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the company you keep au. You might want to read that first.

“May I have this dance, Mrs. Merlyn?”

The question is so unexpected that Felicity very nearly chokes on her wine. Oliver’s smile widens.

She’s tempted to tell him where he can stick his invitation—he’s been a complete (if subtle) jerk to her for literally their entire acquaintance—but the smile Tommy’s wearing stops her. He’s so eager to see them get along, and she hates to disappoint him when he’s obviously taking this as a good sign.

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“This is the happiest I’ve ever been,” Oliver admits quietly.

In the backseat of the black stretch limo it’s just the two of them, and Tommy reaches for Oliver’s left hand with his own, loosely lacing their fingers together until the the bright gleam of their wedding bands is reflecting throughout the small space. 

A smile tugs at the corner of Tommy’s lips and he brings their entwined hands up to his mouth, turning them so that he can press a soft kiss to Oliver’s ring. Out of the corner of his eye he can see the other man, his husband, - wow, Tommy really likes the sound of that - blush before a smile is gracing his own lips. Tommy lowers their hands into his lap, gently playing with Oliver’s fingers. 

“Me too,” he tells Oliver simply, because even though everything else in their lives has been difficult, this isn’t one of them. 

Loving Oliver - letting himself be loved by Oliver - has been one of the easiest things Tommy’s ever done and he’s incredibly grateful that he’s going to be able to spend the rest of his life continuing to do just that.

The feel of the limo rolling to a stop prompts both of them to look out the window, each of them smiling in turn as they see the private jet waiting to take them away on their honeymoon (to a location that Tommy is unaware of because Oliver insisted on surprising him). 

Before they open the doors and exit the car, Tommy lifts his free hand up to cup Oliver’s jaw, his fingers scratching lightly at the scuff there. Oliver hums contentedly, eyes drifting shut before Tommy leans in to capture his mouth in a slow, sensual kiss. After years of practice their lips move smoothly together, drawing soft, quiet moans from each of their throats before they’re reluctantly pulling away. 

The smile that Oliver gives Tommy after they’ve parted is almost blinding, and he catalogs it into his memory before pulling the door handle and stepping out of the car. When he’s standing on his feet he bends slightly until he can see inside the backseat, his arm outstretched.

“You coming, Mr. Merlyn?” Tommy teases, wiggling his eyebrows and winking at Oliver who huffs out a laugh before taking his hand. 

“Only for you, Mr. Queen,” he replies just as playfully, letting himself be guided out of the car by Tommy before the two of them walk hand and hand away from the limo and towards the awaiting jet.

Towards their future.

From Small Beginnings

In the spring of 2009, Tommy Merlyn refuses, nearly two years after the sinking of the Queen’s Gambit, to believe that his best friend Oliver Queen is dead, no matter that everyone else has given up. Determined to find Oliver and bring him home, Tommy hires recent MIT graduate and fresh Queen Consolidated recruit Felicity Smoak to expand his search beyond the limitations of his own reach.

Their partnership will shift the course of their lives, and what they find will change everything…


Tommy should have taken the executive elevator back down.

If he’d been thinking clearly at all, he’d have instantly recognized that taking the public-access elevator was not the best way to be alone with one’s thoughts, or the best place to gather one’s composure.

Mostly what he’d been thinking had been a string of increasingly bleak and angry swears and how badly he needed to get away before he said something he regretted.

Even still, he made it sixteen floors down in solitude, slouched sullenly against the back wall of the elevator, designer jeans and sweater rumpled from a second day’s use and hands clenching and unclenching around the brace-rail bolted to the wall. Admittedly, he probably hadn’t helped his case with Moira by racing over direct from the bed of last night’s temporary companion, but he’d woken up with fresh zeal and new ideas and perhaps an overabundance of excitement.

He should have expected her rejection, her adamant dismissal. It still stung.

Why could nobody else understand that just because Oliver hadn’t been found didn’t mean he was dead?

Sixteen floors, he stewed in his outrage and hurt—and then the elevator slowed, and the doors opened. Tommy bit back a scowl, scooting a little closer to the corner and hoping to be unnoticed. Hoping that the employees of Queen Consolidated would be better socialized than to gawk at the Merlyn heir.

Only two people filtered through the doors, barely glancing at him as they closed, and hit the Lobby button; a squat, stocky guy in a regrettable post-it yellow short-sleeved button up and a blonde in glasses barely shorter than him. To Tommy’s relief, they seemed too engrossed in a prior conversation to gawk.

“I’m just saying, Smoak, you keep letting them get away with it and they’ll walk all over you forever. You graduated MIT by the age most of those assholes were rushing their first frat, with two Masters, and like a freaking portfolio of job offers. You could stand to rub their faces in it a little.” Post-It Guy snorted bitterly. “If I didn’t drop the word ‘Stanford’ every couple days they’d have drummed a brown guy like me out of the department faster than you could say ‘thank you, come again.’”

The blonde—Smoak—shook her head. “I’m not exactly letting them ‘get away with it’, Rajit, trust me.” She rocked a little on her ballet flats, hands balling over and over into fists against her black pencil skirt. “If Stan won’t do his job and make them back off, I can take care of it myself.”

Rajit cast her a quick, impressed glance. “Oh, there she is. I was starting to think you’d gone too legit and got defanged. And what color hat will you be wearing this time?”

