mr. meowington

blanchshit  asked:

If each of the Amis were to get a pet what would they get? and if any particular name sticks out to you for the pets what would they be called (though I get that could be too much to work on)

Here you go :D 

Grantaire is for sure a cat person. He has three cats, Crookshanks who is a ginger tabby, Sirius who is jet black, and to screw with Enjolras, a grey English Short Hair, called Napoleon.

Jehanhas a tarantula called Shelob, whom Bahorel is capital T terrified of.

Cosette has three giant rabbits, one silver, one brown and one white. They are called Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton Tail, Marius is planning on getting her another for their anniversary, so she can finally have Peter Rabbit.

Joly, Bossuet & Musichetta have two rats, because Joly has allergies and Bossuet finds the rats fascinating. They’re called Pinky and The Brain for obvious reasons, and whenever anyone talks about them the theme tune has to be sung. It’s the law.

Combeferre & Courfeyrac have a giant fish tank in their flat. It fills the wall between the kitchen & living room. They have yellow tang, angel fish and obviously clown fish. Every fish in the tank has a name of a Disney character.

Enjolras sadly has no pets at the moment. He did grow up with a cocker spaniel when he was still living at home, called Joy. He borrows Bahorel’s dog instead.

Feuilly & Bahorel both have a problem with saying no to animals in need. They actually both met at the animal shelter when Feuilly found Bahorel cuddling a poor pug puppy. Between them in their flat, there is a pug called Violet, a cat called Mr Meowingtons, a snake called Pythagoras, at Feuilly’s insistence. A cocker-spaniel called Lady, and a terrier called The Tramp.