mr. funnyman

anonymous asked:

You're a mildly popular internet funnyman, right, Mr. Feel? So, how soon do you think it'll be until your inevitable online molestation scandal?

I’ll probably have a Type Three Outed For Weird Fetish Scandal rather than a Type One Outed As Predator Scandal

  • Mr Lupin: Jerry Lewis has died
  • Me: I don't know who that is
  • Mr Lupin, boggling: You don't know who Jerry Lewis is???
  • Me: No
  • Mr Lupin: *continues to boggle*
  • Me: Has he been in anything I've seen?
  • Mr Lupin: American funnyman, did a lot of comedy, was very big in the 1960s
  • Me, born in 1979: You know, I kind of missed the 60s
  • Mr Lupin: But Jerry Lewis!
  • Me: You keep saying that like just repeating his name is going to make me know who he is
  • Mr Lupin: Jerry Lewis! Jerry Lewis!!!