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Lancelot Fluff Fanfic Rec List

I decided to make a list featuring a few of my fluffy favourites for Lotor x Lance. All fics are rated Teen or General unless marked otherwise. I tagged everyone’s tumblrs that I could find.

Single Chapter:

Spa Date with a Prince by @deecherrywolf
Lance is captured and held captive by the nefarious Prince Lotor.
Prince Lotor can’t help but notice how amazing his prisoner’s skin looks.

It’s So Hard to Be Beautiful by @stopmeplease
Lance and Lotor meet at a spa and find they have some things in common.

Of braiding hair and apology cards by @lotorn
(Explicit) Lance’s long fingers thread through the soft locks gently, his nails scratching on the scalp. Lotor purrs. (okay so, not exactly fluff, but it is for this ship tbh lol)

Small Series:

Little Blue by @shiirxtakashii
“Wait, are you flustered? Are you blushing?” Lance asked, leaning over to try and get a closer look at the other.
“Flustered? Blushing? What are those?” Lotor asked, his head turning back, the flush still there slightly.

T'is the Season by Quillaninc
(Christmas Fic) 'Why-“ Lotor drawled, sceptical ”-would you have a gift for me?“

nobody even says wooing anymore by silverliningsgirl
Lance gets hit on and Shiro goes into Dad mode that’s it that’s the story.


Moonflower by @noir-wing (yup, this one’s mine)
(WIP) “Don’t swear at me in Galra,” Lance glared.
The prince smirked, “Oh, it wasn’t an insult. If you were to translate it into your tongue… I suppose the word would be: darling.”

The Promised are Bound, Mr Gonzalez by Levis_turtles
Lance makes a promise to Lotor, not realising that the promises made between Galra (or, in this case, Galra and Human) are as inescapable as they are binding.

The Flirtation Situation by Levis_turtles
(WIP) Lance is in a battle against the Galra when he is approached by the commander of the galra empire, Prince Lotor.

Altean! Lance AU Drabble by @raphidae
Lotor and Allura are engaged in the name of an alliance, but neither want to wed one another. So what happens when Lotor meets her younger brother?
(I’m putting this in multichapter because it’s a really long drabble series so it’s basically a fic)

Worst Case Scenario 1/2

For my bingo square titled the same, challenger @snowywinterevenings

Thanks too @arukou-arukou for sounding-boarding.

This has a happy ending, I swear, and no trauma to Peter. :) 

“Steve, you’re taking Peter to school today!” Tony called out from the bathroom. He shoved his toothbrush into his mouth and worked it vigorously over his teeth. He didn’t have time for the extensive dental care routine he usually adhered to like a religious conviction. It was going to bug him all day, but he needed even those few precious minutes if he was going to be on time for his meeting.

Steve, looking sleepy and rumpled and oh so unfairly sexy, leaned into the bathroom and blinked slowly at Tony’s reflection. He yawned, curled one hand up to scratch at his side like a monkey, and the other up to grab the top of the door frame… also like a monkey. Tony had been watching way too many cartoons. He wouldn’t have been surprised if Steve had grabbed the frame and dangled from it.

“I thought you were doing that this morning?” he asked at the tail end of his yawn. “I didn’t get home until almost four last night, Tony. I’m tired.”

Tony stamped down on the immediate urge to snap that he was tired too. He hadn’t been in bed much earlier than Steve, and he’d been running around with Peter all night while simultaneously trying to meet a deadline. He spat out the mouthful of toothpaste and swished half a cap of Listerine around, holding up one finger while Steve swayed tiredly.

“I’m sorry, babe, I know you’re tired. But I have got to meet this deadline.” He checked his watch and cursed under his breath. “I am so late already. Please, please with sugar, and kisses, and so on, and so forth.” When Steve made an unhappy mewling sound (Seriously, Captain America he may be, but morning person he was not) Tony said, “We could have Happy do it today. He loves it.”

Loved was maybe a strong word, but as much as Happy blustered and complained that he wasn’t a babysitter, Tony had found more than one unauthorized treat hidden in the car after a school pick up. Steve tilted his head and actually did let his weight hang on his fingertips for a second before straightening up.