Tommy perked up, but tried to look like he wasn’t paying attention.

Smoak hummed, a little smug. “You know grey was always my color.”

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Underwear - The Door To Opportunities

Alternate meeting between Oliver and Felicity. Texting and Tommy and swooping through women’s underwear involved.

Two long ideas popped upon seeing this. This is the first one. Let’s hope you like it. Also, shout out to ellefraser17​ because she wanted this. 

Oliver looked down at the text on his phone, completely confounded, for the third time in a row. And every time he did, it did not become any less amusing. And it was surprising because amusement was something he had stopped feeling a long time ago, along with a lot of other things. But he was amused now. He looked at the text again. 

UNKNOWN : So, my friend’s bet me to send you this text because I have had the crush on you for the longest time and I think I might be a bit tipsy  because I am actually doing this, and OMG! I cannot believe I am actually   doing this. And I did it. Yup. Pressing send in 3, 2, 1. 

As the owner of Verdant, he was used to having women send him all sorts of messages at all times of the day and night. Hell, as Oliver Queen, he was used to having women send him all types of messages. But never, ever, on his personal number. And how this woman had gotten his private number, he didn’t know. 

He hesitated for a second, looking at Tommy making his rounds downstairs. Though they worked in the club together, and the entire city still believed them to be nothing but playboys they had been a few years ago, the truth was far, far from it. They had both changed, both grown up into men. Tommy had committed himself to his relationship with Laurel and to Verdant since his father had cut him off. And Oliver had done a complete 180 since he came back a few weeks ago from the ‘dead’. No one knew the extent of that 180. 

He reread the text again, feeling the words amuse him for some reason and quickly typed back a reply. 

ME : You won the bet?

He hit send and waited, looking down at the full club, at the throngs of people grinding against each other when his phone buzzed again. 

UNKNOWN : Oh yes! Tonight is on her. Plus she’s gifting me a pair of heels I have been dying to buy. So, it’s a win win. I hope I didn’t weird you out. Well, of course I did. Sending what i send you would be weird. Maybe a little creepy too. 

His lips twitched slightly at the tone of the message and he settled weight in his elbows on the railing, and replied for some reason. 

ME : It didn’t weird me out. How did you get my number?

The phone buzzed instantly. 

UNKNOWN : I borrowed some information off some servers. But I won’t distribute it or anything, don’t worry. Well, not unless you want me to. But if you wanted to, wouldn’t you do it on your own? Anyways, I’ll keep it to myself. Not like stalker- keep, just you know ‘I-have-a-crush-on-this-guy-and-his-number-is-lying-in-my-contacts-innocently keep. Oh boy, that got long.  

A chuckle left him the moment he read it and curiosity about a stranger assailed him for the first time. 

ME : Are you in the club?

UNKNOWN : Are you going to throw me out? *biting nails*

“Who are you texting with such a goofy smile, dude?” Tommy’s voice made Oliver look up at his best friend. Oliver shrugged, not wanting to share it for some reason. Tommy raised his eyebrows. 

His phone buzzed. 

UNKNOWN : So, either you are thinking of a polite way of telling me you are throwing me out of the club or well…..I don’t know. Anyways, I’ll get out of your hair. Which is really sexy, btw. But I meant it not literally of course. Not that you are no sexy, which you are. That I meant literally. Fuck, I am shutting up.

Oliver chuckled out loud, pushing Tommy’s face away as he tried to peek. 

He replied quickly, making a decision. 

ME : I want to meet you. 

The loud music pumped through the club as he waited for her reply, with bated breath, his heart slowly pounding. He knew in his gut something was different here. He just didn’t know what. 

Her reply came. 

UNKNOWN : I broke your glass. From the shock. I just thought you should know. You can totally bill it to me, btw. Not that you would because you are a billionaire and I don’t think a broken glass is going to make a big dent in your account anyways. Hell, it wouldn’t make a big dent in mine. 

She had totally gone in a completely different tangent, and for some reason, he found himself even more curious. 

ME : I want to meet you. 

UNKNOWN : Look, crush or not, I don’t really meet strange men like that. If you want to just get in my pants, I’ve already left them in your lost and found section and don’t ask why. Actually, it was another bet, the one before sending you the text one. Anyways, there are quite a lot of collection of underwear you have there. You can totally open a store of underwear. Although, why would you. Anyways. Ciao! 

Oliver’s heart raced as he read the text, blood rushing through him. He had to meet her, just once. And rereading her message, knowing how much she loved bets apparently, he felt the rush of a challenge seep through his veins. This was going to be good. 

ME : I want to make a bet with you. 

He waited, hoping she would reply, and she did. 

UNKNOWN: Okayyyyyy

Oliver grinned, ignoring Tommy who was giving him looks. 

ME : If I successfully find your underwear in the lost and found, you meet me. Is it on? 

“Ollie, who is this girl? You are smiling way too wide for this to be normal.”

“You’ll know in a second,” Oliver said, willing his phone to buzz again. It did. 

UNKNOWN: It is on. 

Oliver grinned and started to walk towards the lost and found area downstairs. How many underwear could be there for him to chooses from? Not much, hopefully. 

“Where are you going?” Tommy followed him, nodding to people here and there as they made their way down. 

