mr. goddard

okay look, i know that as a fandom we tend to overlook dominik koudelka, but hear me out:

koudelka is canonically a journalist.

he works for the times or something; a decently large publication, I would assume.

i bet the second his receptionist brings up the whole minkowski-calling incident– she’ll quote something like “this crazy lady said:”

and he’ll know

he’ll know she’s alive 

i can’t wait for shit to hit the fan in s4

bye bye goddard

if you want a side of angst with this, @overlord-mei pointed out that koudelka probably had to write about his wife’s death, impersonally, so there’s that ;-;


Mr. Robot Meme (insp.— 5 favorite (supporting) characters
Gideon Goddard

They hacked us, you know that. It’s all over the news. Now, normally a company can get through this, but we’re a cyber security company. Can you appreciate how bad that is? We’re hanging on by our fingernails. Who knows? Maybe we’ve already fallen off a cliff and I’m still trying to grasp on to something. I’m a failure.


New Mr. Robot was like one of those Community parody episodes except that it became v sad at the end


Mr. Robot

When you look closely at the seams between order and chaos, do you see the same things I see? The strain, the tears, the glimpses of truth hidden underneath. Why do they fight so desperately to mask what they are? Or is it that they become who they are when they put on the mask?