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Shane McMahon

Request by Anon: Anything hot and horny with Shane McMahon please, maybe a bit of dom with me being the sub.
Shane was sitting at his desk doing some paperwork when he phone started vibrating. “I need your cock daddy.” The text says. Before he has a chance to respond, his phone vibrates again and a picture pops up.

Shane feels his cock getting hard so he texts back, “Daddy will be home soon baby girl, but don’t touch yourself. You know the consequences if you do.” “I won’t daddy, I’m going to be a good girl and wait for you.”

Shane leans over to his phone and calls his assistant. “Yes Mr. McMahon?” She asks into the phone. “I have to leave a little early today to tend to some really important business, so can you take all of the phone calls and let everybody know not to bother me unless it’s life or death?” He asks. “Yes sir.” She says hanging up.
He stands up and walks out of the door. When he gets in his car, he hooks his phone up to the Bluetooth and calls you. “Hello Daddy.” You say. “Hey baby girl, what are you doing?” He asks. “Laying on the bed waiting for you to get home.” You tell him. “I hope you’re in the correct position when I get there, Daddy would hate to punish you.” He says. “I’ve been in position since I texted you earlier Daddy.” You say moaning a little bit.

“You must really want Daddy’s cock, well you’re about to get it baby girl because I’m pulling in the drive way now. I’ll be up in a second baby.” He says. You moan in response as he hangs the phone up. You hear a door open a close and someone walking up the steps. The bedroom door opens and you hear Shane groan at the sight of you. “You look so sexy on you hands and knees baby girl, I can’t wait to be inside you.” He says throwing his shirt and tie to the side.

He walks over to you and places his hands on your ass and rubs over your cheeks. You let out a moan and he says, “I’m so glad you haven’t disobeyed Daddy baby, so proud of you.” He slides his hands down to your pussy and says, “You’re so wet for me and I haven’t even done anything yet.” He slides a finger between your lips and you let out a loud moan. “Tell me what you want baby.” He says kissing your thighs.

“I want you to use your fingers and tongue on me and fuck me hard with your big cock Daddy.” You say trying to hold back a moan. “Lay down on your back and hold your legs.” He says. You do what he says and he leans down to kiss you. You feel his fingers sliding down your stomach and over your lips. He slips two fingers inside you and you moan arching your back up. His other arm pushes you back down and he starts trailing down your body kissing everywhere.
He kisses the insides of your thighs and says, “Don’t move too much baby girl, I would hate to tie you down.” He kisses around your womanhood and pulls his fingers out. His arms wrap around your legs and he plunges his tongue inside you.

You moan loudly as he’s eating you out and you ask, “D-Daddy can I touch your hair?” He stops briefly and says, “Yes you can baby.” He goes back to tongue fucking you and your hands run through his hair.

“I’m about to come Daddy.” You moan. “Let it go baby, come in my mouth.” He says. His words pushed you over the edge and you release all over his mouth.

He pulls his head up and wipes his mouth. You look down to see his bulge trying to escape his pants so you grab him by the belt and pull him closer.

You unbuckle his belt and slide his pants and underwear down to the floor. His member pops out and he says, “Go ahead and suck it baby girl.” You obey him and put your mouth on his head and start easing your head down on his cock.

Once you get used to it, you start bobbing your head back and forth faster and Shane starts moaning loudly. He starts thrusting and you feel his cock go deeper in your throat. “You’re so good at taking me baby, I’m going to fuck you so good and hard since you’re being such a good girl.” He says pulling the hair out of your face.

You can tell he’s getting close but he pulls out and lays you on your stomach and plunges his dick inside you. You let out a pornographic moan and he starts pounding into you.

“You’re such a good girl, taking my cock so well. Want me to come in your tight little pussy or in your mouth?” He asks grabbing your arms and pulling you up towards him.

“Please come in my pussy Daddy, want to feel it inside me.” You say throwing your head back. His thrusts start becoming sloppy you feel a tingly feeling in your stomach. You come again as soon as he releases his seed inside you and he sets you back on your stomach and pulls out.

“You were so good for Daddy baby, I’m so glad I didn’t have to punish you.” He says kissing your back. You feel his come slipping out of your pussy while you’re trying to catch your breath, but you feel his hand go down there and he slides his finger up so his come is on his finger.

He puts the finger in front of your mouth and you suck on it so he won’t get mad at you. “I love you baby girl, thank you for being so good for Daddy.” He says. “I love you too Daddy.


