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The first part of my OP x GF universe swap stuff. I put the most effort into these wanted posters so I figured I’d post them on their own. I don’t know how many of my followers like both shows but either way this is entirely self indulgent on my part haha.

Background info if anyone’s interested because I’m a giant nerd:

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Today’s settei batch has a small focus on Neo WWW, with the addition of Narcy, who I think was the only remaining member I didn’t have any sheets of. After that, there’s a height reference chart for all of vanilla WWW versus Neo WWW, with Dekao and Netto added for kid heights. Then the Progress PETS for all 4 Neo WWW lackies, with Desert, Beast, Video and Flash’s crests (in clockwise order).

After those, the remaining settei all come from Episode 4, where veggie-hatin’ Mameo decided to rid the school meals of vegetables with Asteroid Plantman’s help. There is a front and back view of two different kid cafeteria workers. Then the outside of the school lunch center, along with the inner conveyor belts and computer office setting inside the lunch center, where Planty hacked and altered the cooking program. Next is the cutesy meal delivery truck (Remember, the food circle of life contains beef, pork, chicken, bread, carrots, & ice cream all riding a train, while fish turn into airplanes and fly away along a rainbow on the back.) And finally, a sample school lunch that obviously has some milk, chicken noodle soup, a hot dog, and a long john donut. Trust me, the translation is accurate on those foods!

Scanned from: My Production Art Stash

Love Me Like You Do

Characters/Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: The Third Installment of “The Love Series”. The Reader can’t take the heartache anymore. She confronts Dean about it.

Song Prompt: Love Me Like You Do - Ellie Goulding

Word Count: 2,679 

Warnings: Angst, Light Fluff, Implied Smut

Author’s Note: Hey guys! So this is my entry for @mamaredd123‘s 100 Follower Challenge. My prompt was “What can I say? Chicks dig me.” I hope you guys like this!! Feedback is greatly appreciated! **Un-betaed** so any mistakes are my own!!🙈

The soft lyrics bursting through my phone’s speakers couldn’t have spoken truer words.

I groaned and slumped my head forward, letting it slam against the table.

How pathetic was I?

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Episode 71, part 1, this is the worst double-date I’ve ever seen!

It is also the worst double-date Yami and Seto have ever been on. I don’t think the fact that it’s the only double-date they’ve ever been on OR the fact that it’s not actually a date would prevent either of them from characterising it as “the worst double-date I’ve ever been on”, I mean, look:

That mutual awkward boredom in both their expressions is the very essence of terrible double-dates.

And then there’s these assholes.


So, Yami and Seto have been forced - by a string of embarrassingly overwrought and ostentatious kidnappings - to duel Tol and Smol Ghoul on top of this incredibly high skyscraper. When someone hits 0 LP, a BOMB explodes the glass under their feet, sending them hurtling down the centre of the architecturally-impressive skyscraper to their presumed deaths. Why not just use the bomb to kill them? That would be TOO FOOLPROOF.

(I’m pretty sure Kaiba’s the only one in actual danger of dying though, since the Ghouls - spoiler alert - have an escape built in, and Yami’s Puzzle is supposed to protect him from cowardly attempts on his life. So yeah, Kaiba’s the only one. Although, that presumes that he is not able to use that ridiculous coat as a parachute, and that is obviously a very flawed presumption.)

The Ghouls - you’ll never guess this - have a THEME to their deck that matches their villain personas, and their theme is masks. Janky, janky masks…

THIS mask has bolts for eyes, which is a marginal improvement on having arms for eyes, but still lags way behind having eyes for eyes, in the eye department. It prevents Yami’s Mr Magnet (not real name) from being able to attack OR defend AND it deals 500 points of damage to Yami every turn, because it is broken.

Yami’s observing their strategy…

(Light guy is Smol) The Ghouls are playing a tight team game, where Smol plays buffs and traps and shit and Tol plays mostly monsters.

Yami can’t use Mr Masked Magnet to attack or defend, but Kaiba thinks that if he sacrifices it….

Yami, meanwhile, thinks “I have a bad feeling about this” but, if there’s one thing Yami’s better at than overdramatic posing while dueling, it’s figuring out there’s a trap and deciding the best way to deal with it is to immediately trigger it on himself, and he is REALLY good at overdramatic posing while dueling.

SO good, his jacket pales into a white sleeveless cape in shock

also #figureskatingau

Sadly, he’s also very good at triggering traps…

And obviously smarmy sausage-finger fuck-face Smol Ghoul is all “oh you ~fell for it~” like, STFU asshole, there are only like four ways to summon things in the game and sacrificing is maybe the most common, it’s not ~falling for~ your super ~cunning trap~ to just … play the fuckin game…

But yes…

… due to the effects of another very overpowered mask-themed card, Yami and Seto can no longer use sacrifices, which basically means they can’t summon any decent monsters.

They’re in a tight spot, and Yami makes his boldest move yet: attempting to reason with Seto Fucking Kaiba.

In this moment, it’s clear that Kaiba and Yami share a bond that transcends 3000 years, 9000 kilometres, and Kaiba’s own alarmingly constipated emotional defensiveness, because they understand each other perfectly.

