught your attention, it was a short text from Yoongi last night; your stomach dropped at the thought. He insisted that something was wrong and for some reason he didn’t want to stop until he found out what, but after not receiving a reply in a few hours he left you alone.

There wasn’t much you had to do aside clean up a little and get dressed. This morning you picked out what you thought about wearing, giving yourself two choices, you hung two dress in the middle of your closet. A yellow floral print long bell sleeve dress, or v-neck mini dress that you haven’t worn since you bought it. You went with the mini dress, and slipped it on easily, it was more comfortable but it looked a bit more formal. 

*ding dong* 

The clock read 5:38, he was early.

With no shoes on your feet you ran and peeked through the peep hole, Yoongi stood there with his hands in his pockets and you immediately opened it. “Hey, you can come in I’ll be ready in a little bit.” You opened the door wider so he could walk in.

“I know I’m kind of early but I didn’t want us to be late, you know, in case there’s traffic.” He closed the door behind him and watched you scurry to the kitchen.

“Yeah, that’s smart. Um, can I get you something, a water bottle? Some juice?” You reached into the refrigerator to take out the cake, sitting it on the counter and looking in cabinets for a bag to carry it in.

“No, I’m okay, thank you though.” He sat on the bar stool as you carefully slid the cake in the bag. When you went off to finish getting ready he looked around, it was a nice apartment with a lot of space and suddenly a tiny dog came up to his feet and started smelling at his ankles. He narrowed his eyes at first, not immediately leaning down to pet her. But when she jumped up to stand on her hind legs he gave in, scratching behind her ear gently.

“I see you’ve met cherry.” You arrived with your shoes on and your purse in hand to see Cherry practically clinging to Yoongi. “She likes you.” You smiled and he got up finally getting a good look at you and you could’ve sworn you saw a slight blush on his cheeks.

“Yeah, she’s adorable.” He gave you a slight up down look before clearing his throat; you grabbed the bag from the counter. “You look really nice.” His usual nonchalant expression had a slight smile when he looked in your eyes, he was taken aback by your elegant figure. So he wouldn’t look like he was staring too much he walked towards the front door with you beside him.

“Thank you, so do you.” He unlocked the car and opened the passengers seat door for you, letting you get situated and putting the cake in the backseat as he walked around to get in as well. You sat quietly until, listening to the radio to avoid starting up a conversation. When you tapped his shoulder he peer at you and you asked him to stop you by Mel’s to drop off the cake before heading to the theater.

He pulled into the community and you directed him. “Turn here.” He followed your instructions and pulled up to the house you pointed to. “I’ll be right back.” You hopped out and grabbed the bag from the back seat. You walked steadily to the front door and knock on the door a few times, you heard a muffled ‘it’s open Y/N’ from Mel. 

“Hey, I brought the cake, is Hara here?” You put the cake on the kitchen table and carefully took it out of the bag to see it was untouched and flawless. Mel came out of her room, looking as good as she always did as she put in some earrings.

“No, she’s at the theater with Jackson-” She paused mid sentence, her mouth forming an o shape, “It looks great! She’s gonna love it- And look at you! Who are you looking this good for?” She gestured to your dress.

“Myself, Mel.” You pressed your hand to your waist and gave her the look you always gave her when she was acting like a giddy little girl. 

“So~ who did you bring?” She questioned.

“Yoongi…” You looked down, suddenly feeling bashful about it. “He’s waiting in the car.”

“The piano boy?!” She cackled, making you nod briefly with a sarcastic smile. “So he’s the reason you can’t stay after the recital? I’m not mad at you, I understand.” She laughed herself all the way back to her room and you told her you’d see her at the theater as you walked back to the car.

“We can head to the theater now. That was Mel’s house, Hara’s mom, we’re really close.” You hooked in your seat belt and the two of you were off.

“Yeah? When did you two meet.” He asked, making small talk as he drove.

“In middle school, we’re honestly polar opposites.” You snickered to yourself.

“Why do you say that?”

“She used to be really out there in high school, I was a bit more cautious and reserved but some how we became best friends.” You smiled at the happy thought. 

The drive lasted no more than twenty minutes and you two sat in the car for a little while. You took out your compact and began to clean up your makeup, trying to pass time. You noticed he’d glance at you then down to his phone.

“Um, thank you for coming with me, I know this is kind of random, going to recital with your student aka classmate and all…” You trailed off, applying a lip stain to your lips .

“No, I haven’t been on a date in a while, I’m gladyou invited me.” You froze at that, not really knowing what to say. He saw this as a date so you guessed you should too. 

“Y-yeah…um, we should go inside.” You got out and he followed beside you, there were a few people coming in behind you guys and you took the tickets out of your clutch on the way to the ticket booth.

