mr. gold x regina

  • Rumple[about Zelena's death]: I’m sorry.
  • Regina: It’s not your fault. It’s not anybody’s fault - except for the guy who killed her.
  • Rumple: Um…hence why I said…I’m sorry.
  • Regina: …Oh, you douchebag.
  • Rumple: 'Douchebag' is the best you can come up with for the person who killed your sister?
  • Regina: Well, my sister was a douchebag as well.
  • Rumple: Yeah, but he was still your Sister. You must have stronger feelings about him than that.
  • Regina: Not really… Wait, he owed me twenty bucks. You douchebag!
  • Rumple: You need to stop and reconsider your priorities.
  • Regina: Okay, you give me the twenty bucks, then.
  • Rumple: …Twenty bucks is of more concern to you than your own…oh, for fuck’s sake, I think I killed the wrong Mills. You may actually be the bigger of two douchebag's. But here’s your fucking twenty. Will you try to pretend you cared about your brother as a person now?
  • Regina: I didn’t. I mean, if you’d killed my Son, or even one of my cousins, I’d have broken your fucking neck, but him…meh.
  • Rumple: Yep…. Definitely killed the wrong Sister.
  • Regina: Or my mail man; Evan. If you’d killed him there would be serious hell to pay.
Twins Think Alike: Mr. Gold X Regina X Reader

Requested by naomidriver: Y/n is Henry’s twin sister but gets adopted by me gold instead of Regina and he gets worried when she left to find Emma with Henry.


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Mr. Gold was in his shop when he noticed something was off. He hadn’t seen you for most of the day. At first he’d thought nothing of it, but when the afternoon came along he started to worry. Considering most things that go wrong were caused by Regina he decided to give her a call.

He heard the ringing stop, “Hello? What do you want Gold?”

“Regina. We need to talk about my daughter, meet me here in an hour.” He hung up the phone knowing she would show up.

When she walked through the shop Gold didn’t wait for greetings. “Have you seen Henry lately?” He asked.

Regina seemed annoyed, “I thought I came over here to talk about Y/N, why does it matter?”

“I think they’ve run off together. You son and my daughter.” He said.

Her eyes widened, “What do you mean they’ve run off together? Where would they go?”

He paced the shop, “I’m not sure. Has Henry been acting strangely recently? Any odd behaviors?”

“I don’t think so,” she began, “he’s asked questions about his real parents in the last few days if that’s what you mean.”

“So has Y/N.” he sighed, “I think I know what they’re doing and it’s not good.”

 Regina raised her eyebrows, “Would you like to share this newfound information?”

“Do you remember how many years we’ve been in this town Regina?” he asked.

“I don’t know, around twenty I think?” she answered.

Gold exhaled, “A little more than twenty.” He stared at her for a few moments before she realized what he was saying.

She seemed shocked, “You don’t think they would-”

“I think they would do anything to find the truth. And if that involves hunting down their birth mother I believe they’d do it.” He clutched his head, “I don’t like this Regina. The two of them together make a bad combo.”

“Are you insulting my son Gold?” She asked.

He denied her assumption, “You know I’m not, I’m just saying that when my daughter and your son are together, they tend to be a bit reckless.”

Regina glared at Gold, “Then what do you propose we do? They’ve already left, how are we supposed to get them back?”

“No it’s too late for that. I suppose we’ll have to wait for them to return.” He shook his head, “Oh I don’t like this Regina. I don’t like this at all.”

Same time in Boston


“Do you think my dad and your mom will be mad when they realize we left?” You asked henry.

“Nah, I bet they haven’t even noticed.”


No new rumbelle footage, just a second of the “3.20 - Kansas” kiss at 0:34, but ABC did use them in a promo. :)

Belle’s Gift

Summary:  Rumford Gold is hopeless at gift buying so for this Christmas he enlists the help of sought after personal shopper, Belle French and it changes his life. (In short, I read some Hallmark movie descriptions and this happened.)

“Dad! Dad! Wake up! It’s Christmas!”

Rumford groaned. The Scotch last night had definitely been a mistake now that Bae was in his room and flipping on the lights.

“Come on!” He paused. “Cora’s not coming over, is she?”

“No, son,” said Gold, casting aside his bedcovers. “I highly suspect Cora will never be coming over again.”

“Oh,” said Bae, a little too cheerfully. He then corrected himself. “Oh.”

“I know you’re heartbroken,” said Gold, putting on his robe. “Come on.”

The Scotch had been what turned out to be a parting gift from his now very former fiancée. Not that she had bothered to return the ring or her Christmas present.

With a sharp stabbing pain to his temples, Gold now recalled it was the Christmas present that had started the problem.

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