Oliver kept looking around, trying to see the women, trying to put a face to the tone in the messages. Women and girls of all ages stared unabashedly at him and he sighed, his blood still high from the challenge. 

The moment he reached the lost and found, he stopped. 

There were stacks and stacks of only bras and panties of all shapes, sizes and colors. How the fuck had he never seen this place before? In his club?

Baffled, he looked at Tommy. “What sort of a business has a lost and found that is just full of women’s underwear?”

Tommy furrowed his brow. “Um. The best kind?” 

Oliver sighed. “How the hell am I supposed to find one of a women I don’t even know in this?”

“Oh, so that’s what that was about?” Tommy asked, grinning devilishly. He punched Oliver in the shoulder. “Quit getting your broody face and just ask her for a hint. It’s only fair.”

It was. 

ME : A hint? Please?

He added the please for good measure, thinking it’d improve his chances. She replied back. 

UNKNOWN: It’s only fair given how many you have there. Hmm. Hint. It’s not black. 

Not black. Oliver looked at the pile and nodded. Okay. He could work with that. 

He looked up at Tommy, raising a brow at his friend’s expectant face. 

“What’s the hint?” 

“It’s not black.”

Tommy nodded and dived into the pile, removing the black ones to a side and all the others to another. Oliver just raised his eyebrows but joined him. He figured a little help wouldn’t hurt anyways. 

“So who is this girl?” Tommy started, still sorting one side while Oliver did the other. 

“I don’t know. But I want to find out,” Oliver replied, focused on the task. God, how many typed of underwear did women even have? Silk and net and cotton and thongs and things he didn’t even know the names of. 

“And you got interested because?” Tommy persisted and Oliver glared at him, before seeing his grin and sighing. 

“She sounds different.”

“Different how?”

Oliver threw a pair at his friend and heard his chuckle before straightening and taking measure. Okay. So there were almost two dozen non-black panties in front of him. Fuck. 

His phone buzzed and he looked down. 

UNKNOWN: Done sorting, big boy?

Was she watching him? Oliver narrowed his eyes, looking around the club and trying to place her. But there were just too many people. She could have been seeing him from anywhere. 

He replied again. 

ME : Done. But still too many. Another clue?

UNKNOWN: You do realize that I am literally laying a trail of breadcrumbs leading to the fabric that covered my lady parts this evening, right? 

She was going commando. Fuck. Oliver closed his eyes, taking a deep breath, his senses inflamed like they hadn’t been in a long, long time and he hadn’t even seen her. 

ME : Yes. Next breadcrumb?

UNKNOWN: It’s not satin.

“It’s not satin,” Oliver muttered to Tommy before going back to the sorting. Tommy cleared his throat. Oliver looked up. 

“You know, I can tell a lot about women’s underwear from the way they talk,” Tommy began, extending his hand. “Maybe I should take a look and I’d be able to help you better.”

Tommy’s eyes were glinting with amusement and Oliver sighed. He did not want Tommy to read the messages for some reason. 

His phone buzzed and he looked down. 

UNKNOWN: FYI, if Mr. Merlyn reads the messages the bet is off. I’ll be too embarrassed to come face to face, and technically, if he helps you now, he is the winner, anyways. :P

Oliver didn’t know whether to grin or be impatient at her for delaying it. But he was enjoying it.  

“Nope,” Oliver replied to Tommy, waving his phone to make sure she knew if she was watching that he was declining it. “Can;t do. You just stand there or go away. I’ll have to sift on my own now.”

Tommy scrunched his face. “Damn it. I wish i could have gotten my hands on her underwear before you.” 

Chuckling at Oliver’s narrowed eyes, Tommy waved at the bar and left Oliver to his own devices. 

Taking a deep breath, Oliver got through sorting the non-satin and satin and finally had a tiny pile of ten panties. Ten. Six of them were bright but solid colors. Two of them had patterns and dots. One was embroidered and one had multi colored swirls on it. 

He quickly typed another text. 

ME : Down to 10.

UNKNOWN: Three guesses? 

Oliver looked down at the ten options and thought for a moment before replying. 

ME : Pink and white stripes?



He removed the pink and white one aside and looked closely at the rest. 

ME : Polka dots? 


His pulse spiked and he felt adrenaline hit his system. Last guess. If he got this wrong, she’d walk out and he’d never know who she was. He needed to know who she was.  

Taking a deep breath, he typed, his hand hovering over the send button before pressing on it. 

ME : Embroidered?

He waited, tapping his finger against his phone, his chest rising and falling rapidly as he waited. 


His heart sank and chest tightened. It shouldn’t have, but it did. He barely even knew the woman and yet the thought of not being able to meet her, of knowing he had lost his chance after trying so hard, was burning like acid through him. He exhaled loudly, hanging his head and closed his eyes, a life time of wasted opportunities, of wasted chances, weighing down on him, settling upon him again now that the momentary buoyancy she had provided was gone. 

Maybe it was better like this. What the hell could he have given her anyways?

Maybe it was not. Maybe, he could have given her something. Maybe. 

A life time of maybes. 

“It’s this one.”

His eyes flew open to see a small hand with pink nails holding the panties with the colorful swirls on them. The heat he felt rising in his chest was unlike anything he had known before. The hope the rose after being squashed was something he very rarely felt. 

