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I posted a fic the other day called An Unkindness of Absence (h/t to @wraithwitch for helping me find a title), about Childermass processing his grief for Mr Norrell, after the latter had disappeared off into the darkness with Jonathan Strange. @bookhobbit and @catherineofwinchester left some very kind comments, which I ended up responding too in a rather long and rambling reply to the latter. I’m going to repost it here, because I Have Opinions, and they’ve been bugging me.

OfShoesAndShips commented: “He, and Norrell with him, seem to be being rather overlooked at the moment and it’s so nice to see their relationship treated with such care and…seriousness?”

This, in a nutshell, is why I wanted to write this, because yes, their relationship does seem to get completely overlooked unless it’s in a slashy way. Now, I know a lot of people ship these two, either romantically or queer-platonically[1], and I don’t want to disrespect that, but I very much don’t for various complicated, personal reasons[2]. It seems like the only alternatives out there to “in romantic/qp love” are “professional indifference” or even somewhat antagonistic, and that doesn’t ring true for me either. I struggle to believe that two people can spend 26 years in a close, trusting relationship and not care deeply about each other, and I really don’t believe that Childermass’s only interest in Norrell was as a vehicle to return magic to England. I’m not going to pull quotes from the book, because a lot of how I feel about them is based on vague impression, the body-language between Enzo and Eddie in the show version[3], and a liberal smattering of headcanon/fanon, mostly of the a) Norrell is autistic, and b) Childermass had a horrible, traumatic childhood variety.

I absolutely believe that they loved each other, even if they weren’t in love, that it was a kind of found-family-mutual-care-kinship sort of love. Mr Norrell found someone who was empathic enough to recognise that his slightly odd needs were authentic (not being spoiled/fussy/difficult, or something to “fix”), and went out of his way to accommodate them. Someone who was patient with him. Childermass found someone who judged him on his ability, not on his background, and in that feeling of being both needed and wanted. I also think that Childermass acted out the nurturing that he never received, hence the “Looking after people, by all accounts, is what I do” mentality. I suspect Norrell wasn’t consciously aware of this love, because as bookhobbit mentioned recently in a post of theirs, Mr Norrell couldn’t name his feelings if they walked up to him wearing a “Hello, my name is…” badge, shook his hand, and introduced themselves. I reckon Childermass did though, because Childermass understands people, for all his self-neglecting, ignore-it-until-it-goes-away attitude towards his own needs. That’s why he’s so bloody protective[4].

So of course the falling out and subsequent rejection would be immensely hurtful to Childermass. Of course losing Norrell to the darkness, probably never to see him again, without being able to make amends would be devastating. He’s losing a piece of himself, that’ll be so hard to adjust to, and it might even have been easier if Norrell were really dead, because then he wouldn’t have to worry about him. I really, really wanted to acknowledge that pain, that loss, that depth of feeling, because it feels so forgotten by the fandom. And then, because I’m not a complete bastard, put Childermass on the road to healing, because the poor sod deserves a break.

[1]If you want to read this fic in that context, btw, I have no argument against that, do what makes you happy. I have left the exact nature of their relationship vague.
[2]I’d be lying if I said that how I headcanon and write the relationship between Childermass and Norrell is not at all based on personal experience, but it would be unfair on my “Norrell” to go into any more detail.
[3]Anyone else notice, in the show, how Childermass is usually stood next to, or three-quarters on to Norrell and making minimum eye contact, especially when he’s trying to influence him? The only times he looms at Norrell are when he’s really pissed off at him. Compare and contrast to Lascelles, who is always up in Norrell’s face. Yeah, that.
[4]John Childermass: not brooding in the sense of dark and mysterious, brooding in the sense of “Get the away from my precious child or I will fuck you up”.


Meet Kaitlin Robbins… Bright and beautiful Portuguese model based out of New York & Los Angeles. She is currently studying acting and has worked with legendary acting teachers such as Larry Moss who also taught Leonardo DiCaprio… GOSEE caught up with Kaitlin to ask her about her favorite spots in NYC and beyond. Don’t forget to follow this bombshell on Snapchat @Kaitrobbins 

GS: What’s your favorite restaurant in New York?

KR: Aria (in the West Willage ), Cafe habana, and Mr Chow

GS: Places to go out?

KR: Acme, Never Ever (which is a part of up and down ) , Lucky Strike Bowling , karaoke bars

GS: Vacation spots  

KR: I love Hawaii (Maui and Kauai ) my family has a place there and the surfing is amazing. And I love the Caribbean , especially St Lucia!

GS: What’s your zodiac sign? 

KR: Virgo

GS: Birth place?  

KR: Sacramento CA 

GS: Snapchat name? 


happy birthday, champion! ♥

Since exams took control over my life, I haven’t had time to make a proper thing with pictures, gifs and cute sentences and stuff but I cannot not do anything for this sweetheart’s birthday, so I was thinking and I collected 26 things which (I think) are so typical of Gregor, here’s…

26 (random) typical GS things

1. saying unbelievable (a lot) when things are unbelievable
2. fixing his hair and playing with it
3. starting his English sentences with ‘ja’
4. giving us a huge grin when things are great [or a normal grin even when things are not so great, because we keep smiling and never give up!]
5. showing peace sign (or bunny ears) during the competitions

6. ‘flirting’ with the camera
7. saying how grateful he is for fans whether we are in a good or bad time
8. taking photos of everything
9. taking selfies while driving (#thingsyoushouldnotdo)
10. loving Norway & calling it second home

11. being honest about everything
12. kissing the snow or the skis after an unbelievable competition
13. doing a duckface before (almost) every jump
14. calling Bergisel his living room
15. being creative

16. calling himself Mr Schlierenzauer (#thingsyoushoulddomoreoften)
17. rejecting to wear a tie at every special occassion
18. having a great sense of style
19. having amazing sense of humour
20. being emotional & tearing up on the podium

21. having a loud, recognizable, extremely cute laughter
22. always looking sexy
23. being happy for his team mates(!)
24. clenching his right hand to fist at every jump
25. being a model & doing perfect catwalk
26. (still) looking 16 in helmet when he’s actually 26

Happy Birthday to the one who always remains a champion for me, my one and only hero, Mr Schlierenzauer! ♥

I’m not joking, I’m in tears right now. I just feel so sorry for Gregor because you can see how much he wants it, how passionate he is and how hard he’s been working but the results still don’t come at all. (And it’s especially terrible to see this at such a special place as the Bergisel.)
I would give absolutely eveeeerything for a good competition for him. 

And right now I would just give you the biggest hug ever, sweetheart. ♥