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Here are the promo covers for the 2017 Steven Universe Comics. Hope you like them because they are all beautiful <3. Enjoy!


And that’s just how season 3 shattered my heart. Wow thanks.

I just want to put this out there...

I love Steven Universe.

I love how it’s teaching children all these great lessons about how to treat others.

I love how it focuses on the importance of communication and on bringing people together instead of just fighting them.

I love how it deals with really adult emotions in simple ways.

I love it’s humor.

I love that it doesn’t talk down to its audience.

I love how representative it is in terms of diversity (gender, race, sexuality, body types, family dynamics, lifestyles…).

I love how it looks.

I love its characters and how they are all explored and made to feel important (even when they’re just side characters).

I love its music.

I love its storytelling.

I love that it never goes the way cartoon shows typically go.

I just love everything about this show.

I love Steven Universe.


All steven universe season 3 summarized by spongebob

EDIT:Beach city drift

We’ll always save the day!

Love the colours and designs in Steven Universe so I’ve been meaning to do a piece for it for ages. Got a whole lot of characters/fusions/poses in this one so whee!

Note: I am available for commission for illustrations like these for other series too!

Universe’s Millions

Greg gets fed up from people constantly asking him for money and decides to give away his fortune. After stashing a large chunk of the money in a trust fund for Steven, Greg holds a competition amongst the Gems to determine who is worthy of getting the rest. But when the people of Beach City find out about a chance to win free money, the townspeople conspire to hide the Crystal Gems and pose as them to get in on the competition. Will anyone be fooled by Mr. Smiley as Garnet, Sadie as Amethyst, Mayor Dewey as Pearl, Jenny as Lapis and Onion as Peridot? Will the real Gems break free from the basement of Fish Stew Pizza? And will Greg finally have enough of everyone and just sail away on a yacht?

Greg: What i should do with all this money?

Me: First, pay a vasectomy and so you avoid having another “accident”  this time with Pearl (or buy some condoms i dunno) Second, BUY SOME FUCKING SUNBLOCKER CREAM MAN!, seriously dude you look more red than Ruby when she gets angry.