“No,” he said with a sigh, “We promised that one of us would do it at least once a week. It’s Friday. But you owe me.”

“Deal,” Tony said immediately, darting forward to kiss Steve’s cheek and then detouring to seal their mouths together. Steve had morning breath, but his body was still loose from sleep, and his lips were soft and plaint under Tony’s. They shared a long kiss, and then Tony reluctantly pulled away. “You,” he said, wagging a finger at Steve’s sleepy smile, “You are the Devil.” He pressed another quick kiss to Steve’s jaw, and then ducked under his arm. “Peter has a field trip today! Don’t forget!” He called over his shoulder on the way out the door.

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Border Lawmakers Balk at Donald Trump’s Wall Request
Not a single member of Congress who represents the territory on the southwest border has expressed support for President Trump’s request for $1.4 billion to begin construction of his promised wall, according to a Wall Street Journal survey.
By Laura Meckler and Kristina Peterson

WASHINGTON—Not a single member of Congress who represents the territory on the southwest border said they support President Donald Trump’s request for $1.4 billion to begin construction of his promised wall, according to a Wall Street Journal survey, testing the administration’s ability to reach a deal on government funding next week.

Most lawmakers representing the region—both Democrats and Republicans—said they are opposed and many said they have unanswered questions. A few were noncommittal, but not a single member of the House or Senate representing the region expressed support for the funding request. That includes nine members of the House and eight senators across four states: Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California.

The question is increasingly urgent as Congress and the White House scramble to agree on a spending bill needed to keep the government open. Existing funding for the government expires April 28, and the White House says it wants funding for the border wall as part of the package. Senior congressional Republicans have long indicated that they prefer to leave it out. That is partly because Senate Democrats are opposed, and their votes will be needed because most legislation requires 60 votes to clear the chamber, where Republicans hold 52 seats. Congressional Republicans have said they don’t want to risk the partial government shutdown that such a showdown could trigger.

Still, the White House is holding firm on its position.

“You’re always going to have constituencies within both parties that have local issues—we get that,” Mick Mulvaney, the head of the Office of Management and Budget, said in an interview. He added that the GOP leadership is on board to fight for the funding because “they know it’s a priority for the president.”

A spokesman for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi replied by noting that Mr. Trump had promised Mexico would pay for the wall: “The White House’s demands that American taxpayers now foot the bill for a multi-billion dollar boondoggle are intensely opposed by Democrats and many Republicans.”

Enthusiasm for the project has been tepid, at best, from many lawmakers since Mr. Trump submitted his request. In March, he asked Congress for $1.4 billion in spending for the current fiscal year for the project, with an additional $2.6 billion for next year. Many Republicans responded that the Trump approach is overly focused on a physical barrier rather than other approaches to border security, such as technology, that experts say can be more effective and less expensive.

Administration officials said the 2017 money would pay for 48 miles of new border and levee wall systems, and 14 miles of replacement fencing, as well as some technology improvements and road construction.

“As representatives of the communities that make up our southern border, we recognize the need for robust border security and infrastructure to ensure public safety and increase cross border commerce,” Reps. Will Hurd (R., Texas) and Martha McSally (R., Ariz.) wrote in a letter last month to senior administration officials. “However, we also have an obligation to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars and as such have a number of questions.”

Some who back immigration restrictions dismiss these lawmakers’ concerns as parochial and irrelevant to the national imperative to secure the border. But opposition from border-state members is significant in that many know the issue best. Ms. McSally, for example, chairs the Homeland Security border security subcommittee, and in an interview, she said walls do little to stop criminal organizations from getting across the border. “They will go over, through or under physical barriers, sometimes pretty quickly,” she said.

Mr. Hurd, whose district includes 800 miles along the border, describes a wall as “the most expensive and least effective way to secure the border.”

A third House Republican whose district touches the border, Rep. Steve Pearce of New Mexico, also opposes funding if it is focused on a wall, as opposed to a more comprehensive approach. “The solution must be a dynamic, multifaceted one,” he said.

In the Senate, none of the four Republicans representing border states have expressed support for the project as conceived by Mr. Trump.

Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, the No. 2 Republican in the Senate, has repeatedly voiced concerns about the Trump spending request, including the impact of adding to the debt as well as the wisdom of the project. Mr. Cornyn has long said the Trump wall proposal is too narrowly focused, and he says he is working on legislation that would take a more comprehensive approach to border security.

Sen. Jeff Flake (R., Ariz.) has said he also thinks border security should be focused elsewhere. “I will continue to review options as the current appropriations process moves forward,” he said in a statement Friday.

Sens. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) and John McCain (R., Ariz.) have both voiced skepticism about the Trump plan as well. A Cruz spokesman didn’t reply when asked directly whether he backs the supplemental spending request, and a McCain spokeswoman declined to comment.

Meanwhile, House and Senate Democrats are universally opposed—some forcefully so.

“There is no way in hell I support the request for $1.4 billion in border wall spending. My view on the wall is that we should bulldoze the existing structures,” said Rep. Filemon Vela (D., Texas).

Rep. Raúl Grijalva (D., Ariz.) joined a lawsuit seeking to block the project based on environmental factors. The other House Democrats opposing the project include Reps. Juan Vargas, who represents the entire California section of the border; and Texas Reps. Beto O’Rourke, Henry Cuellar and Vicente Gonzalez.

“The idea of a wall sounds good as campaign rhetoric, but the campaign is over and we need to offer the American people real solutions, not a false sense of security,” Mr. Gonzalez said.

In the Senate, Democrats Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris of California and Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich of New Mexico are all strongly opposed, according to statements and interviews.

One activist who backs tighter immigration laws, Mark Krikorian, argued that border lawmakers’ views fail to take into account the national interest.

“It doesn’t surprise me that congressmen near the border are going to be either opposed or ambivalent but that’s neither here nor there in deciding whether it’s a good idea,” he said.

Gassy what ARE you doing?
  • Sark: Gassy what are you doing?
  • Minx: Ohhh...oh oh...
  • Sark: Yeah, yeah
  • Max: Yeah you know what I'm trying to do but I don't think it's gonna work
  • Ohm: What?
  • Minx: Yeah it is if you just- oh...oh-oh- it sounds like a porno but you know what I mean
  • Ohm: What? What are you guys doing?
  • Max: PPFFFT OH god! [starts moaning]
  • Minx: Just ease it into it, Gassy, just ease into it, it's fine
  • Ohm: What do you mean ease into it?
  • Adam: [soft whisper] Are you guys doing it?
  • Sark: Okay. Wow Gassy you are- you like it rough
  • Max: [chuckles] I do! I like it REALLLY rough, guys!
  • Minx: That looks like it might cause some tearing to be honest with you
  • Ohm: [very confused questions]
  • Max: [loud groaning noises]

Want to Catch ‘Hamilton’? Try the Central Park Softball Fields (NYT):

No, you do not need tickets and no, sadly, Lin-Manuel Miranda, who created and stars in the musical, does not play.

But other performers do, including Christopher Jackson, who plays George Washington onstage and third base on the ball field.

He bats cleanup, right after Anthony Ramos, an outfielder, who in the Broadway production plays John Laurens as well as Alexander Hamilton’s son Philip.

The team’s left-fielder and fleet-footed leadoff batter is Ephraim Sykes, who is part of the ensemble, and also plays George Eacker.

Alysha Deslorieux, a standby performer for the roles of the Schuyler sisters, starts at second base and brings the team mascot to the games: Max, her dachshund-poodle mix.

They play in the Broadway Show League, where teams are made up of the cast, crew, musicians, ushers and other theater employees from different productions.

The notoriously sold out “Hamilton,” which is nominated for a record 16 Tony Awards this year, is also mopping up on the field.

Five games into the season they are undefeated. All of the victories have been decisive, if not blowouts.

They shut out the team from “Beautiful” by a score of 5-0, beat “Kinky Boots” and “Phantom of the Opera” by seven runs each, and blew out the combined team from “Fiddler on the Roof” and “Finding Neverland,” 19 to 0.

On Thursday, they routed “Les Misérables” by 10 runs, putting them at 5-0 and at the top of the standings with “Matilda.”

“Hey, we’re ‘Hamilton,’ we try to win everything,” said the team’s co-manager Sandy Paradise, poking fun at the show’s seemingly boundless success, which also includes Drama Desk awards and the Pulitzer Prize for drama.

