mr. mcmahon

Ric Flair Vs. Mick Foley
[August 20th, 2006]

In one of SummerSlam’s bloodiest brawls, professional wrestling legends Mick Foley and Ric Flair faced off in an “I Quit” Match. The feud began over comments made in their respective books, Foley citing Flair as being out for himself as a booker and Flair recalling Foley as being a “glorified stuntman”. These two, hellbent on proving who the better man is, fought tooth and nail in several big match environments, perhaps this match being the biggest. In the closing moments of the bout, Foley’s friend Melina came down to try to save her friend, even draping herself over Foley as Flair was prepared to swing a baseball bat down onto the two. Because of this, Foley quit the match in order to save Melina. The following night, Foley was ordered to join the Vince McMahon Kiss My Ass Club, or Melina would lose her job. Foley complied, but was soon low-blowed by Melina and fired at the behest of Mr. McMahon.


Stone Cold Steve Austin pours cement in Mr. McMahon’s Corvette
WWF Raw - October 12th, 1998

If you haven’t seen this clip, then you haven’t been watching wrestling long. This is one of the most infamous moments in WWF/E history. Austin was a permanent thorn in the side of Mr. McMahon, who at the time, continued to screw Austin out of the WWF Championship. Austin got more and more fed up with the bullshit, so he did what any beer swilling redneck would do: stole a cement truck and filled up McMahon’s prized Corvette with cement!

Stone Cold Steve Austin shakes Mr. McMahon’s hand [April 1st, 2001]

At the conclusion of perhaps the greatest WrestleMania of all-time, signifying the end of the infamous Attitude Era, a moment closed the show that rocked the WWF off of its foundation. Perhaps a sign of changes to come and history to be made, Stone Cold Steve Austin turns on his legions of fans and shakes the very hand of the man he’s done nothing but raise hell for since the get-go.

Austin and Mr. McMahon came together in a mutual agreement, something of an, “I scratch your back, you scratch mine”. While Austin was hell-bent on remaining the WWF Champion, McMahon needed an ally in the battle of WWF Vs. WCW, a war which had begun less than a week earlier when Mr. McMahon’s son, Shane, bought the WCW company out from under his father. Though the friendship was short-lived, due to Austin joining The Alliance in the long run, the few months they were together had some classic television, including singing, battle for friendship supremacy, and an unforgettable exchange of cowboy hats.


2007 was the year of “What the fuck, WWE?

2007 was by far the most bizarre year the WWE has ever had. The year kicked off with a match between John Cena and Kevin Federline. It also included a “threat” to ECW originals led by Elijah Burke (keep reading when you’re done laughing) called The New Breed, that CM Punk joined for about 5 minutes before he was back out again because that was an idiotic idea. There was also a wrestling match between a fake Donald Trump and a fake Rosie O'Donnell, for some strange reason. The best part about that was seeing Ace Steel online. Oh, and let’s not forget, for some very strange reason, Vickie Guerrero became the General Manager of SmackDown, a role of authority that she would hold for years between Raw and SmackDown.

Plus, what in the holy fuck happened to Mr. McMahon? He got his head shaved at WrestleMania by Donald Trumpt, became the ECW Heavyweight Champion, got blown up in a limousine (which was dropped one night later due to the Benoit tragedy), and it was revealed that he had an illegitimate son… Hornswoggle?! Seriously, what the fuck? 2007 was bizarre, and I honestly can’t think of one single year that had more flubs in the history of the WWE. The best thing that happened was the rise of Beth Phoenix, who defeated Candice Michelle for the Women’s Championship at No Mercy.