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Happy Autism Acceptance Month ! To celebrate this month, i present to you some of my favorite autistic headcanons ! Couldn’t put them all, too many of them, but anyway… Here there are !

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Naughty Teacher Chapter 1

   Here it is Chapter 1 hope you all enjoy! Feedback appreciated! xx

    I wasn’t really popular at my old school so I don’t see how I’ve already made as many friends as I did today. It’s my first day here at this new school and so far I kind of like it. I mean of course I miss my…what maybe 2 friends that I had. Meeting all these people today though, kind of makes me happy. I’m a junior this year. The reason that I came to this new school is because my dad’s job has us moving around a lot. We are supposed to be staying here for the next three years but who knows if that’s how it will actually work out.

    I’m also coming into this new school freshly single. I just got out of a relationship that was just quite boring actually, kind of needed to end. I’ve already had my eye on a couple students here. All the guys here seem pretty buff compared to my last school but yet they seem like total jerks. I saw a guy just randomly grab some girls ass right after he kissed another. I felt bad for both girls.

     The guidance counselor has been walking around with me all day explaining every little unnecessary detail possible. There’s a two story library here which I found pretty exciting until we went into the library and there was about 2 books on each shelf. What’s the point of having a two story library with roughly 20 books. She showed me all the tech stuff and the drama things until lastly she finally showed me where my classes would be held.

    We walked into my first class which is Spanish III with Mrs. Hayes, she seemed a little odd but I didn’t mind. My second period class is Bio II with Mrs. Jenks, she has a speech impediment. My third period class is History with Mr. Turk, he seems pretty nice. My fourth period class just might be my favorite class yet, Pre Calc with Mr.Horan. Never have I seen a teacher so attractive and young in my life. My fifth period is English III with Mrs. Howard which is alright and then my sixth period class is Chemistry with Mr. Yett. My last period of the day is a study hall which I may need. Lunch is in between 4th and 5th period.

   Fortunately after all that walking around, it was fourth period. I walked into Mr. Horan’s room as he was giving a lecture and he stopped mid sentence when he saw me in the doorway. He kind of looked at me up and down before he motioned me to come in. He cleared his throat and began saying, “Everyone as you may know this is (Y/N). (Y/n) you can grab a book off the shelf over there and take a seat anywhere you’d like.” I smiled slightly nodding my head, placing my hair behind my ear before walking over to get a book. I looked around the classroom for an empty seat and the only one open was by some boy. “Hi, I’m Mike.” He flashed a smile at me and I noticed he had perfectly straight white teeth and perfect dimples when he smiled. “I’m (y/n).” “Nice to meet you. Where’d you come from?” “Michigan. We lived up there my whole life but my dad’s work contract expired so now we’re here.” “How long will you be-” “Excuse me (Y/n), Mike, please pay attention and (y/n) can I see you after class?” Mr. Horan interrupted and I nodded my head. I didn’t notice his Irish accent earlier but now that I have it just makes him 10x more attractive.

    Mr.Horan went on with his lecture and I began to notice that I knew absolutely nothing about what he was talking about. I caught myself daydreaming more than anything. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him though. He was perfection and I’m not talking about Mike, I’m talking about Mr.Horan. I just wanted to run my hands through his hair. I just wanted to run my fingers down his chest. I couldn’t help but to imagine what it’d be like having sex with him.  The bell rang clearing me of my thoughts as I stayed behind. Mr.Horan came over to my desk sitting on it slightly. “So, how’s your first day going so far?” “Eh, not too bad.” “I asked you to stay after because I was looking at your transcript, from the looks of it your grades are pretty good but your Math grade is a little low. Did you understand anything that I said today?” “Uh yeah.. I mean no actually I didn’t understand a word you were saying.” “I could tell, you looked like you were trying to pay attention, but it looked like you were thinking of something else.” Or maybe someone else. I thought. “Yeah.” “Well maybe we could get you a tutor or I could tutor you?” Extra time with Mr.Horan, I’ll take it. “Uh sure that would really help.” “Are Thursday nights okay or maybe Friday?” “Thursday sounds good.” “Alright, good.” I grabbed my books and started to head towards the door. “Oh yeah and (y/n)?” “Yes Mr.Horan?” I turned, facing him. “There’s no talking in my class either.” “Sorry, Mr.Horan.”  I walked out of class and headed to lunch. I can’t believe he’s going to tutor me.

Later that evening when my parents got home I asked them about Mr.Horan tutoring me on Thursdays or maybe even Fridays. My parents are pretty strict so when I told them I was struggling in Pre Calculus, they immediately got worried. “Are your grades bad already?” My mom questioned me and I just shrugged. If I asked her for permission for Mr.Horan to tutor me then obviously my grades are bad. “You need to get your grades to A and B+ at the least.” My dad scolded me and put his arm on my shoulder. “Hun we only push you so hard because we don’t want you to have to work as hard as we do. We want you to go to college and finish.” “So is that a yes?” “Of course, but those grades better be up.” I gave them both a hug and went to get ready for bed. This is going to be the best tutoring of my life.