mr. gold's store


First Curse (requested)

request: meeting Peter during the first curse in Storybrooke.

I was in Storybrooke and was just about to leave Mr. Gold’s antiques store. My mom told me to go there to get something. I didn’t know what it was and honestly I didn’t even want to know. “Thanks Mr. Gold! Have a nice day!”, I said as I went out of the door. It closed with the familiar sound of the little doorbell. I went down the street and was just about to cross it as I saw Peter and his friends rounding the corner. ‘Damn.’ I thought. The boys were just in front of me, I hated them. They were rude, relentless and reckless and had all bad family backgrounds, they couldn’t behave in public and they were just completely unlikeable. Peter was the worst. The leader of this pack. He was so sassy, wicked and nasty. I couldn’t stand this guy. ‘Just ignore them.’ I thought as long as they didn’t  provoke or threaten me I didn’t care about them. They acted completely normal towards me, actually they weren’t even really paying attention to me - which was odd as they always picked on me whenever they saw me- but the moment they stood right in front of me they blocked my way. “Oh come on. Are you serious?”, I said rolling my eyes at them already turning around to leave but Peter grabbed my arm. “Nah. You’re not leaving.”, he said with that specific kind of smirk on his face. I looked around. The other boys were cutting all the other escape paths off. I turned around to face Peter. “What do you want?” I asked him annoyed. “Nothing special. What’s in there?” He asked pointing at the package in my hands. “What? In that package? I don’t know. It’s for my mom.”. Laughs appeared from several directions. “Ha ha very funny.” I said rolling my eyes at them. “For your mom, huh? Think about it. Who are you trying to fuck with, (Y/N)? What’s in there?” He said, more aggressive now. “I don’t know Peter! Why don’t you listen to me? Wouldn’t harm you..” I said sneeringly. “Shut up and show me.” He said threatening. “What? No!I’m not gonna show you anything! That’s my mom’s and not even I am allowed to see what’s in there. Come on Peter just let me go and go play with your friends.” I said trying to push my way through the crowd. But Peter grabbed my arm pulled me back and made me face him. “You are going to open up that fucking package right now.” I was scared but still tried to stay strong and cool. “No.” I spat the words into his face. “No?” He asked snorting. He made a sign for the boys to grab my arms. “Are you sure, (Y/N)?” He asked once again. “Oh does it really matter? You’re going to have a look anyway.” I gave him a grave look as he triumphantly reached out for the package in my hands. I had no chance to defend myself, the boys were too strong. “You can let her go now.” He said. “And I want you to leave. All of you.” He said and winked at them. “We wanna know what’s in there too!” One of the boys, Clint, groaned. “I’ll tell you later.” He said calmly still looking at me. “But-”, he continued, but Peter cut him off. “Go. Now.” Clint didn’t say another word and left with the boys. “What now Pan?” I asked him sneeringly. “Are you trying to show me some toughness? Hitting on a defenceless girl?”, he grabbed my arm and pulled me into a little side street. “Are you crazy? What are you doing?”, I screamed, trying to rid his grip. “Let go, Peter. Seriously.”, I said looking him straight in the eyes. He didn’t say a word and backed me up against the wall. “You still wanna see how strong I am?” He said seductively. Somehow; I couldn’t resist. Peter indeed was a bad boy and a cruel person, but just that captured and attracted me. Additionally he was very attractive and handsome. “You think I’m impressed now?”, I said snorting. “Not yet.” His face was only an inch away from mine. He looked me straight in the eyes. And then he closed the gap between us. When our lips finally touched I could literally feel the butterflies explode in my stomach. The kiss was very passionate but still soft and tender. “Now I am.” I said when we broke apart, my hands laying on his chest. I pulled on his shirt to get another kiss and when I opened up my eyes this time Peter was gone. “What the…” I startled at his sudden disappearance. “Peter?” I called out. No response. I tried it again. Nothing. Where did he go? I rounded the corner to search for him on the street but it was emptied. I thought for a minute. Where could he possibly be? Maybe the spot where he and his friends always hung around. A tree house in the woods. But how could he possibly reach it so quickly? Still it was worth a try. Just then I noticed: the package for my mom… Peter had taken it from me. I really needed to find this boy. I went home, anxious not to get caught by my mom and opened the bike shed. I took my bike from inside and drove as fast as I could heading for the woods. When I was only about 50 meters away from their hiding spot I decided to descend from my bike and walk the rest. I didn’t want to attract the attention of the boys. When I was close enough I left the path and chopped my way through the undergrowth. If they saw me they would immediately kow what I was coming for and would hide the box. Hopefully nobody opened it yet. It seemed really important for my mom. I had approached 'the camp’, how they called it, enough and could see the boys now. I started looking around for the package. It lay right there on one of the logs around a grand fire. The problem: Everyone was sitting around it. I tried to make up a plan: Maybe I could sneak to the other side of the camp and hide behind the tree behind the log. And maybe… Just maybe I could grab the box without anyone noticing. “Whatever you try it ain’t gonna work out, love.” Peter whispered into my ear. The sudden sound in my ear made me jump. I turned around to face him. “How did you…” Suddenly I felt anger forming in my stomach. “Where the hell did you go after.. you know…” Peter snorted and his mouth formed a smirk. “What.. Did you really think that kiss actually meant something? Nah nah.. Don’t be silly (Y/N).” He said coming closer. I turned my face away from him trying to oppress the upcoming tears. “I’m gonna get back what’s mine.” I whispered and turned back to face him. “You understand that?” I said though gritted teeth. At first I felt hurt but now anger was overwhelming me. I wanted to punch him so badly. “I don’t think so.” He said whistling through his fingers. “Clint, Michael. Get here.” He shouted. “I think I found an intruder here.” He whispered his face so close to mine that I could feel his hot breath on my skin. Something about him attracted me and I couldn’t say what or why. But there was no time left to think about it. Suddenly two hands grabbed me from behind and dragged me out of the woods into camp. “Let go of me.” I said threatening. “Or you’ll regret it.” The boys laughed at me and opened the door of a cage made out of sticks and strings. “We’ll see how much you can do when you rot in there.” The taller one, Clint, said as he threw me in, slammed the door close and locked it. I fell down to the ground but immediately got up again. I walked over to the entry and put my hands around two rods of wood from the grid riddling on them. “You can’t do this to me.” Suddenly Peter appeared right in front of me which caused me to stumble backwards. “Don’t you see (Y/N)? We already did.” He smirked and walked away.

Hey indielover232 ! I finally finished your request:) I hope you like it.. If something’s wrong or if something not corresponds your idea just tell me I’ll change it!:) I hope you have a very nice day and enjoy reading it ( btw I really enjoyed writing this and think it would have been cool to see Peter during the first curse on OUAT! But whatever)