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For @bear105…reader is a genius as requested. Enjoy!

“So,” Y/N drawled as they twirled in her chair, facing Tony, “when you say cooked, you mean…?”
“Fried,” Tony replied, looking disgusted, “Shriveled. Barely recognizable.”

Y/N cringed as Ziva quirked a brow. Tim looked down. He glanced around at his coworkers.

“I can’t imagine how that felt,” Tim commented.
“Not pleasant,” Y/N commented, “I mean, an oven is bad enough, but a flamethrower?”
“I was twelve,” Tony rebutted, “and it was an accident.”
Ziva chuckled. “Tell that to the bird.”

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The Starting cast of Fire Emblem: Awakening in a Nutshell
  • Chrom: MR. I want to Marry the first person I see that I am not related to.
  • Lissa: MS. I am a precious Cinnamon Roll
  • Fredrick: MR. I HAVE A STICK UP MY ASS.
  • The Avatar: MR./MRS. I am secretly a God and I could destroy the entire world if I wasn't so Nice.

If you haven’t walked somewhere whilst listening to the North and South theme tune, pretending you are Margaret Hale exploring Milton and finding Mr Thornton, you are missing out on a valuable life experience.

Kisses In The Halls

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x reader

Words: 501

Warnings: nothing just awkward nerds

Request: Requested by anonymous: 493 & 435 from the 779 prompts thing?? with Alexander :3 please! they can be like friends or something and like eachother but not want to say anything because friendship idk. just cheesy and fluffy, please :3 thank you! <3

Prompts: “You’re so cute when you pout like that!” "I could kiss you right now!”

A/N: My school has vending machines in it so if that part confused you that’s just cause of my school so yeah… Anyway enjoy!

You stared as your teacher scolded Alexander for something he hadn’t done. George was never a fair teacher, but people stuck through his classes anyway. His current lecture was probably about the fight Alex recently had with Samuel.

“Sir-” Alex tried to explain.

“Don’t sir me! You are a problem child, Hamilton! Stop picking fights, your last warning was the fight with Charles and now you’re pulling this! Detention!” Mr. Fredrick yelled, catching your attention.

“Mr. Fredrick?” You spoke up. There wasn’t anyone else in class, as it was after school. You were simply waiting for Alex to walk you home as he insisted. “I do believe Alex is right. It was actually Samuel’s fault they were fighting. He was pestering him, you see, and he may have crossed a bit… of… a line…” You shrunk under the glare of your teacher, but Alex’s hopeful look gave you a bit more confidence. Mr. Fredrick sighed.

“Is this true, Hamilton?”

“Uh yes sir!” He smiled, as the teacher ushered the two of you out of the classroom. When you were out of earshot Alex grabbed your hands. “Dude, you totally saved my ass! I could kiss you right now!” The both of you froze. “I mean, platonically.” He laughed awkwardly, pulling away from you.

“Yeah… Platonically.” You mumbled.

“You ok?” Alex suddenly turned to you again, a look of concern washing over him. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that it’s awkward and-”

“It’s fine.” You smiled. “C’mon, I need to grab something from the vending machine.” You walked off, pulling out your wallet to grab a few coins. You put one into the slot, and waited for something to happen. “Aw, come on!” You pouted, kicking the machine. “My quarter…” You looked up at the sound of Alex bursting into laughter.

“You’re so cute when you pout like that!” A blush crept onto your cheeks, as you smiled.

“I could say the same for you.” You returned. “Except you’re not pouting. Uh, well, anyways…” Your blush darkened with embarrassment.

“You think I’m cute?” You nodded slightly. He grabbed your hand. “I think you’re cute. And not just when you’re pouting.”

“Do you want to-”

“Yeah.” He leaned in, closing the gap between your lips and his. Suddenly, loud footsteps caused you to pull apart. “M-Mr. Washington! You’re still here?”

“Yes. Now get home before a different teacher finds you two.”

