mr. katimski

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Extended Imagine Requested by Anon: Can you do an extended imagine with Jordan being mocked by others when he was asked to read and his girlfriend(the reader) step in followed by his friends?

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Author’s/Reader’s P.O.V

“Jordan, would you mind reading the next 2 paragraphs out loud for the class?”, Mr. Katimski asked Jordan, although he didn’t really have a choice. 

“Ehm, yeah.”, your boyfriend mumbled, scanning the page of the book he was supposed to read. A couple of guys sitting behind and next to Jordan started snickering. Your teacher cleared his throat, as a warning for them to stop. “Jordan, go ahead.” Jordan took a deep breath, and began. It wasn’t an easy text, and sometimes he didn’t pronounce every word correctly, as well as reading rather slowly. 

Of course, you knew, that it wasn’t his fault, as did your teacher but the guys from before still felt the need to tease him about it. 

“Come on, Catalano, it’s not that hard.”, one of them ‘whispered’, stifling a laugh. “Yeah, or can’t you read?”, another chimed in, high fiving his buddy, “Pathetic!” They kept on commenting, and making stupid remarks towards Jordan, and finally you had had enough.

“Okay, that’s it. Would you guys, be so kind as to shut the fuck up?!”, you nearly yelled at them. Mr. Katimski raised his eyebrows in shock by your use of words, but made no indication to interrupt you. “Stop making fun of him. Putting someone else down, does not make you cooler. If anything, you are the ones who are pathetic.” A shy smirk made its way onto Jordan’s face. He knew that they didn’t stand a chance against you. The idiots were taken aback by your ‘outburst’. “She’s right. What’s the point? Seriously, I don’t see you doing much better in school. Leave him alone.”, Jordan’s male best friend supported you. 

“Mr. Katimski, I feel attacked by Y/N.”, one of the bullies said, trying to get you into trouble. “Me, too. I think, she should get detention for that, as well as for cursing in class.”
“You’re right, she did but this time, I think I’m going to let it slide. You two however, come see me after class. Both of you have detention, and will work on an additional project which you will present next Monday. Is that clear?” “Yes, sir…”, they mumbled, and leaned back in their chairs. “As for the rest of you”, he pointed at the other troublemakers, who had been laughing earlier, “detention for you as well, only today though.” Mr. Katimski smiled, clearly pleased with himself. “Now, Jordan. I believe you weren’t finished, please continue.”

After class

“Okay, seriously. That was awesome Y/N, thank you.”, Jordan smiled at you. “Anytime. I hate it when jerks like that think they can just bully people. Drives me mad.” Jordan leaned forward and kissed you softly, calming you down. “Well, I think they learned their lesson.” Chuckling, you took your boyfriends hand, and walked with him towards the exit. “How about we go get some pizza?”, Jordan suggested, “My treat.” “Sounds good to me.”

“Hey guys, wait up. I want pizza, too.”, Jordan’s friend caught up with you, slightly out of breath, “I helped, too, you know.” Both of you laughed, “You did, thanks man.”, Jordan said, and all three of you got in his car, making your way to the nearest pizza place to celebrate.