mr. incredible

Birthday party was incredible. I am very lucky to have the friends that I do. The original plan was thwarted by an insane storm (in Los Angeles, are you fricken kidding me??) But with a few hours notice, my roommate, @the–great-catsby, and Mr. Incredible threw together a night that I won’t forget. I especially won’t forget all of the confetti that I’m sure to find in every nook and cranny of my apartment for the next 6 months. 

CAN I JUST touch on The Incredibles for a moment. I mean, since when do we ever see and superhero growing old and gaining weight and having to deal with normal shit like taxes just like the rest of us? We don’t see that - it’s just rich af Tony and Batman and freaking Norse Gods. But in The Incredibles you have this like fourty year old guy and his wife and their family and he has to work in a cubicle and gets yelled at by his boss and she has to vacuum and clean up shit and it’s so normal for a bunch of super-powered abnormal people. And that’s so cool!!
Even more than that it shows that even though they have powers they have to work for them. He has to stay in shape to keep up his strength, Violet has to practice in order to get her shields going, it’s not just ZING I broke a plane with my lazer eyes, they have to work for it just like someone in track might have to.

Also, one of the best scenes I think is when Mr. Incredible is telling Elastigirl that he’s not strong enough to lose them again. Because he is literally the definition of ‘strong enough’ - he has super strength! He’s super strong and yet he’s admitting that he’s not strong with them. Super sweet.

In general this movie is just boss.


The Incredibles: Family Matters #2 (Variant Cover)

(Jack Kibry’s Fantastic Four Vol. 1 #51 Homage)

Art by: Tom Scioli