Stone Cold Steve Austin pours cement in Mr. McMahon’s Corvette
WWF Raw - October 12th, 1998

If you haven’t seen this clip, then you haven’t been watching wrestling long. This is one of the most infamous moments in WWF/E history. Austin was a permanent thorn in the side of Mr. McMahon, who at the time, continued to screw Austin out of the WWF Championship. Austin got more and more fed up with the bullshit, so he did what any beer swilling redneck would do: stole a cement truck and filled up McMahon’s prized Corvette with cement!

Stone Cold Steve Austin shakes Mr. McMahon’s hand [April 1st, 2001]

At the conclusion of perhaps the greatest WrestleMania of all-time, signifying the end of the infamous Attitude Era, a moment closed the show that rocked the WWF off of its foundation. Perhaps a sign of changes to come and history to be made, Stone Cold Steve Austin turns on his legions of fans and shakes the very hand of the man he’s done nothing but raise hell for since the get-go.

Austin and Mr. McMahon came together in a mutual agreement, something of an, “I scratch your back, you scratch mine”. While Austin was hell-bent on remaining the WWF Champion, McMahon needed an ally in the battle of WWF Vs. WCW, a war which had begun less than a week earlier when Mr. McMahon’s son, Shane, bought the WCW company out from under his father. Though the friendship was short-lived, due to Austin joining The Alliance in the long run, the few months they were together had some classic television, including singing, battle for friendship supremacy, and an unforgettable exchange of cowboy hats.


2007 was the year of “What the fuck, WWE?

2007 was by far the most bizarre year the WWE has ever had. The year kicked off with a match between John Cena and Kevin Federline. It also included a “threat” to ECW originals led by Elijah Burke (keep reading when you’re done laughing) called The New Breed, that CM Punk joined for about 5 minutes before he was back out again because that was an idiotic idea. There was also a wrestling match between a fake Donald Trump and a fake Rosie O'Donnell, for some strange reason. The best part about that was seeing Ace Steel online. Oh, and let’s not forget, for some very strange reason, Vickie Guerrero became the General Manager of SmackDown, a role of authority that she would hold for years between Raw and SmackDown.

Plus, what in the holy fuck happened to Mr. McMahon? He got his head shaved at WrestleMania by Donald Trumpt, became the ECW Heavyweight Champion, got blown up in a limousine (which was dropped one night later due to the Benoit tragedy), and it was revealed that he had an illegitimate son… Hornswoggle?! Seriously, what the fuck? 2007 was bizarre, and I honestly can’t think of one single year that had more flubs in the history of the WWE. The best thing that happened was the rise of Beth Phoenix, who defeated Candice Michelle for the Women’s Championship at No Mercy.

CM Punk Breaks Silence on WWE Departure

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CM Punk surprised the wrestling world again last night with an unannounced 2-hour appearance on Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling podcast, discussing in-depth the frustrations he had with WWE that led to his on-screen departure following the Royal Rumble in 2014 and eventual firing later in the year.

The podcast is well worth taking the time to listen to in full, but key points include:

  • He’s the happiest he’s been in years, having been miserable since before the 2011 Money in the Bank pay-per-view from Chicago where he defeated John Cena for the WWE title.

  • He confirms rumours or assumptions that he had issues with the creative direction of the company, with injuries, and with Triple H, but insisted it wasn’t one specific thing that led to his decision to leave, though ongoing health issues played a big part in it. 

  • After the infamous “pipe bomb” promo, he had calls from people wanting to offer him UFC-style sponsorships, but Vince McMahon refused to allow him to wear sponsored gear in the ring. Shortly after, WWE signed Brock Lesnar who had pre-existing sponsorship in place, which McMahon allowed. Punk thinks that’s great for Lesnar, but he wanted to open up new revenue streams for the boys and was shot down.

  • He wanted to walk Chael Sonnen to the ring at a UFC show because he knew it would garner last-minute publicity for WWE prior to his Royal Rumble match with The Rock, but was shot down by McMahon who is apparently fearful of someone dying in the octagon. McMahon is also apparently appalled at the idea of women fighting for UFC, but Punk thinks it’s cool and McMahon is behind the times. Not long after, Punk saw Triple H walk Floyd Mayweather, Jr. to the ring for a boxing match, which didn’t sit well with him.

  • He was offered a role in 12 Rounds 2 but thought WWE’s movies were lame, though later realised he wouldn’t have to go on a tour of Europe during a time he was banged up, and it would get him a foot in the door in case he wanted to act when his wrestling career was over. Triple H wouldn’t tell him if they filming during the European tour or not, which Punk thought was bullshit because WWE’s European tours are the same time every year (two weeks after WrestleMania and two weeks before Thanksgiving). Triple H said he would double check on the tour dates and get back to Punk, but Punk woke up the next day and read online that Randy Orton was starring in 12 Rounds 2, and he was pissed that Triple H never offered him the courtesy of a call to let him know his movie had gone to somebody else.

