mr. g&w


More beep bop shenanigans. 

I’m still kind of iffy on these human redesigns, but for the most part, I’m pleased. (I went back and forth between giving G&W dot eyes and full eyes and I’m not loving Pac-Man’s hair).

I imagine that Mr. G&W is always like, “You gosh darn kids and your 3rd dimension.” and is always tired of having to adjust to all these polygons while Pac-Man is just happy to be around so many people.

Happy to see game and watch back, though If it wasn’t for Palutena being revealed I’d say today was a shitty day for newcomers as first we got 3 versions of the miis that sakurai confirmed to have a total of 30 possible moves totaling to around the amount of 9 characters. (His words)

Meaning miis are basically wasting 9 slots and now we have pac-man so we can say we basically wasted 10 slots for smash 4. Fantastic.

Let's Get Ready To.....SMASH!!

Nintendo just announced their first ever Invitational Tournament, featuring 16 of the top Smash Bros. players in the world to compete, live at E3. This is HUGE news, as it shows Nintendo finally embracing the competitive community that has kept Smash, and Melee in particular, alive for so many years.

So the question naturally follows: Just WHO are these players? Though we don’t know the full list yet, we can speculate who they might be, and take look at those who may qualify.

Wander, our resident fan of the tournament Smash scene, has put together a list of some of the top players of Melee and Brawl. Hopefully, this will give you a brief introduction to 16 Smashers who we might see at the Nokia Theater this June.

Without further ado: Ladies and gentlemen, the Smash Brothers!

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