mr. gold x regina

SBUK3: Saturday - Sean Panel


  • Sean talking about Irish dancing and how he likes the odds of being outnumbered by girls (x)
  • Sean would have regina on Robin hoods pub quiz team because “she’s my girl” (x)
  • hahaha his whole quiz team is Henry, mr gold and Regina so thereeeeee ya go (x)
  • Sean just learnt about dragon queen (x)
  • Sean wonders why there’s no ship with him and Colin or josh (x)
  • he’d be happy with robin and mal together because he loves kristinbauer(x)
  • “SQ shippers ship Emma and Regina… but nobody ever ships me with Hook or Charming” (x)
  • New ship alert : Robin Hook!!! (x)
  • Sean would pick “me old pal Colin” to be shipped with (x)
  • Ginny has the cutest giggly laugh (x)
  • I’m crying he just made up a whole scene about the hook and Robin Hood spin off (x)
  • ‘Colin’s very choosy about knives and forks and plates and things’ - Sean (x)
  • he is taking accent requests and he can do every one I’m dying (x)
  • Sean would have Michael Colman play Robin Hood if he didn’t but he said he’d want all the characters to gender bend (x)
  • “I think the guys should play the girls and the girls should play the guys. It’ll be "Once Upon A Drag Story” (x)
  • Sean wants Robin to learn all the good lessons the old Robin knew so he could settle down with Regina (x)
  • just chatted about domestic oq with Roland and Henry and the old chestnut “their story isn’t over yet” (x)
  • “I’d like to have a crack at it” - Sean on playing Dr Who (x)
  • “They wouldn’t let me have a real arrow… ABC have a strict policy on not killing your cast friends” (x)
  • “ABC have a very strict policy on killing other cast members” - Sean talking about how most of the time the arrows are CGI (x)
  • he’d have John Lennon, George Harrison, William Shakespeare and Obama at a dinner party (x)
  • Sean approached the new Robin as a “new guy” as it was hard to not have the closeness with Regina (x)
  • Sean: “I tried to make the new Robin less likeable..” Little child in the room: “dadadada!” Sean: “Yes, I know!!” (x)
  • Sean talking about losing his way after his music career  "your friends and family come before everything" (x)
  • “it taught me how to be a bit more of a decent guy” - Sean talking about life after his music career (x)



Twins Think Alike: Mr. Gold X Regina X Reader

Requested by naomidriver: Y/n is Henry’s twin sister but gets adopted by me gold instead of Regina and he gets worried when she left to find Emma with Henry.


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Mr. Gold was in his shop when he noticed something was off. He hadn’t seen you for most of the day. At first he’d thought nothing of it, but when the afternoon came along he started to worry. Considering most things that go wrong were caused by Regina he decided to give her a call.

He heard the ringing stop, “Hello? What do you want Gold?”

“Regina. We need to talk about my daughter, meet me here in an hour.” He hung up the phone knowing she would show up.

When she walked through the shop Gold didn’t wait for greetings. “Have you seen Henry lately?” He asked.

Regina seemed annoyed, “I thought I came over here to talk about Y/N, why does it matter?”

“I think they’ve run off together. You son and my daughter.” He said.

Her eyes widened, “What do you mean they’ve run off together? Where would they go?”

He paced the shop, “I’m not sure. Has Henry been acting strangely recently? Any odd behaviors?”

“I don’t think so,” she began, “he’s asked questions about his real parents in the last few days if that’s what you mean.”

“So has Y/N.” he sighed, “I think I know what they’re doing and it’s not good.”

 Regina raised her eyebrows, “Would you like to share this newfound information?”

“Do you remember how many years we’ve been in this town Regina?” he asked.

“I don’t know, around twenty I think?” she answered.

Gold exhaled, “A little more than twenty.” He stared at her for a few moments before she realized what he was saying.

She seemed shocked, “You don’t think they would-”

“I think they would do anything to find the truth. And if that involves hunting down their birth mother I believe they’d do it.” He clutched his head, “I don’t like this Regina. The two of them together make a bad combo.”

“Are you insulting my son Gold?” She asked.

He denied her assumption, “You know I’m not, I’m just saying that when my daughter and your son are together, they tend to be a bit reckless.”

Regina glared at Gold, “Then what do you propose we do? They’ve already left, how are we supposed to get them back?”

“No it’s too late for that. I suppose we’ll have to wait for them to return.” He shook his head, “Oh I don’t like this Regina. I don’t like this at all.”

Same time in Boston


“Do you think my dad and your mom will be mad when they realize we left?” You asked henry.

“Nah, I bet they haven’t even noticed.”