Ms. Paradise, who operates the spotlight onstage, was penciling in the starting lineup before Thursday’s game, on Field 2, near the Central Park carousel.

She gathered the players and pointed across the infield at their opponents from “Les Misérables” — like “Hamilton,” a revolution-themed musical — and urged her players to kick some “French Revolutionary” posterior.

She led the pregame shout — “To the Revolution!” — and it was time to play ball.

The performers, who on the stage wear period costumes like frock coats and ornate dresses, take the field wearing black-and-yellow uniforms with the show’s name. The caps bear the “Hamilton” logo and the phrase, “Raise a Bat to Freedom,” a variant of a line from the song “The Story of Tonight” in the musical.

“There is still so much buzz around our show, and it translates onto the field,” said Chris Robinson, who operates the light board for the show, and is a utility player on the team.

While some teams have trouble fielding a full squad, more than 50 cast and crew members signed up for the “Hamilton” team, creating a roster “as big as the Bible,” said the team’s other co-manager, Angelo Gonzalez, who played first base on Thursday.

As the doorman at the stage door, Mr. Gonzalez makes sure things go smoothly when the cast exits to the swarms of fans awaiting them nightly.

While it’s fabulous to be in a show that has taken the theater world by storm, “the problem is, everyone expects us to win,” said Sean Quinn, the theater’s chief engineer and one of the team’s pitchers.

more fun photos in the article – also a nice shout-out to fans. (check out more about the Broadway Show League or watch Angelo the Stage Door Guy’s ham4ham performance!)


Pictured: The amazing moment a diver swims alongside one of nature’s most lethal killing machines … an 11ft crocodile

UPDATED: 10:45 EST, 28 January 2010

Just off the coast of Cuba, a diver displays nerves of steel as he swims alongside an 11ft, 1,000lb crocodile.

Risking his life for the potentially deadly experience, diver Israel Gonzalez, 31, got close enough to be tolerated for over two hours by one of nature’s most lethal killing machines.

Swimming in an area known as The Queen’s Gardens, the lone female crocodile was returning to her nest on one of the 50 or so tiny islands that make up the offshore paradise.

Around 60miles from the south coast of Cuba, Mr Gonzalez and underwater photographer David Doubilet matched the enormous crocodile for pace during their encounter.

‘This crocodile exhibited very benign behaviour for such a notorious predator,’ said Mr Doubilet.

'As a wildlife photography opportunity this was extremely exciting to capture not only the rare and overlooked American crocodile, but also to run the gauntlet with the animal.

'Honestly after the initial rush when we encountered the crocodile, our levels of fear dropped down quite considerably.’

Travelling to The Queen’s Gardens with a diving team, which also included local Cuban fishermen familiar with the area, the pair trawled the island chain for the elusive American crocodile.

'Most people don’t know that there are crocodiles which live in the Americas,’ explained Mr Doubilet.

'They assume that they live only in Egypt, in sub-Saharan Africa and Australia.

'However, there are around 1,500 American crocodiles living in Florida and the same number across Central America and South America.

'They are classed as a threatened species.’

Gliding alongside the croc, Mr Doubilet and Mr Gonzalez were aware that at any minute the situation could turn life threatening.

'Unfortunately we had no protection on us. No sticks, no harpoons, nothing that would have saved our lives had the crocodiles turned nasty,’ said David.

'But we were not unduly worried. We were careful to know our limits and not to stress the creature.

'We were there to observe this rare occurrence.’


A/N- This didn’t go in the way I expected it but just went with it. Tell me what you think! x)

Cas x reader

Word Count-1904

Part 2

“Dean I believe I am perfectly capable of going on a hunt on my own.” Said Cas with a serious face.

“Cas. Last time I took you on a hunt you held the badge upside down.” Dean argued.

“I am aware of my mistake. I have learned. I can do this.” He responded with determination.

Dean sighed. “Fine. Go on the damn hunt.”

Sam patted Cas on the shoulder. “Good luck Cas.”

Cas smiled at the brothers and left. He arrived outside a house surrounded by police cars. He walked over to the yellow tape where a police officer stood, preventing him from crossing. Cas flashed his badge, after making sure it wasn’t upside down. The officer nodded his head and lifted the tape, “your partner is already inside. She’s being informed of the situation.”