Hello, you two enjoy the show.” The booth lady smiled whilst pointing to the widely opened theater doors. Yoongi and you were lead into the dimly lit theater by a usher. You looked around, knowing Mel’s mother would be waving you down. When you looked up near the front you saw Mel’s younger brother on his phone with a bouquet of flowers in is arms. 

“Y/N, over here honey!” At the call of your name you instantly walked over and engulfed her in a hug.

“Hi Mrs. Natty, how are you?” She stepped back to have a good look at the both you; especially at Yoongi. “Oh, this is Yoongi, we go to the same university and he teaches me piano.” She brought Yoongi in for a kiss on the cheek and she was all smiles when he looked down shyly.

“Nice to meet you.” He bowed before sitting down next to you like most people around him. You looked down at your phone, seeing that it was only three minutes until the starting time and Mel and Jackson hadn’t come out yet. “Is Mel here yet? And Jackson?”

“She’s helping Hara get ready in the back, she’ll be out in a second. Jackson was back there too.” 

You nodded then took a short glance at Yoongi, he felt it was the social thing to do if he made small talk. He cleared his throat and whispered, “What happened last night? You didn’t answer any of my texts, I was worried.” His tone was almost as if he demanded an answer.

“Listen,” You stared at him, trying to compile a sentence that would halt the prying questions, “it was nothing, seriously Yoongi, don’t worry about it.” He wasn’t buying it. The house lights shut off and you were saved by the opening curtain, the recital has started. Mel and Jackson came scurrying from the far side of the place to get to the seats between you and Mel’s mother. Mel and Jackson spoke to the both of you, Mel hugged him and you before sitting beside you, giving you a thumbs up in approval of your date

The beautiful and elegant dancers graced the stage and it was only a matter of time before Hara comes out. It was ballet, one style of dancing that looked flawless on stage. Not long after the second group came out the little kids ran up on stage and got into position. Hara looked into the crowd and tried to suppress her excitement upon seeing you. 

You lightly nudged Yoongi’s arm. “That’s her right there, isn’t she cute?” You pointed your index finger and he looked to where you pointed, seeing the five year old dance and shine on stage. He nodded, the corner of his lips crooked up in amusement as twirled in the most adorable way, her curly brown hair fuzzing at her edges like always. A few minutes went by and the performance was over, the dancers took their bows and the curtains slowly closed at the standing ovation. Mel and Jackson had one thing if nothing in common, they were Hara’s biggest fans next to you. The thought saddened you for a short second, if they could put their childish ways aside they could maybe get back together and raise her as a couple.

“Come on guys, let’s meet her in the lobby, they take the girls there.” Mel lead the five of you through the crowd of people, Yoongi weightlessly held onto your hand so you two wouldn’t get separated, making you a little antsy at the sudden yet meaningless touch. 

Y/N!” A high pitched little voice called to you and you soon saw Hara running towards you with her arms open wide and you scooped her up. “Did you see me!?” She giggled in your neck. “I saw you and I wanted to wave but Mrs. Marie told me to stay in position!” You held her as she went on and on in excitement.

“Yes! I saw you up there, you did so well Hara!” You kissed her rosy cheek before setting her down to go to her parents but she didn’t at first—she looked at Yoongi with curious and hugged onto your leg and pointed her tiny finger at Yoongi.

“Is he your boyfriend?~” She smiled up at you—boy was she like her mom. Yoongi smiled, looking down briefly before shaking his head no.

“Oh, um, No we’re not-” You cut him off, answering before he could dig his grave.

“No, that’s my friend Yoongi, Hara, he came with me to see you dance.” You were trying to avoid anymore questions but she was adamant.

She tilted her head like a cute little puppy. “But- So why isn’t he your-” 

Alright little miss questions!” Jackson came to snatch her from you and both you and Yoongi sighed in relief. “Y/N made a cake for you! We’re gonna go celebrate!” He adores that little girl.

“We’ll save you a piece Y/N, thanks so much for coming, and nice meeting you Yoongi,” She leaned in for a quick goodbye hug and whispered to you, “I hope to see him again.

“Nice meeting you too. Y/N, if we’re gonna get dinner we should probably head out before the storm gets bad, it’s already raining.” It was raining? You hadn’t even noticed any rain clouds earlier.

“Is it? Ok then I’ll see you guys later, love you!” You waved goodbye to everyone as you followed Yoongi—seeing that he was in the zone of getting out of here you just went with it. 

You folks be safe! It’s pouring down out there!” One of the valet guys walked by with a drenched raincoat and you looked to Yoongi, he could tell by that one look that he would be the one to run out and get the car—he sighed.

