mr. kitten



Just an idea I had the first time Kitten received mints from Don G.

There are certain hidden messages behind each items Don hands.

Mint: You’re no enemy

Cigarette: You’re an enemy

Cigar: I revere you

It’s a tactic usually used during negotiations, allowing his boys to understand how it’s going so they can prepare for it.


Before it’s too late, my other traditional Christmas Day post:

Mr Whiskers exchanging gifts with Ruby the hungry kitten in The Greatest Store in the World aka the film that gave us the original Greatest Mustache in the World and ALSO the original SNUGGLY FLEECE.

(Appropriately accompanied here by BRIAN BLESSED)

No wonder the film is considered a modern Christmas classic!

Here’s a concept:

Credence and Modesty are rescued by the Goldsteins, Credence’s magic is not suppressed so hard he’s mistaken as a squib (and no obscural thankfuck), Modesty’s first accidental magic is Queenie’s dress changing colour, the kids are safe, and the Goldstein sisters have a ball with these two precious kittens.

Also Mr.Graves (who decidedly is *not* uncle Graves shut up who said that) is the lowkey doting kinda-godfathern, Jacob is the nomaj with the new bakery and the bloke Queenie flirts with but made Modesty to keep hush about, and when Newt arrives, he’s the bloke that dragged Credence into hunting down his escaped creatures. Seriously. All Credence wanted was to go to the damn bank why is this his life.