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It’s A Dying Industry (pt. 2)

Characters: Dean x mortician!Reader, Mrs. Harkins (dead), Ms. Cartwright (dead)

Word Count: 2741

Warnings: Language, discussion and jokes about death (tiny necrophilia joke), minor character death

A/N: This is my fic for @sis-tafics and @eyes-of-a-disney-princess Have a Hubba Bubba Birthday Writing Challenge. (Thanks for the extension!) My prompt was The One Where Nana Dies Twice. It felt like it fit well with this little series that I’ve been putting off to the side for 3 months now. Sorry bout that. The reader is a mortician, so there is some stuff in here that is specific to that profession. I’m not a mortician, but I tried to research as much as I could, while trying to just have fun with Dean. Many thanks to @kayteonline because she did some awesome beta-reading for me. And you know what? I love constructive criticism.

Read Part 1 here (it won’t take long to catch up, I promise)

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You’re just finishing up paperwork, sitting behind your large, polished desk when you hear a solid knock on the large glass door. You glance at the security monitor, seeing Dean standing outside. He leans back to look over your building, a slight look of confusion on his face while his eyes roam over the entrance. You tap on the com button.

“Hey, come on in, first door to the right.” Your voice floated through the speaker, followed by the soft buzz then click of the latch.

You take advantage of the few seconds before he walks in to straighten your blouse and flatten out a few stray hairs, finishing just as his body fills the doorframe to your office. His suit is gone, replaced with a plaid button-up, sleeves tucked and rolled up to his elbows, and a pair of easy, worn-in jeans that hug at his waist. The sight of him makes you suck in an extra breath, which you try to cover by clearing your throat.

You offer him a friendly smile, “Be with you in just a minute, Agent.”

He nods, making a quick scan of the office, and you return to tapping away at the keyboard. Definitely not ignoring him, but also definitely not staring at him as eagerly as you’d like.

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It’s a Dying Industry

Characters/pairing: Dean, Sam, Doug, Tyler, Mrs. Harkins (already dead), Reader - eventual Dean x Reader

Warnings: Casual references and bad jokes about death, other than that, none for this chapter

Word Count: 1928

Summary: A mysterious death brings the Winchesters to your town and you’re the only source for information thanks to some special skills you have.

A/N: This is my entry for Kitten’s Classic Movie Quote Challenge from @kittenofdoomage. I was given the line “I see dead people.” I’ve got 2 more parts planned for it at this time. It was beta’d by the lovely @supernatural-jackles Feedback is awesome and welcome. I hope you enjoy it! 

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Just as you swiped your credit card at the register, a rush of movement outside the large storefront windows caught your attention. Squinting against the sunlight, you watched as two tall, suited men crossed the road hurriedly. They slowed as they reached your vehicle, making you narrow your eyes while you watched them glancing through the windows trying to get a look inside. It happened from time to time, but it was usually teenagers, not grown men who let curiosity get the better of them. One man was on the phone, watching the other while he talked, you assumed acting as the mediator for the conversation, shaking his floppy hair from side to side and waving the other man into the store.

Tyler, the clerk, noticed you staring. “Oh, those guys,” he pointed excitedly, “They’re FBI agents. Isn’t that bad ass? They were here yesterday talking to Doug about that old lady that kicked it in the dairy section.”

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