Taking a deep breath, he turned around to see her, finally, and faced her as she stood a little behind him. And he blinked. She fit perfectly with those messages. Perfectly. Her blonde hair was tied back in a high ponytail and she wore big, rectangular glasses framing such beautiful, blue eyes. Her mouth was lush and painted bright red and she wore a red dress that fell to just above her knees with tall heels. And even with the heels, she was tiny and shuffling awkwardly as she faced him. 

“You never asked me what I would get if I won the bet,” she began in a soft, feminine voice that somehow fit her, waving the hand not holding the underwear. “I got to meet you. Plus you tried so I figured you deserved to at least see me. And just stare. Which you are doing and it’s kind of freaking me out because you are just staring. Why are you staring?”

Oliver stared a little more, unable to help himself, and extended his hand to her. “Oliver Queen.”

She raised her eyebrows, looking down at his hand. “This is surreal. After sifting through gazillion panties to look for mine, you’re actually offering me your hand?”

Chuckling, she placed her small, soft hand into his, and blinked up big, blue eyes at him, reeling him in harder. “Felicity Smoak.”

Felicity. Her name fit too. 

And following instincts like he always did, Oliver dropped a soft kiss on the hand he held, smiling at the flush that covered her face. 

Oliver, for the first time in a long time, felt good.

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This feels like falling in love (1/?)

Words : 3452

Summary : 6 years ago, Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak struck up an unlikely friendship. This friendship has only strengthen with time, through good and bad moments, such as Oliver losing his mother and Felicity facing an unexpected pregnancy. Now that Oliver’s antics has gotten him cut off and thrown out by his father, he seeks refuge with Felicity and her daughter, and realizes it is time for him to re-evaluate his life, find a job he loves and discover happiness was right in front of him this whole time.

A big shout out to Sam @awriterincowboyboots who did an amazing beta job. Honestly, if this is good, a lot of the credits goes to her.

I hope you all have as much fun reading this as I have writing it :)

The vibration of her phone against her thigh startled her awake and Felicity realized she had fallen asleep with the lights on and her tablet in her lap.

Again. Good thing she was at least already in her bed.

A brief look at the clock on her phone told her it was 1 am and any phone call at this hour couldn’t be good, especially once she saw the caller’s ID.


“Hey. I’m sorry to call you so late, I probably woke you up, but…I’m at the precinct.”

She sat up, not really surprised.“What happened?”

“Tommy and I got involved in some scuffle and it didn’t end well. The thing is, I don’t really want to go home right now. Can I crash at your place?” He sounded weary.

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Olicity: Permission Slip [+ Malcolm]

Anonymous said: WOW!! It’s MMDay?? LOL So… what if Olicity will pick Ava and Tommy on school and and the teacher says “They left with their grandfather, mr. Merlyn!"Have a nice day, hon!


“I was wondering when you’d come over.”

“You took my kids out of school?”

“Nice to see you too, I’ve had a great time on my travels, thank you for asking.”

“You took my kids out of school?!”

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Flommy “remember when we were in high school and we swore that if we were still single at 30 we’d marry each other, well hey guess whose birthday it is”

Felicity moved back against the porch step she was sitting on. The edge of the step was slightly digging into her back as she stretched her legs out past the concrete at the bottom of the steps and into the grass. She stared up into the night sky, almost missing Tommy walking toward her.

He smiled briefly as he approached the steps, holding out a beer for her. The lights strung across the porch brightened his smile as he sat down next to her.

“Thanks for the party,” Tommy said as he took a slow draw from his beer.

“Thanks for getting older.”

“Thirty. I guess that means I have to start growing up now.”

“Probably. Might need to limit the number of days you come into the office with a hangover down at least 10 percent.”

“I might need to decrease my drinking 30 percent for that to happen.”

“Old man problems.”

Tommy laughed, tapping his beer against Felicity’s. “I’m not doing too bad, am I? If my mom was here, she’d be hounding me about finding a wife and grandbabies. But, not too bad, right?”

“Not at all,” Felicity said sincerely. “And your mom wouldn’t start hounding you quite yet. She’d probably still be in the not so subtly dropping hints stage. She was classy like that.”

Tommy shook his head silently, stretching his legs out as he mimicked Felicity’s position on the stairs to look at the sky. Even fifteen miles from town, the sky remained mostly without stars. The smog and clouds blocking them from shining through. The moon, however, was bright and full, illuminating the dying party.

“She’d be really proud of you, Tommy.” Reaching across the porch, Felicity’s hand squeezed lightly on his knee. “I know I am.”

“Aren’t we supposed to be getting married anyway,” Tommy asked, changing the subject.

“What?” Turning her head to face Tommy, Felicity’s eyes narrowed trying to understand what he was talking about.

“Yeah. We agreed that if we were both thirty with no real prospects of marriage, we’d just marry each other.”

“Oh shut up. I was fifteen.”

“A deals a deal Smoak.”

Felicity rolled her eyes, shaking her head as she went back to looking at the sky. “I’m only 28, Tommy. Looks like you have another year and a half before you can collect that deal.”

Tommy snapped his fingers in fake disappointment. “Damn. I thought I had you.”

“And who knows maybe I’ll find the perfect guy in that time.”