  • He called WWE “creatively toxic” and gave specific examples, including seeing Cena (who he puts over as one of the only other guys to stand up and say no to stupid decisions) doing things he pitched a week after being told he couldn’t do them.

  • He was the only to ask questions about how wrestlers would be compensated for pay-per-views shown on the WWE Network, and McMahon told him he “didn’t know”. He also had top guys like Orton ask him what he knew about the situation, since he was the only one who asked.

  • He called WWE’s concussion testing “a joke” (he apparently suffered one from an accidentally blow by Kofi Kingston during the 2014 Rumble match, which he also worked with a staph infection, a knee injury, and a rib injury.) Numerous times he brought up how lazy WWE’s doctor was in refusing to cut out his staph infection, which he finally got done when he visited his wife’s doctor in Florida, calling it the most painful experience of his life. He was hooked up to an antibiotic IV drip and when the doctor found out he’d been wrestling for three months on the infection, was told that he should have died.

  • When Rock returned, he wanted to work as a babyface against a strong heel, so Punk was given the choice of turning heel or dropping the WWE title to Daniel Bryan. He decided to sacrifice the money he was making through his babyface merchandise to turn heel on a promise from McMahon that he would “owe him one”, though he also lobbied to keep the belt for his match with the Undertaker at WrestleMania, or be put into a three-way with Rock and Cena (this was the second Rock-Cena match).

  • He claimed The Shield was his idea. WWE wanted him to have a heel stable consisting of himself, Daniel Bryan, The Big Show and Seth Rollins. Punk figured he and Bryan could be the new Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels who could always be counted on to deliver when they needed something, but should otherwise be kept apart, and that Big Show being in the spot was just treading water with one of the same old faces. He instead offered that all three guys should come from FCW, and in addition to Rollins, wanted Dean Ambrose and Kassius Ohno (Chris Hero). Triple H vetoed Ohno but suggested Leakee (Roman Reigns), which Punk understood and thought was cool, but Punk was later taken out of plan’s for the group.

  • He outright called Ryback “a steroid guy” and buried him for being green, stiff in the ring, and kicking him in the stomach so hard it broke his ribs but never apologising for it.

  • He claims everyone from McMahon to Kevin Dunn admitted his match with The Undertaker should have gone on last at WrestleMania, so he asked to be compensated for it like they had. He wanted equal pay to Undertaker, Cena, Rock, Brock Lesnar and Triple H, but never got it.

  • He was pissed off that had him lose major pay-per-view matches to Rock, Undertaker and Lesnar because they were part-timers who wouldn’t be at Raw the next day, and it was making him look weak. He decided he wanted to be a special attraction like them, but McMahon told him they needed him full-time.

  • He was desperate to get the WrestleMania main event after proving himself on the big stage time and time again, and felt like they needed to position him as a money superstar as the casual fans were starting to see him as a loser who couldn’t beat the part timers. That led to him talking himself into working with Chris Jericho at Payback and Lesnar at SummerSlam, neither of which he was thrilled about.

  • He actually wanted to work with Curtis Axel to make him a star after Triple H failed on his promise to do so, but they instead offered him another run with Ryback, which he felt was a massive comedown after the Lesnar match. He tried to clear the air with Ryback, but Ryback injured him again when the gorilla press spot where he missed the table, and Punk made Ryback admit he was dumb.
  • He admitted to shitting his pants on SmackDown in late 2013 due to a course of antibiotics the doctor had prescribed him for the undiagnosed staph infection on his back, which he and McMahon both thought was funny, but he ended up tweeting about it and WWE told him to delete it. He blocked WWE’s Twitter account in response.

  • He intended to work so hard during the Royal Rumble that he would force WWE to circumvent their plans for an Orton vs. Batista main event, believing the fans would turn on Batista after his return. It turns out Batista felt the same, and that he and Batista are actually friends who’ve hung out at Punk’s apartment recently and discussed this.

  • He stood up for Rusev when he made his debut at the Royal Rumble, telling him nobody backstage gave a shit about him and that he should do his best moves to Punk when he got in the ring since he (Punk) was the biggest star in there at that point.

