mr. moes


Another Jekyll after drinking the potion. Different from timid Jekyll, she is very lively and follows whatever her heart tells. She asks every guy she seduced to visit her next morning, which puts Jekyll in trouble.

Edward Hyde

But Rumple Didn’t Know!

I am VERY pro Rumple/Gold so it saddens me to see people saying he chose power (the crystal) over love (Belle and Baby). The poor guy has been doing everything in his power to wake up his wife. HE tried it, and it failed, that’s choosing love if you ask me, which it only failed because of the two cursed people can’t share tlk that A&E seem persistent on pushing on us. Then his wife’s own father wouldn’t wake his daughter, imagine Moe’s reaction if Rumple told him Belle was pregnant. Moe would of probably stole Belle to give her an abortion thing and then we’d have a whole other fucked up storyline to deal with. Then he gets the crystal and has it all tethered up and ready to go and what happens? The “heroes assume correctly but then they assume that he’s going to do bad, evil, terrible things after. First off TALK. TO. THE. GUY! Secondly you all really think for real once she’s awake Belle would actually let him get away with that shit? And he’s kind of putty in her hands, even with this whole “I am the dark one and I like it” stance he still FOR BELLE, wants to TRY to do light with it so he can be the one Merlin prophecised about (which where the hell did that storyline go?). So now Rumple’s got his grandson, of all of them the one he probably thought would give him the benefit of the doubt, stealing the crystal from him. He blatantly went over to the Charmings and told them “Henry plans on destroying magic, he stole the crystal from me, I’m going to retrieve it from him.” Never once did he say he was going to harm a hair on his grandson’s head, or his girlfriend’s head. So of course he gets trailed because the “heroes” think he’s going to hurt Henry so they try to locate him first and keep the crystal from Rumple.

So with all that information in mind. What other conclusion is Rumple suppose to make here? He didn’t know at that point in time that Snowing, Zelena, and Killian were in the Land of Untold Stories and with the added bonus of everyone trying to steal the one thing from him that he needs to successfully wake his wife up, the fucking Olympian Crystal shard, excuse him for wanting to save that so he CAN WAKE UP HIS WIFE THAT HE HAS BEEN TRYING TO KEEP SAFE SINCE SHE FUCKING GOT PREGNANT!!! I’m like 99.9% sure (the .01% is in account for fucked up writing) that if he knew Big Mouth Snow tattled yet again he would of taken Belle and Baby in a Box over the crystal. I mean the guy talked lovingly to Belle and Baby in a box, put Belle and Baby in a Box the front seat, WITH A FUCKING BLANKET TO KEEP THEM WARM, and talked lovingly to Belle and Baby in a Box AGAIN with promise to hash things out and go see the world, poor guy wants to get the fuck out of Storybrooke where he gets tortured and I for one don’t blame him. Even after the fact when Rumple was about to kill Hyde, he stopped because Hyde has a way to wake up Belle and Baby. So you tell me right now that that man doesn’t chose loving his wife and unborn child over power, I dare you, because it will be a cold day in hell that all you nay sayers are right. Also remember we are talking about the man who CONSTANTLY REGRETS THE ONE TIME HE CHOSE POWER OVER LOVE AND REGRETTED IT NOT EVEN A SECOND LATER. WHO CREATED A DAMN CURSE SPECIFICALLY TO FIND SAID SON. WHO TOLD THE WOMAN HE LOVES, AFTER SHE BECAME BELLE AGAIN, THAT HE FAILED BECAUSE HIS SON DIED. So yeah you’re argument means absolute horse shit.

For those of you that agree with me I’m sorry for the caps, I just have a lot of emotions and I personally identify with both Rumple and Belle on different levels and to hear people say shit against him that is so cruel just pisses me off (and i have the antis blacklisted).


A timid and introverted scientist. He made the potion that unleash hidden instinct. However, side effect made him turn into sexy glamorous Miss Hyde. Even when Jekyll is back, he is in trouble dealing with guys Miss Hyde seduced over the night.

Dr. Henry Jekyll