Tommy looked down at her, trying to ignore the way his stomach tightened at the thought. “Yeah, maybe you will.”

“So, you and Tommy are going out on another date,” Iris asked, watching Felicity struggle to put the clasp on to the back of her earrings.

Felicity groaned, glaring at her friend as she finished securing the piece of jewelry. “It’s not a date. Tommy and I aren’t dating.”

Iris laughed, her head tipping back to rest against Felicity’s headboard. “Says the girl wearing her classic third date outfit.”

Glancing down at her outfit, Felicity frowned. Iris was right. She was wearing her third date outfit. “Great,” Felicity snapped, peeling off the sweater she had just put on. The floor of her room was already littered with the clothes of the night’s failed outfit choices, which was ridiculous because she was going to dinner with Tommy. And it was not a date. “Thanks for pointing that out. It’s not like I have anything else to wear.”

“Felicity,” Iris started, getting up from Felicity’s bed, her hand grabbing onto Felicity’s. “What is going on.”

“What’s going on is that I’m Tommy is going to be here soon and I have nothing to wear. Nothing.”

“The clothes scattered across your room would say otherwise.” Waving her free hand, Iris made a point of sweeping it over the mess on Felicity’s floor. :Besides, Tommy has seen you in those dorky pajamas you wear. I don’t think he’s going to complain about a red top that makes you look like a sex god.”

“That’s not… that’s not the point.”

Iris raised her eyebrow, dropping Felicity’s hand. “Not a date my ass.”

“Iris,” Felicity warned, bending down to pick up the sweater she had taken off.

“What? Things have been weird between you guys since his birthday.”

“They have not.”

“I’m not really going to allow our conversations to degrade into a third grade he said, she said deal, but, they have to.”

Leaning back against her wall, Felicity sighed, her hands twisting the sweater she was holding. “He brought up the marriage thing.”

“The marriage thing?”

“You know, the whole if we aren’t married by the time we’re both thirty, we’ll just marry each other thing.”

“Oh that marriage thing.”


“And you really are convinced that you two haven’t been dating the past three months?“

"Yes,” Felicity responded quickly, ignoring the knowing look Iris giving her. “I would know if we were dating. Obviously, it’s not like we could be dating without me knowing.”

Felicity was cut off by someone knocking on her front door. “He’s early.” Felicity shot Iris a worried look as she continued playing with her sweater. “I’m not ready.”

Iris nodded as she began walking out of Felicity’s room. “Don’t worry, I’ve got it.” She paused under the door frame, turning around to give Felicity a mischievous smile. “Besides, I think it’s time Tommy got the if you hurt my best friend lecture.”

“Technically I think he’s given that speech.”

“He still needs to hear it.”

Felicity glanced up from her plate to look at Tommy. There was candles, wine, and pasta in between them on the table. Tommy had passed on ordering garlic bread. In the twenty years of friendship they had shared, Felicity had never seen Tommy pass on garlic bread. With Iris voice ringing in her head about how things had changed, she was starting to think maybe she was right. Maybe they were on a date.

“Have we been dating,” Felicity asked right as Tommy had taken a bite of pasta.

Tommy coughed slightly as he looked at Felicity. “Uh,” he paused, his face reddening as the question fully registered with him. “I thought that was what we doing? Or, at least, I was hoping we were maybe getting to the dating point. Sort of like pre-dating?”

“Pre-dating,” Felicity repeated back, her body relaxing at Tommy’s answer. “What exactly does pre-dating entail?”

“All the same things dating would entail, but with me getting away with not having the guts of actually asking you out.”

Felicity smiled as Tommy finished speaking, nodding her head along to his words. She didn’t say anything back, instead taking a drink of her wine and another bite of her food. The intensity of Tommy’s gaze almost made her want to laugh as she finished her food.

“Do we want dessert,” Felicity finally asked.


“Yes, dessert. You know the sugary goodness that can sometimes follow dinner.”

“You want to talk about dessert?”

“I want to talk about us getting dessert.”


Felicity shook her head, reaching across the table to place her hand on top of Tommy. “Do you want to get dessert with me, Tommy?”

“Like a date,” he asked, squeezing her hand in his.

“Yeah, like a date.”

Felicity woke up at exactly 11:59 pm. One minute until her thirtieth birthday. She rolled away from the clock and toward Tommy’s side of my bed. She pressed her lips against his cheek, before contributing to leave soft kisses against his face.

“Tommy,” Felicity whispered, brushing her nose against his. “Wake up.”

Tommy made an unrecognizable noise as he shook his head in protest. He wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her on top of him.

“Tommy,” she laughed. “I’m serious. Wake up.”

Tommy’s lips turned up in a slight smile as he one of his eyes. “What’s up?”

“It’s my birthday,” Felicity stated, her eyebrows lifting up slightly.

The smile that spread across his face made Felicity’s heart speed up, his hands brushing along the edge of her shirt. “Happy birthday.”

Felicity smiled back at him, leaning down to kiss him. “Marry me,” she asked, her lips still pressed against his.

Tommy pulled back, his eyes meeting hers. “You thirty already?”

“Well, technically, not for another six hours and,” she paused turning to look at clock. “Forty eight minutes. Plenty of time to back out.”

“Deal’s a deal,” Tommy said with a shrug.

“Is that a yes, Mr. Merlyn?”