Sadly, in the moment immediately following, it’s clear that Kaiba is an angry, emotionally constipated asshole.



Okay so, Kaiba’s abysmal people-skills aside, Tol Ghoul goes to attack Kaiba and Kaiba’s in peak sass form today.


ahhhhhh he’s so fuckin cute!

Especially since the Japanese for “alright!” sounds like “YUS!”

So Kaiba triggers a trap of his own, the Grenade Necklace (not real name)


“Both players” in this case referring to opposite players, in the tag duel, so both Kaiba and Tol Ghoul.


(I like the eye-segments!)

Smol Ghoul changes the target of Kaiba’s trap to affect Kaiba’s Monster instead, and Yami realises neither of the Ghouls seem to care that Tol Ghoul is open to damage from the trap either way so he tries to warn Seto…

And Seto TAKES TIME OUT OF HIS TURN to be a jerk about it.

Seto Kaiba has less than no chill.

Does this look like the face of a man with any chill?


Kaiba’s terrifying grin is quickly wiped off his face however, as Yami is proven correct…

… Tol Ghoul uses a magic card to swipe Kaiba’s own Trap Protection Flower (not real name).

So Kaiba takes the damage from and loses a monster to his own trap…

“Well, would you look at the time, it’s fuck this o clock.”

…and Tol Ghoul follows up with an attack aimed directly at the now-defenceless Kaiba, with easily enough firepower to wipe out his lifepoints and send him falling through the ceiling with only his parachute-sized coat to save him.

… This really doesn’t seem like the best way to kill a man you need to immediately take a trading card from post-defeat (remember their primary goal with Kaiba is get Obelisk) but OKAY.

Tol Ghoul launches his attack…

And Kaiba stares it down, presumably reevalutating his choices since Yami’s his only chance to avoid death and he literally just got done explicitly telling Yami to mind his own damn business

IS Kaiba finally about to die due to his own rudeness? DOES Kaiba even care or is he like “worth it”? WILL Yami be the bigger (smaller) man and bail him out? FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON PHARAOHSPARKLEFISTS WATCHES YGO


Anonymissfortune said: Would you happen to have the EXE Official Complete Works scans of Lan’s alternate outfits he might’ve had for BN6?

Why yes, I do have the EXE OCW. So yes, I might happen to have the more manly Lan concepts…Mlanly, if you will…from EXE6.

Included with ‘lil Netto-kun’s other rejected concepts, enjoy posh Haruka, young Tadashi, badass kendo Meijin, what-were-they-thinking-with-that-cranberry-dress?! Pride, my-clothes-are-too-baggy Barrel, and an Amethyst in Tesla Magnets clothing.

Scanned from: Rockman.EXE Official Complete Works, Circa December 2009

And a stationery haul.

A Parisian sticky note set.
A set of sticky notes from Deli.
Arrow-shaped page markers.
Mr. Tickle magnetic bookmarks.
2 Collegeblock quadrille spiral pads.
Frixion markers in a set of 12.
Orange Frixion clicker.
Light Green Frixion clicker.
White G2 gel pen.
Bic Mechanical Pencils.
Gul Dukat's Dance Playlist
Dukat's night out didn't go by unnoticed on the streets of Cardassia and obviously the Dominion Intelligence Agency managed to record everything. The audio has leaked. Dukat's actual dance moves have been kept from the public for "security reasons".
  1. Pink - Trouble
  2. Lady Gaga - Here We Go
  3. Culture Beat - Mr. Vain
  4. KMFDM - Strut
  5. Monster Magnet - Space Lord (Intergalactic Mix)
  6. Tarkan - Simarik
  7. MC Hammer - U Can’t Touch This
  8. Janet Jackson & Carly Simon - I Bet You Think This Song Is About You
  9. Duran Duran - Notorious
  10. Lady Gaga - Government Hooker

“Hey, Francois!"  [Nikki called out. She could feel her cheeks flash, she couldn’t help it. Just standing near Dr. De Lertuar made her wanna giggle like a school girl who got tickets to her favorite band’s show on her birthday.] "How’s grandma?" [She tried to sound cool and nonchalant.]
"Grandma?” [Young man snorted with amusement.] “Can’t wait to lose your job, Mrs. Cake Magnet? Do you know who that woman is? She’ll bury you alive if she hears that! Get out of the way, I’ve got work to do.”
[Nikki rolled her eyes. Why does he always have to be so mean?] “Don’t choke while kissing her butt! Idiot!"  [She mumbled under her breath, but Francois already disappeared around the corner.]
"Hey Nick! What’s the news? Have you seen her? Is it really her?”  [Bella and Rose just got downstairs and were eager to know the news.]  “What did he say?”
“He’s an asshole! ‘I’ve got work to do!’ I know his work! He’ll forget all about poor old woman and run off on a quick-date with his Josephine!”
“Someone’s  jealous…”
“Huh! Why would I even care? Selfish idiot!”
“Wait, wait, wait! So he went to see Her?”  [Rose impatiently balanced on high heels of her shoes.]  “Dr. De Lertuar! Do you need any help?" [She yelled, running at the same direction Francois headed less than a minute ago.]
[Nikki sighed. She couldn’t understand why everyone was so obsessed with this woman. So what if she’s a celebrity? It is a hospital, not 'Today’ show.]
"What is so special about her anyway?"  [Dr. Brie voiced her thoughts.]
"You’re kidding, right? It’s Colette Fontaine! She’s like to die for famous! They say she has an affair with Emperor William! Haven’t you seen the dress she wore to last World Music Awards? The whole thing was covered in real diamonds from top to bottom!”
“You know, I don’t watch that kind of stuff.”
“Oh, right, you’re too busy manching on cakes and crying about love of your life.”  [Bella giggled, heading after her friend.]  “If I were you, I’d be selling my soul to Satan to get into that room. They say she likes young guys, so you may have to wave goodbye to your tragic hero!”
“But she’s old enough to be his grandmother!”
“She’s rich and famous.”
“Francois is not that kind of guy!”
“Aha, keep telling yourself that.”