  • As he drove to Cleveland the next night for Raw with his future wife, he had an epiphany and wondered what he was doing with his life. When he got there, they told him he needed to take a drug test. He was livid that he of all people should have to take one, considering the policies they had put in place to allow wrestlers who had failed previous tests to have strikes taken off their record. He responded with demands for health benefits after his concussion, undiagnosed staph infection and other various injures, but WWE ignored him and instead tried to get him to sign a bunch of papers and take the test, at which point he decided he was going home.

  • He called a meeting with McMahon where he told him he didn’t love it any more, was sick, hurt, confused and didn’t understand the business any more, and rather than take care of him, all they cared about was what segment he was in and how soon he can piss in a cup. Triple H told him Batista had taken the same test, so Punk asked Triple H if he’d taken it and got no response. He then told McMahon that if he didn’t think Punk could be all he could be, then he should fire him. He reminded McMahon that he’d promised him favours for turning heel, doing jobs and working with dangerous opponents (Ryback), and he wanted the WrestleMania main event as his favour but they clearly didn’t think he was good enough for it, and if he wasn’t good enough for it, why keep him around? He points out that he sold more t-shirts than Cena did at one point, and nobody else has, yet it still wasn’t good enough for them. McMahon responded that it was the concussion speaking and he didn’t really feel that way, but Punk told him he was prepared to leave and get over as a bigger star because he knew he could.

  • He couldn’t understand how WWE were missing the boat on Daniel Bryan, just liked they’d missed the boat on him two years earlier. McMahon told him that working with Triple H at WrestleMania would be “like working in the main event”, but Punk declined and told Triple H he needed Punk more than Punk needed Triple H. He also told Triple H to his face that he resented him not putting him over three years earlier when the time had been right for it, and that jobbing him to The Miz and R-Truth didn’t make any sense either. He adds that he simply didn’t want to give Triple the privilege of having a match with him at WrestleMania, claims that Triple H never liked him, and that there were always “bad vibes” when the pair were in the same room, saying Triple H would always “look sideways” at him, and that he’s a “piece of shit”. When Triple H then tried to say Punk’s WrestleMania match with Undertaker had been a main event, Punk asked if he’d made main event money and Triple H responded with silence.

  • He claims McMahon had “tears in his eyes” when he gave Punk a farewell hug, which Punk reluctantly reciprocated. He shook hands with Triple H on his way out and say “goodbye”, and like that he was gone.

  • He brings up people claiming he quit by pointing out that he’s an independent contractor, which legally gave him the right to do so whenever he wanted, adding that he didn’t up and leave in the middle of a program or with any matches advertised. 

  • After telling McMahon he wasn’t ready to come back to work, he found out he was “on hiatus” from one of McMahon’s conference calls, after being told personally by McMahon that he was suspended for two months. Punk noticed the suspension ended the day after WrestleMania. At this point, he finds an uncashed royalty cheque while clearing out his tour bus, but repeated calls to WWE proved fruitless in getting it reissued so he could claim it. He decided to worry about it later since he was about to get married when he got a text message from Triple H asking if he had time to talk. He responded that he was getting married in two days and going on honeymoon but was willing to talk the day he got back, just as long as they paid him the royalties he was owed. Wouldn’t you know it? Two days later, his wedding day, WWE sent him a FedEx informing him he was fired, and in breach of his contract as of January 27th, 2014 (the day he walked out), which he knew was illegal. The letter also told him he had forfeit all his royalties, and gave him a no-compete clause that forbade him from signing with UFC, which was also given to Alberto Del Rio after he was fired.

  • He contacted a lawyer who responded “let’s get these motherfuckers!” and who got him “everything [he] wanted, and then some”, although he isn’t allowed to talk in specifics. WWE did however want him to sign a non-disparagement agreement, but he pointed out that they’d already gone on TV in his home town of Chicago and called him a quitter in front of the world, even though legally he was fired, and that if they wanted him to even consider signing it, they had to go back on TV in Chicago, admit they lied, admit he didn’t quit, and announce that they had fired him on the day they knew to be his wedding. They didn’t, so he refused to sign it.

  • WWE were also worried that Punk might go to TNA, but Punk’s lawyer told them he despised wrestling. He concluded by saying that although he signed an agreement to allow WWE to sell merchandise of his they had already produced, he was not working with them, and would never have a working relationship with them ever again. He added that he was unhappy that although he was a millionaire, they make 15 times as much as he does on his own merchandise, and that he should be a lot richer than he is for all the work he put in and all the hours spent away from home. He added that he’s happy training jiu-jitsu, being married, and writing for Marvel comics, and taking the time to fall in love with things he stopped having the time for.