“I’ll pull the car up, wait here.” with that he ran out in the parking lot and your eyes softened at the caring gesture, him running through the rain so you wouldn’t have to. Even through this nice evening your stomach twisted in anxiety of him bringing up what he heard yesterday—it was nice to have a friend like him. However, you were use to keeping to yourself and not burdening anyone with your problems. He pulled the car up under the carport, you ran to open the door and hop in. 

“Thanks, I didn’t mean for you to get rained on.” Giving him a sympathetic smile you rubbed his shoulder. “Sorry…”

“Hey, I wasn’t gonna let you get drenched when I’m perfectly capable of pulling up to get you.” You thought, if Jae were here he would’ve sent you out there with absolutely zero guilt —Yoongi was refreshing and a nice change of pace. It was a quiet ride, soft music played along with the pitter patter of raindrops on the windows and you leaned on the window, watching the droplets of rain race down the glass like you would as a child. That thought brought you back to the day your father passed away, the most scarring day of your life, when it rained you tried to distract yourself and not think of it but it was hard, especially when you were alone. You cleared your throat, looking at the missed texts on your phone, one from your mom and two old ones from Mel. Your mom was just checking on you and you responded like always, telling her you were fine and that you missed her too. 

“Do you still wanna get dinner? I know it’s raining but I can run in and get us something.” He offered, peering at you for an answer.

“Um, I don’t want to put you through the trouble but-”

“It’s no trouble, it’s on me.” He insisted and you weren’t gonna argue with him so you let him do what he wanted. He stopped by a popular little cafe and ran inside, leaving you in the car to keep it running. Ten to fifth teen minutes went by and he was coming out while now it only drizzled. 

“Here you go.” He sat the bag in your lap and you smelled the food, your stomach growled at thought of devouring this delicious food. “Sorry I can’t eat with you but Namjoon asked me to cover dinner tonight so I gotta head home.” 

“It’s ok, thank you for getting me something anyway, you really didn’t have to.” The bag sat securely in your lap despite all of the sharp turns and breaks, since he was at the cafe near your apartment it didn’t take long for him to enter the complex.

“Thanks again, for coming with me, I had a nice time…” You grabbed the door handle to get out but he locked the doors—what is he doing?

“What happened last night? I can’t stop thinking about it, I know it wasn’t nothing. Why won’t you just say something? If it’s not a big deal just tell me.” 

You were shocked but also not surprised, “I don’t have to talk about it, it’s my problem so let me deal with it.” You frowned, trying to get the bag off of your lap and get out.

He mumbled. “You’re being ridiculous, you know that? Keeping things bottled up doesn’t help…”  

Your eyes went wide and your mouth went agape in utter shock. “I don’t have to take this from you.” You grabbed your bag from the floor, opened the door then slammed it shut, stomping your way to the front door in the pouring rain. 

That didn’t go as planned, he didn’t think you’d storm off like that and leave your food in the process. On pure instinct he got out to follow you, trying to get you you before you went inside. You struggled to shield your face from the rain and the slowed your pace. 

“Wait, I only meant-” He tried to grab your arm but you whipped around.

“Stop! You yanked your arm away and stared at him, the rain coming down softly enough to see him clearly, “I don’t need you to tell me how to deal with my own fucking feelings, ok? I know you’re trying to be nice but I don’t need your help.” He could tell the water streaming down your face wasn’t from the rain, he didn’t mean to get you so upset but this was deeper than he thought. 

As risky as it was, he abruptly wrapped his arms around you and pulled you in for a hug, hopping you’d understand the meaning behind the simple act. Tears began to flow steadily, you hadn’t had a hug like this in a long time. The bag of food was still on his arm, he decided to take an even great risk. He pulled back, staring in your desperate eyes as it felt like the rain was slowing just for the two of you. You narrowed your brows at the way his eyes begged for permission, you didn’t know how to answer except by shutting your eyes and sighing. His damp lips pressed against yours very lightly, you responded by leaning up to let him know you were okay with this, you wanted it too. He applied more pressure and he tongued at your lips gently. 

Time had never stopped for you before…

Your lips were tainted with rain water and coconut lip balm, a taste he’s never thought he’d become fond of. He cupped your jaw and your hands were shyly on his sides, you felt this to be the most freeing thing you’ve ever done with anyone, it was sporadic and your heart was beating out of your chest in excitement, you wanted this more than you thought—without much thought you pulled away, pressing your lips in a straight line with reddened cheeks.

“I- I should get inside…” Fumbling with the keys for a few seconds, you finally unlocked the door and he handed you your food. With a small glance at him you shut the door. As soon as you were alone you slid your body down the door, your soaking wet clothes dripping on the floor. You sat there, trying to process what just happened—what you just let happen. 

In the rain, on your doorstep you let him kiss you—no, you kissed him.

