mr. mcguire

Stranger: Are Boy Meets World and Girl Meets World good shows?

Friend: ….Oh no….

Me: *pulls up podium* * sets up power point* *clears throat* I’m glad you fucking asked.

Friend: Here we go again…

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Okay so heres the next siren I made

Name: Tiffany Mcguire
Aka: Mrs. Mcguire
Age: Idfk and there is no way I will ask
Height: 177.8 cm
Siren Claim: Red Robin
Backstory: Mrs. Mcguire was just your ordinary PE Teacher who taught yoga, but after her grandmother passed away she got a letter before her funeral saying she had to take the position of siren to replace her grandmother. Of course she thought this was a fake and dismissed this as a joke. When she went to the funeral though her grandmother told her before she passed that her favorite bird was a Robin. During the funeral a robin appeared and she felt like this was a sign from her grandmother that the letter wasn’t a joke but to take it seriously. She called the number on the phone and took the position of Red robin siren. During the day she was still a teacher because she loves to teach, at night though she has to go out to find a target. She has mainly only gone to nursing homes to volunteer and she sang to the elderly to help them pass if they wished to do so. She would never kill anyone if she did not know the desire of the person. The only time she would go out is if it was getting close to the deadline and she didn’t have her quota yet.

—All finished Light don’t judge me


the first EVER Lizzie McGuire commercial