University spinoff aims to hit the mark precisely with brain-scanning tool

As brain surgeons test new procedures and drugs to treat conditions ranging from psychiatric disorders to brain cancer, accuracy is becoming an ever-greater issue.

In treating the brain, the state of the art today starts with images from a magnetic resonance (MR) scanner, usually made a few days before surgery. Then, in the operating room, multiple cameras track instruments as they are inserted through a hole in the skull, creating images that can be superimposed on the original MR scans.

But there is no guarantee that the brain will not shift slightly during the surgery and throw off the best efforts at exact guidance.

For 20 years, neurosurgeons have discussed a radical way to achieve real-time accuracy in placement: performing surgery with the brain inside an MR machine, says Walter Block, professor of biomedical engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. “When you open the brain for surgery, the tissue can shift slightly, and that will throw off predictions made in advance.”

To bring the full promise of MR into the operating room, Block has formed a company called InseRT MRI to develop software that allows surgeons to observe the brain in real time on an MR machine during surgery.

Such a system would have a number of applications, he says. Drugs for brain cancer can be delivered over as long as 54 hours. “It would be valuable to see where the drug is going during the first few hours,” Block says. “Drugs move at different rates through gray and white matter, and this ability to recalibrate the treatment plan, based on actual data on where the drug is moving, would allow you to alter the location of the catheter or the flow rate of the medication.”

To get that accuracy advantage, Block does not envision forcing surgeons to learn a new operating environment. “Surgeons have operating room tools and work stations that are familiar to them,” he says. “We are creating a set of tools that make the MR space a comfortable place for the surgeon.”

UW-Madison neurosurgeon Azam Ahmed plans to use the system through test procedures on animal brains and cadavers, Block says. “We are working with Dr. Ahmed to design the workflow so it’s intuitive to him. We are not going to piggyback on top of a large scanner market designed for largely diagnostic purposes, kludging it to make it work for interventional applications.”

The goal is not to develop software that could be spliced into MR manufacturers’ systems, he says, “since every time they alter their software, we would have to change ours.” Instead, Block is borrowing tactics from the smartphone industry. “People write apps that use various phone resources — GPS, the screen, the orientation system. We look at the MR scanner as a set of resources that we can control. An app writer does not have to go to Samsung or Apple and say, ‘We have this idea.’”

Block says his software will interact with the MR machine through a software “portal” being developed by another firm.

One obvious market is the pharmaceutical industry. “Any drug trial in the brain will cost hundreds of millions of dollars,” he says, “and we often see trials being repeated after post-mortem analysis raises questions about the accuracy of drug placement.”

Targeted surgery could also help remove bits of brain tissue to treat severe epilepsy. Marvel Medtech in Cross Plains, Wisconsin, is developing a system that would employ InseRT MRI’s guidance to biopsy breast tumors. The technology also raises the potential for localized psychiatric drug therapy, Block says.

In the brain, the MR-guidance system is already accurate to less than a millimeter, Block says. While conventional stereotactic systems can approach that accuracy “in the best case,” the error can rise to 1.5 or 2 millimeters — a vast distance in an organ as delicate as the human brain, in which damage to healthy tissue must be minimized.

Block says InseRT MRI’s competitive advantage resides in his long experience in medical imaging. “Our value is (faster) time to market. We have come up with ways to circumvent the significant hurdles that now limit image-guided therapy, and we believe we can do this faster than anybody else.”

anonymous asked:

top 15 favorite songs and GO:

I don’t know if I can do this because it’s too hard to narrow down, haha. These are definitely as they come to me and not in any order.

  1. To Build A Home || The Cinematic Orchestra
  2. Sweet Disposition || The Temper Trap
  3. No Rain || Blind Melon
  4. Towers || Bon Iver 
  5. Made Too Pretty || As Cities Burn
  6. Northern Wind || City & Colour
  7. Generation || States
  8. Zombie || The Cranberries
  9. Still || Daughter
  10. Home || Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
  11. Mr. Blue Sky || Electric Light Orchestra
  12. To See You Alive || Flatsound
  13. Disorder || Joy Division
  14. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out || The Smiths
  15. Not With Haste || Mumford & Sons