mr. keller

Riverdale Pros and cons


Veronica is not a bitch and is actually a good friend to Betty.

Kevin is secure in his sexuality. 

The Grundy/Archie seems to be in the past (Fingers crossed it stays that way)

Jughead despite being distant with Archie, they are civil. Archie seems to be giving him his space.

The characters’ issues seem are interesting and Jason’s murder doesn’t seem cut and dry.

Hermione Lodge will not be the one sided character that the comic version is.


Some people on tumblr are saying that the writers took Fred and Hermione from Harry Potter. Despite Fred Andrews and Hermione Lodge being around well before JK Rowling wrote the first book. (Okay, that’s not about the episode).

The whole Grundy/Arrchie creepiness.

Way too little Jughead.

The end scene with Moose? (where’s Midge?)

Kevin being a little stereotypical. Edited: I realized that it was more the scene with Moose just confused me. I’m not sure what I mean but I was being judgemental and Kevin is not stereotypical. 

All in all, I am going to enjoy this show.

I get so uncomfortable knowing that the teens on Riverdale are only 15 ://


So I was doing a little research for my paper on Riverdale and the history of the Archie Comics when I came across this. Y’all ain’t ready for it.

anonymous asked:

I just finished watching Riverdale and what is this with Fred and Hermione adopting like all the kids I love it

They’re like the only good parents next to Mr. Keller! I can’t wait to see what’s in store!

regarding mr. keller

more than a few people have @’d me about this. i’m not at all sure what to think. i mean, he’s a leftist. and he had a “deport racism 2016″ t-shirt on his “favorite things” list. and he supported pedro reyes’ doomocracy installation (a political haunted house that features trump as a monster). the trump thing makes no sense. i know some people have chalked this up to marxist accelerationism. which is in tune with colby’s deep and abiding love for postmodernism. but i haven’t seen a statement from him saying this. i may have missed it. i didn’t look super hard. if that’s the case… man. like, you can’t fault him on principal. his motivations are pure. and he wouldn’t be the only person to believe that the only thing that can kill capitalism is capitalism. but, i mean, deleuze and guattari, man. that shit is fine and dandy as intellectual exercise, but you have to be an utterly naive romantic to believe it has any business in the real world. so, if that’s what this is all about, pity him for being a doe-eyed babe in the scary woods of real politik, but don’t think he’s an idiot. naivete and idiocy are not the same thing.

but i wouldn’t be surprise if this was a bit of neoistic culture jamming. using mockery to indict a social evil and mocking a thing by supporting it aren’t new concepts. check out stewart home’s shit. it’s pretty amazing. take it as you will, i’m pretty sure colby thinks of himself as an artist first. so maybe this is his new project? it certainly has created a ripple in the gay zeitgeist. which, were it neoism in action, would be the whole point.

so, yeah, he’s either voting for trump because he earnestly thinks doing so will implode capitalism. or he’s pointing out how ludicrous voting for trump is by occupying that space. i’m not sure if i feel sorry for him or am amazed by him, at the moment. time will tell. but, from all i know about him, the “he’s a white man who won’t be negatively impacted by trump and he doesn’t give a shit about the rest of us” comments i’ve seen don’t ring true. and the “he’s stupid” comments make even less sense. the man’s incredibly well read. but, like i said, that might be the problem here. there’s such a thing as too much postmodern philosophy.


BatB 3.08 Shotgun Wedding | Best Scene | Vincent’s impassioned plea aka What to Say to your Runaway Bride  

All the awards to Jay Ryan my MVP for this ep ❤💔👏 He just slayed this scene convincing his Cat not to back out of their wedding (mad woman!) MUSH!!! 

p.s. I’m glad though that VinCat’s wedding did not happen the way it was planned like this. I hope they have a much more simple special intimate ceremony to become Mr and Mrs Keller ~