mr. heck

Pun #4

Joker: Leave aside everything you’re doing! I have a question more important than anything else in this whole entire world!

Harley: What is it Mr. J?

Joker: What was Bruce called when he was a little boy?

Harley: Um…..I don’t know. You tell me.




Harley: Wait is this a pu-


Harley: God hecking dammit Mr. J

Signs as To Kill A Mockingbird Characters
  • Aries: Scout Finch
  • Taurus: Miss Maudie Atkinson
  • Gemini: Jem Finch
  • Cancer: Calpurnia
  • Leo: Dill Harris
  • Virgo: Atticus Finch
  • Libra: Aunt Alexandra
  • Scorpio: Dolphus Raymond
  • Sagittarius: Judge Taylor
  • Capricorn: Mr. Heck Tate
  • Aquarius: Simon Finch
  • Pisces: Boo Radley
Hungry Larry Thoughts.

1. Hungry Larry was a creepy episode.

2. The guy is a professional though.

3. A pretty nice wide shot of Star’s entire room. Whose underwear is that?

4. Poor Mr. Diaz :( He just wanted to have a good Haunted House.

5. Dang Janna, is getting hotter. She’s like the really hot, bad girl you should not date but, you still end up dating her!

6. Janna’s still fighting the patriarchy…”We’re not guys.”

7. Seriously, today’s episode was creepy as heck.

8. Mr. Diaz listens to The Bones of Death

9. WTF Hungry Larry WTF?!

10. Funko Pop Figures anyone?

11. Who doesn’t like a family hug?