mr. gold's pawnshop

Laid Bare

Summary:  Agent Belle French’s employers believe that small town businessman Rumford Gold is more then he appears and is actually the notorious Spinning Wheel Thief a menace that’s caused trouble for years.  Belle is inclined to agree with them; until she slips into the cover of Lacey Avonlea, a stripper working at his club the Golden Thread.  Her mission demands she get close enough to prove his guilt, but her heart tells her he’s innocent.

Rating: NC-17

AN:  Written for May 2017′s @a-monthly-rumbelling smutty prompt: strip club.  A big thank you to @still-searching47 for listening to me complain while I wrote and to @handwithquill for helping me during the planning process.  You’re both wonderful!  This is a prompt verse, if anyone would like to see more just let me know!

Personally, if given a choice, Belle would not have chosen to go undercover as a stripper; but she hadn’t been given a choice, she’d been given an order.  That’s how she found herself in a dimly lit room on stage, undulating her half naked body in front of far too many eyes for her liking. At least the business she was in wasn’t anything like the images that were conjured up when someone said the words strip club.  It was high end, clean, safe, with almost as many bouncers as there were girls and the bar served some of the most expensive alcohol Belle had ever seen.

That made sense though; it was after all the place where all of Rumford Gold’s ill-gotten gains were laundered through.  A dingy dive wouldn’t have been a realistic cover for the kind of money he made stealing and trading in the fine art and jewels he was able to pilfer.  Belle silently stared out into the crowed as she danced.  Her eyes never left her employer/target as he did his business in his personal booth; the sultry look on her face hiding the swirling thoughts plaguing her mind.

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Does anyone know if Disney World’s Hollywood Studios still has Mr. Gold’s Pawnshop storefront?

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I need to know. I know it’s been two years, so I’m not very hopeful, but I’ll be visiting soon and need to know so I can plan a pilgrimage detour.


Steveston Village, or as I like to call it, Storybrooke, is a beautiful little seaside town. Even though it is made out to be just an “ordinary” town, there is something very magical about it. 

In this photoset:

  1. The heritage building in which Dr. Hopper’s office is located
  2. Mr. Gold’s Pawnshop, complete with the signage!
  3. Storybrooke Post Office
  4. Storybrooke Hardware
  5. Storybrooke Public Library. No signs of vicious dragons anywhere…
  6. The tow-truck from the Hansel & Gretel episode
At First Sight

Ok, so back when I was having 400 follower promptathon I got one asking for a Rumbelle blind date and that’s what you guys said you wanted to see most so here we go! This turned out to be much longer than I planned and I’m not 100% pleased by the ending but it’s as good as it’s going to get. I hlpe you guys like it. Also, credit goes to melissabosquez for the title. 

“I can’t believe I let you talk me into this Ruby,” Belle called from her tiny bathroom as she put on the final touches of her makeup. She was getting ready for a date, a blind date, a blind date that Ruby had insisted she go on. Ruby had hounded her for nearly a week before Belle had finally agreed, mostly so Ruby would stop bugging her about it. Now that the day was finally here she was regretting agreeing to this. She didn’t want to go on a date with some guy she didn’t know, but she had made a deal and at the worse she could at least get a decent meal out of the night.

“Oh admit it Belle you know you needed this!” Ruby was sprawled out on Belle’s bed, reading a copy of Cosmo that had to be at least 3 years old and didn’t see the glare Belle sent her way. She didn’t see how she ‘needed’ to go on a date, let alone a blind date and she said so to Ruby. Ruby looked up from the magazine, pegging Belle with a serious look. “Really Belle? When was the last time you had sex, really good sex?  I’m not talking 'Eh it was okay and I’m satisfied I guess’. I mean 'Oh my fucking God yes! Yes! Dear God this man actually knows where the fucking clit is! Legs turn to jelly, can barely the walk the next day’ kind of sex?”

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