mr. gonzalez

Gassy what ARE you doing?
  • Sark: Gassy what are you doing?
  • Minx: Ohhh...oh oh...
  • Sark: Yeah, yeah
  • Max: Yeah you know what I'm trying to do but I don't think it's gonna work
  • Ohm: What?
  • Minx: Yeah it is if you just- oh...oh-oh- it sounds like a porno but you know what I mean
  • Ohm: What? What are you guys doing?
  • Max: PPFFFT OH god! [starts moaning]
  • Minx: Just ease it into it, Gassy, just ease into it, it's fine
  • Ohm: What do you mean ease into it?
  • Adam: [soft whisper] Are you guys doing it?
  • Sark: Okay. Wow Gassy you are- you like it rough
  • Max: [chuckles] I do! I like it REALLLY rough, guys!
  • Minx: That looks like it might cause some tearing to be honest with you
  • Ohm: [very confused questions]
  • Max: [loud groaning noises]
  • Professor: so if you can't make Friday's review session I'm going to try and find out how I can maybe live stream it on Saturday.
  • Me: what's up students, Mr Gonzalez here. Today we're gonna be streaming some Calc 2.