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Green Sweater || Jughead Jones

Prompt from anon: ”Is that my shirt?“ With jughead

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Dreaming about the one time Jughead slept over at your house was one of your favorite dreams. It was nighttime and you guys had planned to spend a couple hours together working on Jughead’s novel when a horrible thunderstorm broke out. Poor Jughead had gotten caught right in the middle of it as he walked to your house and he was absolutely drenched by the time he reached your house. Thankfully, he wasn’t in the worst part of the storm and he escaped unharmed. But within fifteen minutes, the trees and branches were falling everywhere. Your mother had taken one look outside and refused to send Jughead back out into the storm. She told him he could stay the night and had lent him some clothes from your father while she dried his soaked ones. The sight of your boyfriend in your dad’s big clothes made you and your mom laugh hysterically. Jughead on the other hand, not so much. Before you guys went to sleep (in separate rooms unfortunately), your mother informed you and Jughead that she couldn’t find Jughead’s shirt anywhere. She swore she put it in the dryer but now claimed it was gone. Thus began the hunt for the ratty green sweater. However, after an hour, everyone decided it was a lost cause and gave up. Your mother told Jughead if she ever found it, she would return it to him as soon as possible. That was six weeks ago.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

You groaned as your alarm blared right in your ear. You slammed the “off” button, flopping back onto your pillow.

“Y/N!” Your mother exclaimed as she rushed into your room.

“What? Ma, I’m up.” you said groggily, slowly pulling the covers off you.

“Your alarm has been going off for an hour! You’re going to be late!” she exclaimed again.

“What?” You asked, still groggy.

You looked at your phone and your eyes popped open once you saw that it was 7:40. School started in twenty minutes! You quickly rushed around your room, looking for something to wear. You quickly threw on jeans and black Converse before your eyes landed on a crumpled sweater stuck under your dresser. Not really looking at it and not thinking twice about it, you threw it on.

“Guess it’ll do for now.” you said to yourself as you raced to the bathroom washing your face, brushing your teeth, and combing your hair before running downstairs and out the front door, ignoring your mom’s calls to eat breakfast. You could buy a bagel at the cafeteria later. You managed to make to the school within three minutes to spare and leaned against the lockers, trying to catch your breath from running.

“Y/N!” a voice called.

You looked up and were greeted with the sight of your boyfriend waving at you, trying to get your attention. He began walking over to you.

“There you are. I was wondering if you could help me with— Is that my shirt?

Confused at his statement, you looked down and your eyes widened. Yep. Without a doubt, you were wearing Jughead’s green sweater that the both of you presumed to be lost all those weeks ago. Your mom must’ve mixed up the laundry loads. You looked up at your boyfriend who was failing to bite back a smile and your cheeks reddened.

“You know, if you wanted my shirt you could’ve just told me. You didn’t have to make your mom pretend it was lost.” Jughead said as he leaned on the lockers.

Your mouth popped open.

“Wha-I did not make my—“ you began but stopped once you realized he was joking.

You attempted to glare at him, but a smirk came through instead.

“You’re an ass.” you mumbled.

Jughead laughed as he put his arm around your shoulder, the two of you walking down the hallway.

“Says the person who stole my favorite shirt.” he said cheekily.

You groaned, knowing you would never live this down.


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Me giving report as a new grad nurse:

Mr. Jones came into this world to a loving family. He was an overachiever from an early age, learning to walk at the tender age of just 8 months old. By 10 months, he was able to verbalize his parents’ names. He spent his formative years studying our nation’s history, mathematics, languages and he was gifted by all accounts…

Me giving report now:

So this dude is like sick as shit. And of course he’s a full code. Any questions?


A nice old lady goes door to door to convert people to Satanism

Riverdale Pros and cons


Veronica is not a bitch and is actually a good friend to Betty.

Kevin is secure in his sexuality. 

The Grundy/Archie seems to be in the past (Fingers crossed it stays that way)

Jughead despite being distant with Archie, they are civil. Archie seems to be giving him his space.

The characters’ issues seem are interesting and Jason’s murder doesn’t seem cut and dry.

Hermione Lodge will not be the one sided character that the comic version is.


Some people on tumblr are saying that the writers took Fred and Hermione from Harry Potter. Despite Fred Andrews and Hermione Lodge being around well before JK Rowling wrote the first book. (Okay, that’s not about the episode).

The whole Grundy/Arrchie creepiness.

Way too little Jughead.

The end scene with Moose? (where’s Midge?)

Kevin being a little stereotypical. Edited: I realized that it was more the scene with Moose just confused me. I’m not sure what I mean but I was being judgemental and Kevin is not stereotypical. 

All in all, I am going to enjoy this show.


               hp character aesthetics
                            ↳ order of the phoenix [ pg3 ]


Top: Original drawings of musicians at the sound recording session for “Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas” by Chuck Jones, graphite on 12 field animation paper.

Middle: San Diego Union TV Week magazine for December 18, the air date of the animated television special produced and directed by Chuck Jones.

Bottom: Chuck Jones with Boris Karloff, the voice of the Grinch and the narrator of the half-hour television special at the sound recording session for the film, 1966.