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South Park realizations:

I’ve realized a shit ton of stuff whilst binge watching South Park. Here are a few of them.

- Butters is abused
- Cartman is a fucking psychopath
- Stan is pure asf
- Everyone (the boys) thinks Kenny is nuts but he’s not. He’s the most sane motherfucker in the whole show
- Kyle is Jewish
- Jimbo is gay
- Garrison likes lil boys from time to time

- Wendy is kind of bad ass - Butters is low key bi curious - Craig is secretly the cutest/hottest boy in the class

These are just the tip of the iceberg. More to come as I progress the show.


here’s a fake TED talk I gave at my school on the topic of gender representation in children’s media and, by extension, all media. I’d love to know what you all think about this! 

Pun #4

Joker: Leave aside everything you’re doing! I have a question more important than anything else in this whole entire world!

Harley: What is it Mr. J?

Joker: What was Bruce called when he was a little boy?

Harley: Um…..I don’t know. You tell me.




Harley: Wait is this a pu-


Harley: God hecking dammit Mr. J

a concept: henry jekyll’s parents wanted him to become a physician or a lawyer more so than someone with a chemistry doctorate for their own reasons

when henry chose to do what he wanted to do, his parents became incredibly distant towards him and there’s always been a sense of disappointment surrounding him so he pushes himself increasingly harder and harder in his pursuits to achieve and be the best to prove something of himself and feel proud again

Somehow our dinner conversation devolved into talking about Supernatural (go figure) and I was reminding the kid who Eileen was (kid hasn’t watched the show since mid s11). So I’m explaining Eileen when Mr. Mittens cuts me off VERY LOUDLY with, “YOU MEAN THE FUTURE MRS. SAM WINCHESTER?!”

So that’s it. Mr. Mittens is a ride-or-die Saileen shipper.

It’s actually kinda adorable.


Chapter 9: Visitors; but way more dramatic XD

Please tell me that Green actually sees through her pain, and it hurts to see her smile because he knows, but despite all that she’s still selfless, putting others before herself; showing concern to those around her, even when they don’t

The words “It’s just been so long since I’ve actually been treated like a person.” echoes in his head; how long has it been since she was last shown respect? He had to, he just had to. 

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