Tommy rolled over, kissing Felicity’s forehead as he hovered above her. “Yes. I’ll marry you.”

The next time Felicity woke up, Tommy was curled up behind her, placing kisses along the space between her shoulder blades.

“Think you can act surprised when I propose to you during your birthday party tonight. Thea and Iris have been working with me on the plans. I’d hate for them to be disappointed.”

Felicity nodded as she pulled his hand up, her lips pressing against the back of his wrist. “I think I can do that.”

Mission Improbable

From The AU AU

“This is so much easier,” Felicity breathed, nerves jumping in her stomach.

Tommy, casually ushering her along through the Merlyn Global lobby with his hand firmly in the small of her back, glanced at her in sidelong amusement, one eyebrow lifting. They stopped in front of the elevator  and Tommy took his hand away to press the up button. He scratched his ear idly and shoved his hands in his pocket as the display showed the elevator moving towards them.

“Yeah? How’d you guys do it last time–er, or should I say how are you guys going to do this?” He shook his head at the tangled mess that was talking about events that had already happened in the future.

Felicity fidgeted with her skirt, her other hand clutching the strap of the purse slung across her chest. She nibbled at her lip as the elevator floor display finally entered the single digits. “Faked paperwork to get Digg in as a last minute replacement for someone on the security staff, had him order Big Belly Burger to be delivered by yours truly–with a side of sedatives for his friends manning the cameras–and Oliver was just Oliver, coming to see you.”

Tommy blinked at her profile. “That seems… elaborate.”

The elevator dinged and the doors scrolled slowly open; it was, thankfully, empty. Tommy’s hand returned to Felicity’s back long enough to step into the lift with her, and then he leaned back against the wall, arms folded.

Felicity smirked as the doors closed. “That’s not even including the part where Digg stopped the elevator so Oliver and I could climb out the emergency hatch and grappling hook to a higher floor.”

Tommy stared at her, eyes bugging. “Are you fucking kidding.” She looked at him slyly from the corner of her eye and shook her her head. “Why. Please tell me what non-action-movie plane of existence on which that was a totally sensible thing to do.”

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Title: Razzle Red
Author: holysmoaksoliver
Word Count: Part 1 of 2- 3120 words (Part 2) (full fic on ao3)
Pairing: Olicity
Summary: For the Arrow Movie AU Challenge- week 1- Romantic Comedy.  Based on 13 Going on 30.  Oliver wakes up one morning and he’s not the kid he was when he went to bed the night before.  In fact, more has changed than just his age.  Can he fix what he doesn’t remember breaking?  (Shout-out to my girl aubvi who makes a cameo appearance as Oliver’s assistant. ;) )

Part 1

It still felt like a dream.  Even if he knew that it wasn’t, it still felt like it was.  Last night Oliver Queen had gone to bed as a 13 year old.  He had bombed his birthday party as Tommy and all of their friends teased him about his friendship with scholarship student Felicity before walking out.  The last thing he remembered was Felicity giving him wishing dust for his birthday and locking himself in the closet and refusing to come out.

And then this morning he woke up and he was… old.

There were a lot of things that Oliver could reconcile himself with.  But skipping more than half his life and waking up as a 30 year old, that was beyond his reasoning.  Because there had been a woman in his shower this morning, and he had muscles in places that he didn’t even know existed.  He was in a city that wasn’t Starling and there was a car waiting for him outside the apartment complex he’d stumbled out of.

So, maybe it was a dream.  Or maybe he’d bumped his head and retroactively forgotten the last decade and a half.  But one way or another he was going to get to the bottom of whatever was going on.

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Arrow Fic: I’m a Slave to the Wires

AU - Felicity is an entertainment reporter who just decided she’s quitting her job. Oliver is the star of a major network TV show who owes her a 15-minute phone interview.

A/N: Never planned on trying an AU, but this weird little fluffy kind-of-meta thing just kind of came out. Let me know if you like!

I’m a Slave to the Wires

AO3 /

“I’m gonna step out for a sec,” Tommy tells him. “You good for this last one? I gotta meet Laurel at the front gate. I’ll be back in ten.”

Oliver’s only response is half-whine/half-groan, looking at the phone at his hand, and then back up at his friend and publicist.

“That’s all you’ve got to give ‘em, ten minutes,” Tommy pleads. “Come on buddy, I know you got one more in you. Just remember, tease ‘em up, but don’t let ‘em finish.”

“You’re disgusting.”

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Part One | Part Two

“Not going to lie,” Felicity started as Tommy sat down next to her. “I’m a little surprised you didn’t demand we take your jet to Vegas.”

Tommy shook his head as he shrugged his shoulders a bit. “Figured I’d give him that win. I’m in it for the big prize.”

“The big prize,” Felicity repeated sarcastically, snorting slightly. “I’m pretty sure being my fake husband to keep me from being deported isn’t much of a prize. Wow, no matter how many times I say that it just sounds worse. I can’t believe I’m even in this position.”

“Well, when you become a superhero sidekick, forgetting about the little stuff is bound to happen.”

“My dry cleaning is the little stuff. Forgetting that my visa expired is huge, Tommy. Huge.”

“Well, in about three hours you’ll be the new Mrs. Merlyn and all problems will be solved.” Tommy tilted his head toward Felicity’s as he sighed. “Or Mrs. Queen judging by the look you are giving me right now.”

