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Kevin Owens brutally attacks Mr. McMahon
[September 12th, 2017]

There’s a reason that people still go nuts when they hear that WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon is going to be at any event. There’s a reason that you stop what you’re doing to watch what’s happening in the ring. Love him, hate him, despise him or appreciate him for what wrestling is today, there is no denying that Mr. McMahon always delivers, and last night’s SmackDown Live was no different.

When Kevin Owens was attacked by Shane McMahon, SmackDown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan suspended Shane indefinitely as per orders of Mr. McMahon himself- but that wasn’t enough for Owens. Instead, Owens claimed he intended to sue the WWE and to rebrand SmackDown as The Kevin Owens Show. After a full night of making claims that he would do such things as fire Sami Zayn and to have Aiden English sing the new theme for the show, Owens was met in the ring by Mr. McMahon. In grand fashion, McMahon humiliated Owens by belittling him for getting his ass kicked by Shane, then stated that he would not only be reinstating Shane, but that the two would meet in a Hell In A Cell match on October 8th at the titular event.

After receiving this news, Owens asked that he had McMahon’s word that he’d have permission to attack “a McMahon” if provoked, which Vince shook on. This play of words was grand trickery at its finest, as Owens then headbutted McMahon, busting the chairman’s head open. The attack didn’t end there, as trainer Adam Pearce even entered the ring to plead with Owens to stop his assault. At 72 years of age, Vince McMahon lay in the ring, prone to Owens’ frogsplash to end the show.


Kevin Owens brutally attacks Mr. McMahon

SmackDown Live: September 12th 2017

Stone Cold Steve Austin shakes Mr. McMahon’s hand [April 1st, 2001]

At the conclusion of perhaps the greatest WrestleMania of all-time, signifying the end of the infamous Attitude Era, a moment closed the show that rocked the WWF off of its foundation. Perhaps a sign of changes to come and history to be made, Stone Cold Steve Austin turns on his legions of fans and shakes the very hand of the man he’s done nothing but raise hell for since the get-go.

Austin and Mr. McMahon came together in a mutual agreement, something of an, “I scratch your back, you scratch mine”. While Austin was hell-bent on remaining the WWF Champion, McMahon needed an ally in the battle of WWF Vs. WCW, a war which had begun less than a week earlier when Mr. McMahon’s son, Shane, bought the WCW company out from under his father. Though the friendship was short-lived, due to Austin joining The Alliance in the long run, the few months they were together had some classic television, including singing, battle for friendship supremacy, and an unforgettable exchange of cowboy hats.


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