Text | Emilia 👑
  • Emilia: There’s that ‘ended up together’ again - what are you trying to do to me? I’m trying to be all cool and aloof and you’re practically calling me Mrs Harington. 😂😂 Priorities, Natty. There’s always time for a bit of how’s your father. To be honest, we’ve just been really lucky the last month or two. It’s quite rare for us to be in the same city at the same time for this long. Umm no, Natalie, I have no idea what it’s like to be completely in lust with a taken friend/co-worker… 😏 But it has happened! Are you over the moon about it? I mean, what is it exactly? Are you just hooking up or is this something a bit more than that?
  • Nat: You’re terrible. I’m glad you two are sort of fond of each other but are clearly terrified of any words insinuating any other forms of commitment. Is that better? I’m shaking my head at everything you just said Em! Things are good then? You’re happy? Of course you’d never have feelings for a costar, that’s nonsense! I don’t even know what to think to be honest with you. I’m not entirely sure what Richard is looking for or what this all meant for him. I don’t exactly want to get my hopes up or make more out of this than their is if he just looking with some sort of friends with benefits deal or if it was just a one time (one time over the course of one week) thing. I’m not going to lie he was bloody brilliant in bed and I’ve had a lot of fun with him these past few days! It was hard to leave yesterday to go back to mine. I won’t see Richard until Chris leaves on Saturday or Sunday and I sort of feel sad and mopey about not being able to see him til then. Am I crazy? Am I losing it?

So Fresh And So Clean

Men’s Grooming Essentials

I know this blog is mostly about the fashinz but today let’s talk about a subject that goes hand in hand with your overall steez. After all, grooming is part of the full package when it comes to looking good so it’s time to step your game up gents! Check out my review of some new hair and skincare products I had the chance to try out and let me know what you use as part of your daily grooming regimen in the comments.

Gentleman’s Brand Co.

  • Face Wash - I have pretty sensitive skin so it’s hard to find a cleanser that isn’t too “sting-y” and leaves my face feeling raw instead of refreshed. With just a small dab, this face wash lathers nicely and is super gentle enough to use twice a day for my morning shower and after the gym.
  • Daily Moisturizer - It’s made with all natural botanical oils, and even though I don’t really know what that means, I do know that this stuff is amazing. No ashy elbows or knees anymore, this moisturizer hydrates well and is fragrance-free so it won’t clash with your cologne.
  • Body Wash - I’ll admit that I’m a loofa guy because I’m a fancy New Yorker now and this body wash is giving me every reason to switch from my typical wash aka whatever’s on sale at Duane Reade. From the tropical scent that makes me want to drink it like a pina colada (ed. note: please do not actually try that at home) to the soft feeling clean it gives your skin, I think I’ve found my new favorite shower soap.

Bad Norwegian

  • Facial Cream - Unscented, non-greasy, and no-shine - what more could you ask for in a daily face moisturizer?


  • Chap Skin & Lip Remedy - I always find myself losing my chapstick but this is one I’ll definitely want to hold on to. Non-shiny (this ain’t lip gloss) and does exactly what it’s supposed to. Bonus points for the cute masculine package design.

Mr. Natty

  • Clay Hair Preparation - The secret to my “Asian pompadour” all lies with the perfect hair product. This hair clay works perfectly to add volume to my very fine hair. I use a small amount palmed through my blow-dried hair to lift and style it into the perfect shape. Holds well on its own with a matte finish but because I’m from Jersey I can’t say not to a little, well a lot, of hairspray to finish it off.


  • Ocean Mist - Literally my favorite hair product discovery to date. As I already mentioned, I have very fine Asian hair and this product adds such a great almost crunchy texture to it. I’ve tried this out on  my towel-dried hair with a few sprays and then combed it through. The best part is that you can reshape and play with your hair throughout the day without getting any flakes and it even provides a decent hold to use without any additional hair product.
  • Hair Repair - I tried this out on my hair at the end of the week to undo a week’s worth of hair product residue buildup. After shampooing, I pretty much used it like a conditioner and left it in for 5 mins (directions actually say 5-10 mins but I’m impatient so…) and then washed it out. It actually does leave your hair feeling amazingly soft and has a great tropical/outdoorsy scent as well. Highly recommend using it a few times a week in place of your usual conditioner.

Special thanks to Serena for helping me with these photos.



Say Hello to Our Little Friend: Birchbox Man

Have you seen our supersweet Birchbox Man YouTube channel yet? If not, you’re missing out. This trailer gives you just a tiny taste of what you’ll find there (and features our awesome Birchbox Man editors Martin and Kyle).

And don’t worry—you don’t need a beard or an Adam’s apple to love Birchbox Man. There are plenty of great tips and noteworthy clips for ladies, too. Find out just what we mean by checking out our five favorite Birchbox Man videos:

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