mr. limpet

lady midnight chapter titles, narrated by percy jackson but in Emma’s point of view

(do not recommend reading this before reading lady midnight)

  1.  “I fight a tree”
  2. “I give Cristina a tour”
  3. “I join my parabatai in bed”
  4. “We order some vampire pizza”
  5.  “We make a deal with faeries”
  6. “Mark rejects our warm welcoming”
  7. “We map”
  8. “I fly a motorcycle”
  9. “I battle giant pray mantises”
  10. “Mark kills Mr. Limpet” 
  11.  “A minipoodle leads us to a corpse”
  12. “I work a miracle”
  13. “Cristina and I go shopping”
  14. “We party at the Midnight Theatre”
  15. “I watch the lottery”
  16. “My parabatai’s little brother meets his soulmate”
  17. “Mark destroys the kitchen”
  18. “I sleep with my parabatai”
  19. “I nearly kill Cristina’s ex-lover”
  20. “My parabatai tell us his life story”
  21. “Storytime”
  22.  “Kieran turns out to be snitch”
  23.  “I find out my parabatai has a room full of paintings of me”
  24. “We have a blackout”
  25. “We take out the dead”
  26.  “I murder a high warlock”
  27. “I start dating my parabatai’s brother”

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“What is this?” Mark asked, picking up Tavvy’s stuffed lemur, Mr. Limpet, and holding it gingerly by one foot. […]
“Here,” Emma said, reaching out to Mark. “Give me Mr. Limpet.” […]
Cristina came into the room, running her fingers through her long, wet black hair. Mark, holding out Mr. Limpet to Emma, looked up - and there was a tearing sound. The lemur’s leg came away and its body thumped to the ground, scattering stuffing.
Mark said something in an unrecognizable language.
“You killed Mr. Limpet,” said Tavvy.
“I think he died of old age, Tavs,” said Emma, picking up the stuffed lemur’s body. “You’ve had him since you were born.”
“Or gangrene,” Drusilla said, looking up from her book. “It could have been gangrene.”
“Oh no!” Cristina’s eyes were wide. “Wait here - I’ll be right back.”
“Don’t -” Mark began, but Cristina had already hurried from the room. “I am a clodpole,” he said mournfully. He reached to ruffle Tavvy’s hair. “I am sorry, little one.” […]
“Mr. Limpet died,” Tavvy said, tugging on Julian’s jeans. Jules reached down and lifted him up in his arms.
“Sorry, kiddo,” Julian said, putting his chin down on Tavvy’s curls. “We’ll get you something else.”
“I am a murderer,” said Mark gloomily.
“Don’t be dramatic,” Emma whispered, kicking his bare ankle.
Mark looked cross. “Faeries are dramatic. It’s what we do.”
“I loved Mr. Limpet,” said Tavvy. “He was a good lemur.” […]

She handed Tavvy a stuffed gray bear. He looked at it dubiously. “That was mine when I was a little girl,” she explained.
“What’s its name?” Tavvy inquired.
“Oso,” said Cristina, and shrugged. “It means ‘bear’ in Spanish. I was not very creative.”
“Oso.” Tavvy took the bear and smiled a gap-toothed smile. Julian looked at Cristina as if she’d brought him water in the desert.

—  Cassandra Clare - Lady Midnight (The Dark Artifices)
An Oldie but Incredible! The Incredible Mr. Limpet

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*The Incredible Mr. Limpet, having the claim of being the first film to be previewed under water with a bonus of having “mermaids” swimming the whole time before the movie showed (as stated on the DVD).

Summery: It is a beautiful film, charming and perfect for any audience. With silly adult jokes and subtle but not overly done. Cute mostly. Mr. Limpet, a fish enthusiast to the point of even wishing to de-evolve and become part of the sea once more. Life on the surface holds no mystery or joy for the book keeper from Brooklyn and all he wants is to be a fish. So, one day while with his wife Bessie and their friend George at Cony Island, he falls from the pier into the water and cue magical music, transforms into a one of a kind, glasses wear fish! What a miracle right? And now, after discovering his ability to make a special, loud, deep noise he uses it to help the US Navy find a defeat Nazi subs in the Atlantic ocean (just fyi the film is set in 1945 WW2 time) by finding the subs beneath the ocean and directing the Navy’s torpedo with his sound to the subs.

Main Characters:

Mr. Henry Limpet: As stated before, a nice middle aged book keeper with a fish fascination and a desire to join the US Navy above all else. However Mr. Limpet doesn’t exactly meet Navy standards and is not accepted into the service. Now all that is left for him is his fish. Oh, and his wife Bessie (we’ll get to her in a moment). He and his wife get into disagreements, he does not find joy in the regular things people do for fun (like dancing for example) or going out to the amusement park island Cony Island. He would much rather read, learn, and watch his fish swim in the tank. When Limpet becomes a fish he at first is disappointed by what he sees; trash littering the bottom of the water, worried about his wife and how she might take his gone missing, and of course preditors. But he adjusts. Limpet is strong in his desire to do good, to help and to serve his country so when he discovers his sub seeking noise, well he contacts the first US sub that comes floating by and gives them a loud “AHOY! SHIP AHOY!” Overall Mr. Limpet is a simple, nice character that has some funny moments.

Crusty: Crusty is the first character that Limpet meets when first becoming a fish. But for the ornery Crusty, this was not exactly a pleasant occasion. However after Limpet saves him from an octopus, he sticks with Limpet and they become buddies. Crusty is one of the comic relief characters with his outbursts and wiggly eyes. Comedic but he is loyal to his friend when it counts by becoming his eyes when Limpet loses his glasses and can’t direct a convoy of Navel ships. A true buddy and great character.

Ladyfish: A simple creature Ladyfish is with limited appearances. A soft spoken, almost innocent female. She becomes Limpet’s love interest. She is passionate about being in love with Limpet which is primarily what her character is there for, to give something for Henry to have after losing what he had on shore. She isn’t a bad character, just not very explored honestly.

George: George, a Navy officer and friend of Henry and Bessie Limpet. He is a loud, have a good time, swinging type of guy who seems to have more in common with Bessie than Henry. He is yet another silly character (though he has a good number of serious moments too) with his fear overcoming him or his discomfort in certain situations that come up. Not a bad character but truth be honest I wasn’t too fond of him.

Bessie: Your first impression of Bessie I suppose would be the stereotype of the nagging wife, but she isn’t all that. She just wants to spend time with her husband doing something that she would like instead of always staying home and listening to Henry go on and on about fish. However, it is clear she loved Henry. She cried very hard when she thought he drowned, and referred to him often in her scenes with a sad, loving remembrance. I like Bessie in general. Wasn’t much to complain about really. And when she finds out that Henry had been turned into a fish, she handles it rather well with a sad good-bye and a pair of replacement glasses for him.

And there were a few officers that were pretty important but unfortunatly as I type this I do not have their names right in front of me ^^; Ooops! Sorry about that.

Technical Aspects: This film came out in 1963. It is a mixture of live action and animated pieces. And I think that it shows immense skill on the artists part for being able to draw all of the animation AND mix it with the live action all by hand. All the cells had to be paint and put together the old fashioned way. It is beautiful work even today and shows hard work!

Music: I thought that some of the music was either too upbeat in some areas or the lyrics were a bit off. But there is a nice little song called “I Wish I Were A Fish” and while not a toe tapper is certainly enough to be caught humming it the next time you’re doing the dishes or taking the trash out.j

Overall: In general I think The Incredible Mr. Limpet is a sweet film with a few laughs and smooth, imaginative story. Good film for any audience!