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Happy Birthday Robert Donat 18th March 1905 - 9th June 1958

Mr Donat is the best film actor - at any rate in star parts - we possess: he is convincing, his voice has a pleasant roughness, and his range is far greater than that of his chief rival for film honours, Mr Laurence Olivier. Mr Donat is sensible, authentic, slow; emotion when it comes has the effect of surprise, like plebian poetry. 

Graham Greene in 1937, reviewing Knight Without Armour. 

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark with Princess Martha Louise of Norway, Crown Princess Mette Marit of Norway, Ari Behn, and Crown Prince Haakon of Norway at the wedding festivities of Princess Madeleine of Sweden and Mr. Christopher O'Neill on June 8th, 2013.

june havoc (the real life baby june) played mrs. lovett in sweeney once, and i think that would be the only instance of a character from a sondheim show appearing as a different character in a different sondheim show.

HERStory Matters: Musician and educator Ella Sheppard Moore, one of the original Fisk (University) Jubilee Singers, was born on February 4, 1851.

Born in Nashville, TN, when Ella was a little girl, her enslaved mother discovered that their mistress had trained Ella to spy on her. “In agony of soul and despair,” her mother ran to the river with her, intending to drown little Ella and herself. The chorus of “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” – a song Ella would later teach the Jubilee Singers – has been attributed to the words of an elder that came to her rescue.

Soon after this incident, Ella’s father (a free Black man) was permitted to purchase the three-year-old girl for $350 and take her to Nashville. Her mother, however, was forced to remain a slave in Mississippi. Ella’s father eventually remarried another enslaved woman whose freedom he was permitted to buy for $1,300, but creditors threatened to seize his new wife when his business failed. The family fled to Cincinnati.

In Cincinnati, Ella started school, studied piano, and took voice lessons with a prominent white teacher who recognized her talent and agreed to instruct her only on the condition that she enter her home through the back door and come only at night. When Ella’s father died of cholera in 1866, she began performing locally in order to help support herself and her stepmother.

At fifteen, Ella moved to Gallatin, Tennessee, just north of Nashville, to assist with the education of freed slaves. Quickly realizing she was not really qualified to be a teacher, Ella saved six dollars over the next five months and enrolled at Fisk in the fall of 1868. There she began helping George White with his choir. When he invited her to be an assistant music teacher a year later, “Miss Sheppard” became Fisk’s first black instructor. When White later proposed that Sheppard should leave her position to accompany his singers on a fundraising tour, she agreed to go. She was now seventeen years old.

The singers immediately discovered that the white evangelical Christians attending their concerts were more enthusiastic for the few slave spirituals included in their repertoire than for the popular and classical tunes that made up the bulk of their program. The public’s unexpected appreciation of this music made Sheppard suddenly responsible for learning as many spirituals as she could and incorporating them into the singers’ repertoire as they traveled. She also began to regularly stand in for White as Director when he became ill or left the group in order to set up concerts in other cities. Despite the toll that touring soon began to take on Sheppard’s physical and emotional health, she would leave the group only once during the seven years of its existence, taking a six-week break in 1878 when a respiratory infection threatened to kill her.

Sheppard married Fisk graduate George Moore upon returning to Nashville in 1878. After living in Oberlin for a year while he obtained a degree in Divinity, they moved to Washington, D.C., in 1883. Moore served as a pastor there for several years, taught Theology at Howard University, and, with his wife, became an advocate for the social advancement of African Americans. They also became friends with a number of well-known black intellectual couples, among them Frederick and Helen Douglass and Booker T. and Margaret Murray Washington.

In 1892, the Moores moved back to Nashville, where they built a house across from Fisk’s campus and renewed their relationship with the school. In addition to assisting Fisk’s various choirs and sometimes singing herself, Mrs. Moore became a researcher and lecturer on African American and women’s issues, lending her voice and her pen to such organizations as the American Missionary Association (A.M.A.) and the National Association of Colored Women. In addition to her various social and political activities, Moore paid for the education of several Fisk students, including her half sister. She continued to take care of her mother – with whom she’d been reunited when she was fifteen and had supported ever since – and raised both her youngest son and a niece that had moved in with the couple when she was four.

In June 1914, Mrs. Moore became ill after giving a commencement address at the Trinity School, an institution founded by the A.M.A. in Athens, Alabama. Just a few days before the graduation from Fisk of her youngest son – named Clinton Fisk Moore after the school’s founder – Ella Sheppard Moore passed away. She was sixty-three years old.

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if karlie doesn't break up with mr solid dude in june and taylor is still bearding i'm unstanning

I’ve learned the hard way that personally imposed ultimatums are all well and good but it doesn’t affect their timetable and it just makes you miserable.

This has all been planned for a long time. TS6 has been 3 years in the planning. I wanna see and hear why.


[Translation] Otomedia June Issue Bungou Stray Dogs Mr. June Bride Q&A

Edogawa Ranpo: Mr. June Bride Q&A

Q1: If a close friend gets married, what flower would you send as a present?

A: It’s because I am a detective! I can tell what kind of flower the other party wants in just a split second. But because that’s troublesome, I won’t give. I’ll give whatever’s growing close by. I am that kind of human being.

Q2: What’s your ideal marriage partner?

A: There are two kinds. The first is a person who would spoil me. As expected, the other one would have to spoil me too.

Q3: If your marriage partner betrays you?

A: Cry.

Akutagawa Ryunosuke: Mr. June Bride Q&A

Q1: If a close friend gets married, what flower would you send as a present?

A: I would garnish it with a bloody fruitless flower, and present a freshly severed head.

Q2: What’s your ideal marriage partner?

A: Someone who walks the same karmic path of a short life just like me. If that’s good enough, I have nothing else to say. 

Q3: If your marriage partner betrays you?

A: ….. Well, isn’t this an interesting turn of events.

Nakajima Atsushi: Mr. June Bride Q&A

Q1: If a close friend gets married, what flower would you send as a present?

A: I want to send sunflowers and it’s kind. Becoming a family that is dazzling just like the sun, I will send it with such feelings. Also, when there is no money and it looks like you will die, sunflowers and its kind can be eaten.

Q2: What’s your ideal marriage partner?

A: Someone who won’t resort to violence….

Q3: If your marriage partner betrays you?

A: I am sure there’s some kind of reason, so I am going to talk it out. If that still doesn’t work, then I think it’s my fault.

Dazai Osamu: Mr. June Bride Q&A

Q1: If a close friend gets married, what flower would you send as a present?

A: Sending gifts is second-rate for a blessed person. if you become someone like me, “No matter how much I don’t send presents, they will think, ‘That person must be giving me his blessings,’ and I am giving them a chance to be grateful.” That will become important. I am an expert at that.

Q2: What’s your ideal marriage partner?

A: I don’t really have one. No matter what kind of woman she is, I have the confidence that I can change my preferences into someone like her.

Q3: If your marriage partner betrays you?

A: I don’t have the experience so I don’t know. But if it’s me being ‘tempted into betraying’, then I have done such a thing.