Rumbelle AU - Father Gold

Robert Gold is a faithless priest, in service to the lord for over twenty years. After his wife left him and his son ran away, he joined the seminary to try and give his life purpose. Rector of his church, he often enjoys taking confessional duty and spends the weekdays avoiding the strange, obsessive advances of Zelena, the mother superior at the local convent. Everything changes, though, when he’s introduced to Belle French - a young woman whose abusive father sent her away to join the convent. Already ragged, his faith worn thin, Father Gold can’t help but dream of Belle’s bright blue eyes and joyous smiles. Little does he know, Belle’s quite taken with him too. One Sunday she comes for confession and tells Father Gold just how frequently he occupies her fantasies, seeking penance for her impure thoughts…

For my darling Belle, bellefrenchthehero, who is actually roleplaying this with me over Chatzy.

  • Zelena:Hey, I'm powerless! I can't hurt anyone! Why?
  • Gold:Are you fucking kidding me?
  • Gold:You've been forcing me to do your bidding for months.
  • Gold:You're the reason my son is dead. The son that I spend years figuring out how to cross realms to find.
  • Gold:You knocked out my true love literally an hour ago.
  • Gold:I could put on a three hour Tony worthy Broadway musical about how much I hate you and it still wouldn't be enough for me to list out all the reasons I want you dead.