“I thinking I’m sticking with Smoak either way. And at this point, I’m really debating the merits of just finding a random guy and having a real Vegas wedding.”

“I’m sure immigration will love that.”

“Why are you doing this Tommy?”

“Because you are one of my best friends and you don’t deserve to be deported.”

Felicity remained silent, her eyebrow raised as she waited for Tommy to continue.

“And,” Tommy continued, his tone changing, giving away how annoyed he was. “It figures that Oliver would only agree to start a relationship with you because he might actually lose you. And not because he’s finally going to own his feelings.“

“Tommy, nobody is starting a relationship with anybody. It’s a –”

“Fake marriage,” Tommy interrupted, finishing Felicity’s sentence. “And it will be. But the I think the feelings are there and it won’t be long until it isn’t so fake. And I can already hear future you wondering if it was only because he was scared he was going to lose you. You deserve better than that.”

Felicity rolled her eyes, huffing out a laugh. “I deserve for you to never use that future Felicity voice again. Ever. Besides, my future husband is going to be determined by a game show like questionnaire. How high are Oliver’s chances really at answering any of those questions?”

"Oh, I am going to kick Tommy’s ass. That’s for sure,” Oliver said as he sat down across from Felicity.

“Oh yeah,” Felicity asked, her eyebrow raising in a challenge. “Favorite food?”

Oliver didn’t say anything, the smile on his face growing as he kept his eyes on Felicity’s. “No idea,” he responded. “I’m really looking forward to finding out though.”

“What,” Tommy interrupted, “That isn’t even an answer. That’s a cheesy line from some bad romance movie.”

“To be fair,” Felicity said, pulling her eyes from Oliver’s to focus on Tommy’s. “My whole life has turned into a bad romance movie in the last twenty four hours. You know with the whole about to be deported, on my way to get married to one of two best friends that are currently participating in the Husband Games. The Husband Games. I don’t know if you could find a more cheesy romance movie than that.”

Tommy didn’t say anything for a minute, simply staring at Felicity. Finally, he shook his head, a deep sigh escaping his throat. “I don’t know what your favorite food is either.”

Felicity stared at Tommy, a large smile forming on her face as she started laughing. She shook her head as she reached her hands up to her face to wipe beneath her eyes. Finally, as she stopped laughing she leaned her head back against the headrest of her seat. “I’m officially cancelling the Husband Games. You two are terrible contestants.”

Felicity got up from her seat then, her knees bent slightly as she walked between Oliver and Tommy. “I’m going to go sit with John and Barry.” She gave a small smile with a half wave before walking back toward Barry and John.

At first,Oliver and Tommy didn’t say anything. Oliver simply stared out the small window, looking at the lights of whatever town they were flying over. Tommy stared at Oliver as he bounced his knees slightly, a habit of Tommy’s that Oliver knew meant he was nervous.

“You’re right, you know,” Oliver said, as he looked over at Tommy. “What you said to Felicity,” he clarified as Tommy gave him a confused look. “You were right.”

“You heard that?”

“I was ten feet away, Tommy. Of course I heard that.”

Tommy shrugged. “And?”

“And nothing. You are right. I don’t know if I would be doing this if it weren’t for the deportation. I don’t know if it’s even that smart of an idea, because she could get hurt because of me. She might never believe that I want this. That I’m only doing this because I need her to not be in Canada. But this could be my chance. And I want to take it, but I don’t want to fight you about it either.”


“Look, I know you don’t approve of what I’m doing. I know you’re still mad at me about lying to you. And I don’t know if things are ever going to be able to go back to how they were before. But you’re still my best friend Tommy.”

Tommy sighed as he laced his hands behind his head. “Does that mean I at least get to be your best man tonight? I might even be able guarantee a hell of a speech when we inevitably end up wasted on the strip tonight.”

“No speech and you’ve got yourself a deal.”

Later that night Tommy stood next to Oliver as he waited for Felicity to walk through the doors and down the aisle. They finally settled on the Vegas Hitching Post after Felicity had very loudly said no to the first three options because she was not going to let Elvis marry her to anybody.

“I know I’m standing up here as your best man right now buddy,” Tommy whispered to Oliver as Felicity started walking toward them. “But screw this up and not only will I kick your ass, but I’m officially putting my name in for husband number two.”

thediggles  asked:

"Please don't argue. You have to leave right now, you aren't safe here." -Flommy

“Whoa, hey, what are you talking about?” Tommy trapped Felicity’s hands against his chest, locking his knees against her momentum as she tried to herd him towards the hall to the kitchens to the left of the buffet tables. She was so much smaller than him and her heels were tall and slender, so it wasn’t particularly difficult. “Felicity, I can’t leave, I’m hosting this benefit.”

Her eyes, bigger without her glasses and shaped by dark liner, were wide with worry, but her rose-pink lips pursed in impatience. “There is no time for this, Tommy!” She jerked one of her hands free and tapped just below her ear, drawing his eyes to the nearly-invisible earwig hidden by her artful loose curls. “Just, listen to–”

Irritation flashed like a heatwave in Tommy’s chest and he jerked his chin up to scan the crowd over Felicity’s head. “Are you serious right now? You guys are running a job at my charity drive?” He transferred his grip to her wrists, ready to jerk her hands off his lapels, jaw clenched angrily. “I can’t believe Oliver, and you, how could agree to this, you know how much I have riding on this!”