Cas nodded in return. “Thank you” he said continuing forward. Cas kept his cool but he was panicking. Was it another hunter or was it an actual agent? He entered the house and looked around for his ‘partner’. You were the only one dressed in a suit and not in a uniform. You had a serious expression as you talked to another officer, who had an ear to the radio on his shoulder, and turned towards him.

You excused yourself and walked over to your supposed partner. “Come with me” you tell him as you walk outside. He followed in suit. Once outside you turn towards him giving him a look over. “You don’t look like an FBI agent.” His expression didn’t change. “You a hunter?”

“Yes.” Was all he said.

“Well you can go. I got this.” You say.

“Can we not work together on the case? It would be faster.” Cas asked not wanting to go back to the Winchesters so soon.

“Look not to be  mean or anything but you look like a rookie, handsome, but a rookie. I don’t want you holding me back.” Although you say that a bit harshly, you really didn’t mean it. The truth is that you were terribly shy and awkward. You only wanted to avoid being around others, especially other hunters.

“I promise I won’t hold you back. I can be helpful.” he said.

The way he tilted his head and pleaded with his eyes. You pursed your lips. “Fine. B-but I take lead.” you would have yelled if you weren’t surrounded by cops.

He smiled softly, “Thank you.”

“Now come on. We have to go to the station to question the husband.” you walk passed him to your car. Before you get in you look over to him. “Where’s your car?” you ask as you see him just standing there.

“I. I don’t have one.” he stated plainly.

You stared at him in disbelief. “Then how did you- ugh never mind. Just get in.” you tell him. You start the car as he climbs in. It was an awkward silent ride to the station. Cas did attempt to speak several times but never spoke a word. When you got to your destination you got out of your car, Cas behind you, your entered the interrogation room where the husband was already sitting.

“Okay Mr.Gonzalez. Why don’t you tell me what happened.” you say calmly.

“I-I don’t remember. I was in the kitchen. I uh m-my wife wanted a sandwich and I was making one.” he said nervously and went silent.

“What happened next?” you ask.

“You aren’t going to believe me.” he said.

“Try us.” Cas said with a serious face.

“I- uh while I was making the - the sandwich. -I started to feel more… angry. Look I didn’t do it. Well it was me but it wasn’t me me.” he said in a panic.

“Mr. Gonzalez… Please calm down. Now why were you angry?” you ask.

“Look I….” he sighed. “My wife, she confessed to me last week that she was… unfaithful… She swore she would never do it again. But at the time… I just… The anger bubbled up and I.” he clutched his head and sobbed. “I-I killed her. But I didn’t want to… I…”  he tried to continue talking but broke down and cried.

“Did you feel anything else? Like it suddenly turned cold?” you asked.

“N-no I just suddenly became angry…"he said.

You looked over to your ‘partner’ then back to Mr.Gonzalez. "Thank you and… I’m sorry for your loss.” You say then leave.

“From what he said, it can’t be a ghost.” said Castiel.

“Yeah. The way he got angry all of a sudden, sounds like a witch to me.”

“Where are we going now?” he asked following you to the car.

“Back to that house. If it is a witch, there’s a good chance I could find a hex bag.” You start your car after he’s inside and buckled in and you drive back to the house.

“We” he said softly. That made you smile for some reason. You only smile for a couple of seconds but he managed to see it not that you noticed, since you were driving. He turned to look out the window with a smile of his own.

You arrived at the house still surrounded by yellow tape. As you neared the entrance you were both startled by a sudden burst of laughter that came from within the house. You and Castiel looked at each other. You hurried inside as quietly as possible. You see a girl not much older than you holding the hex bag you came to find.

“Stay here” you whisper to Castiel. “I’ll distract her, you get her when she’s not looking. Got it?” He nodded. You walked towards her. “Well this saves me the trouble of coming to look for you. Not very smart are you?” you say with a smile, gun drawn.

“Hunter? You caught on faster than I expected. Not that it matters. You won’t be able to stop me.” She says, voice full of confidence.

“Oh you’re quite cheeky aren’t you? I’m pretty sure I can take you on.” You say.