“Tommy–” Felicity snatched hold of his hands, squeezing tightly, voice hitching on desperation, but he shook her off, hurt and anger lighting up the blue of his eyes and stubbornness squaring his shoulders.

“I wouldn’t have issued you an invitation if I knew you were just gonna use it to benefit him, Jesus, Felicity, I thought you were here as my friend, to support me.” He dropped her hands and took a stiff step back. “You need to leave. Whatever operation your little team is running, it’s not happening tonight. Not here.”

Felicity’s eyes flashed in outrage, chin jutting and nostrils flaring. “Idiot, I am your friend, but we don’t have time for this, I’m trying to save your life–”

She was cut off with a burst of gunfire, echoing loud in the high-ceilinged ballroom. The crowd of milling wealthy donors, businesspersons, and socialites screamed and dropped five hundred dollar glasses of champagne as a group in black suits and ski masks spread out at the doors, some of them chaining up the entrances and one tall man standing at the front, AK-47 angled towards the ceiling and a sift of plaster dust raining down from the ceiling a few feet in front of him.

“Oh, shit,” Felicity breathed, moving in close to Tommy’s side and digging her fingernails into his arm.

“Ladies and gentlemen!” He called gruffly over the panicked noise of the crowd, tone sarcastic. “Your security for the evening has been unavoidably detained, and you’ll find your cell phones have been disabled. Now, you can all still get out of here safe and sound so long as you do. Exactly. What. You’re told.” He dropped the AK into the crook of his elbow, pointing it at the crowd and sweeping casually back and forth to renewed screams while his compatriots turned and leveled their own weapons threateningly. “You can start with getting on your knees.”

The sixty-odd people dressed in finery began lowering to the floor, and Tommy tightly snatched Felicity’s hand, cold sweat breaking out at his temples as he dragged her quickly down beside him by the table. She gathered the skirt of her gauzy teal dress in one fist, keeping hold of Tommy’s hand as she tried to signal something at him with her eyes. All he could understand was that she kept glancing at the table. Did she want him to get under it?

“Now!” The man at the front recaptured their attention as the whimpering, crying, screaming and whispering lowered in volume. He strode menacingly forward, his grip on his gun tight. “If any of you would be so generous as to direct me to the young Mr. Merlyn.”

Chapter 12 is here! 

Fandom: Arrow

Pairings: Felicity Smoak/Oliver Queen/Tommy Merlyn, all the permutations thereof

Rated: Explicit

Summary:  There’s nothing Oliver Queen won’t do to change his sister’s fate. Living his life under the thumb of his mob-boss mother, he’s sacrificed his soul for the Family name. To protect his sister’s innocence, he travels to Russia to enlist the help of Felicity Smoak. With her by his side, and long-time friend and past-lover Tommy Merlyn at his back, Oliver will seek to dismantle the criminal empire that has plagued his city, and maybe rediscover love along the way.

Read on AO3 or follow the cut

Previous Chapters on Tumblr: One | Two | Three | Four | Five |Six|Seven| Eight | Nine | Ten

Excerpt: The pair of them got attention from the moment they stepped out of Oliver’s car. Oliver in his beat-up jeans, the collar of his jacket turned up, and Tommy in his clean-cut suit. They were well known figures in Starling City. He knew, objectively, they made quite a picture. On a normal morning, heads might turn. On this morning, when Felicity had just leaked the information about his disinheritance from the Merlyn Global fortune, they were already a topic of conversation. And no one, he was sure, expected him to be out and about in public today.

It was a ploy. It was all set up by Tommy and Felicity and Oliver; they were counting on people reacting like this, but it still got Tommy’s neck hair up. Fuck them, he thought. Fuck their morbid, sick fascination with his family drama and fuck the entire world.

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Green Arrows and Silver Screens.

Can be found on AO3 and, also this chapter under the cut….

Summary: Small time actress Felicity Smoak is trying to make it big in Hollywood. With a chance to act against some of the biggest names, new and old, in the industry will she get all she dreamed of? Or will the leading actor Oliver Queen have more of an influence than she ever intended? From filming to promotion, what will life in the spot light really be like? Hollywood Actors AU

Authors Note: SO here is the awaited next chapter, hopefully it will explain a little more and you’ll get a better understanding of what’s happening… it is a shorter chapter and their is a time jump but it is needed to explain somethings. Enjoy.

Chapter 13: The Aftermath.

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Green Arrows and Silver Screens

Can be found on AO3 and, also this chapter under the cut….

Summary: Small time actress Felicity Smoak is trying to make it big in Hollywood. With a chance to act against some of the biggest names, new and old, in the industry will she get all she dreamed of? Or will the leading actor Oliver Queen have more of an influence than she ever intended? From filming to promotion, what will life in the spot light really be like? Hollywood Actors AU

Authors Note: Honestly I can not thank you guys enough for your positivity on this and of course @fangirlfromthenorthcountry who helped me so much with this (next chapter you see what part of the plot she helped with :D) but yes I do feel like you guys need to know this story will have some crazy twists but I hope you enjoy it :D!!!

Chapter 3: Problems.

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