“Well I’m sure you would, if you were as confident as you pretend to be that is. I can see right through you. Afraid of the world, trying so hard to be tough in this big bad world, trying to save people. Ha hunters like you make me laugh.” She flipped her hair and began to walk away, that annoyed you. You were stunned for a bit but anger surged through you and you charged at her. Tackling her to the floor. You both struggle until you knee her in the stomach. She recovered surprisingly quick and dug her hand into her pocket. She brought out some sort of powder and blew it on your face while chanting under her breath. You tried standing up but fell to the floor, eyes forcing themselves shut, and consciousness fading. The last thing you see is your partner rushing in front of you when the witch was going to shoot you with your own gun. His eyes glowed and sent her flying causing her to hit her head extremely hard.

You jolted awake in the backseat of your car with his trench coat draped over you. Cas smiled. “I am glad you are unharmed.” You just stared at him. Fear visible in your face. “What’s wrong?” he said.

“Huh? Uh n-nothing… Um… I-“ you were at a loss for words. You wanted to ask what he was but were to afraid to. “What’s going on with me? I-I feel weird. Damn that witch did something to me. What am I going to do?” you rushed your words and put a hand to your head, completely forgetting Castiel was there. “How am I-“

“Calm down.” Cas said causing you to jolt as you remember he was there.

You shrink further into your seat. “W-what are y-you?” you asked with the little courage you mustered up.

“My name is Castiel, I am an angel of the lord.” He stated plainly.

You laughed nervously. “An a-angel? Angels are real then huh?”

“The witch cast a spell on you. You seem more timid and less angry.” He said.

“W-what? I am not!” you retort. He poked your cheek and your face quickly turned red with embarrassment. “Stop that!” you shout covering your face with both your hands.

Without realizing it he smiled. He cleared his throat. “Forgive me. I’m sure it’ll go away. I can try if you’d like.”

Your head whips up to look at him. “You can do that? You should have said so sooner! Geez Castiel!”

He smiled again and at just the sight of it you felt like your heart could melt. He put a hand to your head and his eyes began to glow. “There. How do you feel?”

You remove his hand from your head. “I’m fine now… Thank you.” you paused. “So um.. Angel huh? I guess that’s why you don’t have a car.”

“Yes. I can transport anywhere, granted that it is not warded.” He said simply.

“That must be cool. So what’s an angel like yourself doing hunting?” you ask.

“I don’t usually hunt alone. I have… friends who I hunt with, but I wanted to show them that I can hunt on my own.” He stated.

“Well I won’t say anything, now go tell them of your accomplishment.” You say as you get out of your car. He got out too. “Oh wait.” You say and you hug him, kiss him on the cheek, and run to the driver’s side. “Thanks for the help. See ya.” You say starting your car and pulling out of the parking lot. You check the mirrors and see him waving goodbye. Then he suddenly disappeared and you smiled hoping that you and the angel Castiel could meet again.

“I have finished the case.” Cas said with a smile, starling the brothers.

“Oh yeah? What was it?” Dean asked. But Castiel just stood there with a smile still on his face. “Earth to Cas. Any angels in there? Hello?” he said, waving a hand in front of him.

Cas snapped out of it and cleared his throat. “What is it Dean?”

“He was asking what you hunted.” Sam said with a confused face.

“It was a witch.” He said.

“You don’t have a spell put on you right?” Sam asked.

“No” Cas replied, tilting his head. “Why would you think that?”

“Uh cause you were acting weird when you got here. You were smiling like an idiot too.” Dean said.

Castiel smiled. “I didn’t hunt alone. There was a hunter already there. She agreed to let me help.”

The brother looked at each other giving a knowing look. “She huh?” Dean  said suggestively.

“Yes. She has a lovely smile and her red face is adorable.” Cas said, remembering all your expressions.

“Adorable?” Sam asked suppressing a laugh. Cas saying adorable was too surreal. “What was her name?”

Cas opened his mouth to answer but soon realized that he never asked. Dean looked at him in disbelief. “You didn’t get her name?”

Castiel frowned. “I did not.” he said sadly.

Sam walked over to him and patted his back. “I’m sure you’ll meet her again.”

“Pfft I doubt it.” Dean whispered.

All the crest fallen Castiel can do was nod. Maybe you two would meet again. He would look forward to the day he’d see your smile again.

Hope you like it! x)

Somebody in the comments of the recent chapter of “Ain’t Gonna Drown” asked if maybe I’d consider a “Hodgepodge” fic about Darcy and Bucky’s possible future bar. I was moved to write a brief, rough little comment fic thingy. Maybe someday I’ll expand it into a proper fic, but in case I don’t get to it (or most likely just forget), I thought I’d post it here.

When the new bar opened up down the block, Marcella had her concerns. The neighborhood was a quiet one, an area that had resisted most of the petty crime that was starting to chip away at other neighborhoods nearby, but in recent years even they’d started to succumb. Petty thefts, boosted cars, muggings, that sort of thing. Nothing more serious, yet, but the last thing she figured they needed was a new bar dumping noisy drunks on the streets at midnight, and bringing all the troubles they’d cause.

Her kids were still young, young enough that she could keep a close eye on them, but soon they’d be off to school and how well would she be able to keep them out of trouble on streets growing rougher by the month? A new bar wasn’t going to help anything.

The owners seemed like a decent couple - a quiet, intense man, and a gregarious, chipper woman - but there was something odd about them. They kept to themselves, and weren’t seen around the other shops very often. They kept strange hours, coming and going sometimes even in the middle of the night. Marcella spotted them out and about on those dark early mornings she was up with her youngest. They’d been wearing odd black get-ups and loading a heavy bag into the back of their black SUV. She’d almost called the cops, but something stilled her. People could wear black get-ups and shift around heavy bags at two a.m., she supposed, there wasn’t anything obviously criminal about that. She resolved to keep an eye on them.

Not long after the bar opened, the shops next door, most of them empty or out of business for years, were bought and a gym went in. One of those strange old-fashioned ones. All heavy bags, barbells, and a boxing ring. Marcella shook her head. Adding in boxers with an over-abundance of testosterone to the drunks from the bar seemed like a recipe for trouble. But, one day, when she was walking by from the corner market, she glanced in the window and saw the female bar owner fighting with another woman – a stunning red-head. The red-head threw the woman across the mat. Marcella clapped a hand over her mouth at the sudden violence, but the woman just lay on the mat laughing until the red-head pulled her to her feet. Marcella walked faster.

The autoshop opened up after that, on the block behind. It was a custom place. They’d do repairs, but they specialized in restoration. Sly was thrilled; he was always wanting to fix up his dad’s ‘68 Camaro, but with the kids money was tight. He was hoping they’d be willing to trade handy-man work for some auto work. Marcella thought he was dreaming, but Sly said it couldn’t hurt to ask. He came home to tell her the news; the shop was owned by the bar owners. They were willing to let him wrench on his own car in their garage and barter for parts. Marcella wondered who the hell they were. They had to have pretty big money to buy a block, but why move to this little neighborhood?

The bar seemed to be doing well, the gym, too. Weird customers, but they weren’t ever really a problem, much to her surprise and pleasure. Marcella couldn’t tell that the autoshop had a lot of customers outside of Sly, but there were always a half dozen different cars in the yard next door to it. Newer models, with a couple older cars mixed in. High-end stuff, though; black SUVs and silver sports cars. Nobody’s old Taurus was in the yard.

And then things got weird. The petty crime that had been plaguing the area started to drop. Her neighbor, Mrs. Gonzalez, told her how she was nearly mugged one night coming home from the bus stop, but the most terrifying man she’d ever seen scared off her muggers and walked her home, chewing on a cigar and chatting amiably about pie and the weather. She watched him go into the bar after she was safely in her building. 

Nobody’d boosted a car in months, after the last theft ended in the thief stuck to the side of a building with some weird, sticky substance. It took the cops an hour to pry him free. An attempted hold-up at the bodega two blocks over was broken up by an enormous man with a strange accent. The sudden, violent thunderstorm had to be a coincidence. 

Little Silvio, who was only five and crazy about superheroes, swore he saw Iron Man once. She’d laughed, until Sly came home from the shop, eyes wide, and said Tony Stark was working on the Camaro.