Twinning: Fred Weasley

So hey👋🏼 it’s Lindsey!! So I wrote this a while back and I thought I would fix it up and post it here! Hope you enjoy
You were making your way back to class, you had forgotten one of your books and Professor Flitwick said it was fine for you to go and get it. As you were walking down the corridor you noticed Fred sitting on a step.
“Shouldn’t you been in class?” You ask.
“I could say the same to you.”
“Touché, my dear friend. Where’s your brother? Not very often I see the two of you apart.”
“He is currently setting up a prank further down the corridor whilst I keep watch but I find myself distracted by a certain someone.” Fred smiles. As I madly blush at his comment
“Well Mr Fredrick Weasley I shall leave you to carry on with what you are doing then and I shall see you at lunch.”
“Hey Fred, ready to go. Oh hello there y/n.” George says.
“Hey George. Finished setting up your prank.”
“Yes I have and in a few minutes we shall hear the yells of Flich.”
“What have you done?” You ask.
“We’ve set up a few dungbombs near his office.” Fred tells you.
“You two are terrible. Well I’ll see you later. Bye guys.”
“Bye.” They both say. Which makes you smile since you always tease them about twin telepathy.
You had been friends with the twins ever since you started Hogwarts despite, you being 2 years younger than them. You were in the same year as their brother Ron and he was the one who introduced you to them and you hit it off instantly, you would sometimes even help them with their pranks although not very often. Little did you know that the both of them had a crush on you.
Fred never bothered asking you out as he thought you liked his brother more as the two of you seemed to get on much better but the truth was that you liked Fred and this was why you were a bit quieter around him.
*Later on in the common room you are sitting in between the twins trying to get them to do their homework which was turning out to be a failure. “Come on boys just do a little bit and I’ll even help.”
“Y/n, we don’t want to do it.” George says. “We’d much rather come up with more inventions for our shop.” Says Fred.
“Fine, whatever.” You Lie back on the sofa and cross your arms. The guys infuriated you sometimes but you still loved them.
“Aww what’s wrong y/n. Are we annoying you?” George laughs. He goes to pinch your cheek put you swat his hand away.
“Oh it’s on y/n.” You quickly run round the sofa but George being taller than you he managed to catch you up, he then begins to tickle you, which he knows you hate. “George please, stop, Fred help me.” George carries on tickling you, you fall to the floor and George finally stops. You look up at him and he is smiling. “What was that for?” You ask breathless.
“I was bored.” He replies. You stand up and notice Fred is no longer in the room.
“Where did Fred go?” You ask George. “Dunno probably got a bit jealous of us.”
“Why would he be jealous?”
“Don’t tell me you don’t know.” George says. “What, I don’t know what you are on about?” “Fred likes you and so do I.”
“You both like me?” You ask.
“Yes. We agree not to make a move on you because we didn’t know if you liked either of us plus we didn’t want to fall out over you, but I know that you like Fred more.” George smiles sadly.
“Oh George, I’m sorry. I love you but only as a brother and before you ask I don’t know what it is about Fred and why I have feelings for him.”
“Y/n its fine, honestly. Go and find Fred and tell him how you feel. Besides I’ve been seeing someone in secret.” He grins. You hug George and smile at him.
“I want details about the mystery lady when I get back. Don’t think you can get away that easily mister.” You leave the common room in search of Fred, having no idea where he could be, you just walk, hoping to find him before curfew. About 15 minutes later you find him sitting on a bench in the courtyard. You slowly make your way over to him. “Hey Freddie.” Fred looks up and smiles at you.
“Hey love.”
“What you doing out here. I needed your help and you were gone.”
“Sorry I just needed some fresh air. Let’s head back to the common room before we get in trouble.” Fred stands up, you close the space between you. “
"George told me everything. Fred I really like you. I just didn’t know you felt the same way.” I tell him sheepishly
“What? Seriously? I thought you liked George more.” He asks genuinely surprised.
“Don’t be stupid George is more like my brother. This is why I’m more quiet around you, I get really nervous when we are close together and left alone, as all I want to do is kiss you.” You whisper the last part.
Fred cups your face with his hands and forces you to look at him.
“Then kiss me y/n.” You don’t need asking twice, you place your lips on his and kiss him. The kiss was soft yet full of passion, you didn’t know how long you were kissing but when you pulled apart, it was getting dark.
“Come on let’s give your brother the good news.” You say.
“Okay. But I just need to tell you. I- um i love you.” Fred smiles. “I love you too.” You make your way back to the common room hand in hand and it felt so right finally being with the guy you’ve had a crush on since your first year.

Forever in Eternity P.2

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Both of our masterlists from our other blogs :P/// Mine! ///// Kyana’s! ///     +++++++++++++++++++++++++

Part 1       


Walking down the halls as I push through crowds of people, making my way (A/N DOWN TOWN!) to my next class. I step through the door way of room 309, looking at all the people who are already there, them staring at me with curious eyes. I walk up to the teacher, trying to hide my face with my hair as I hand the teacher my schedule and pass.

“Hello miss y/l/n..” Say the teacher that I recall to be Mr. Fredrick, or so what I read on the paper I was given since I got to this new school.

I give a small smile to be polite and keep my head down. 

“You’ll be sitting next to Mr. Larson.” He says as he point out a broad boy with pale skin and light brown hair.

I shyly walk over to the table Larson’s at, tripping on my own two feet and stumbling to the seat with my face red in embarrassment. The boy rolls his eyes and snickers under his breath. I set my bag down, pulling out the supplies needed as I take down notes Mr. Fredrick writes on the board.

“Why are you even here?”

I look over to see Larson giving me a look of wonder and disgust.

“I-I moved h-here with m-my m-mom.” I stutter out.

“I-I-I-I don’t give a fuck about why you’re at this school, why the fuck are you near me?” He says with an annoyed look.

“T-the teacher said I have to sit here.” 

He rolls his eyes and kicks my seat so I barley tips over, yet I hit my leg against the table… Hard.

“Ow…” I say with a small cringe, rubbing my thigh as I know there is bound to be a bruise later.

Larson laughs and I don’t acknowledge his presence for the rest of the class.

Lunch came around and I felt all alone, everybody had there groups and I was just the new girl who is already the new target.

“Hey!” I look over to see a curly haired boy with the most beautiful hazel eyes. Those eyes look familiar?

“I-Im sorry, I’ll move..” I say as I pick up my tray and start to stand up.

“No! Its alright, you’re y/n right?” He asks with a smile, sitting next to me and looking me in the eyes.


“I’m Ashton.”

“Well hello there!”

Looking to the side I see three boys, one with dyed blond hair, one with blue eyes and the other with dark brown hair.

“H-hi..” I mumble, a bit shy with new people.

“Ash! Why don’t you introduce us to the beautiful lady.” The brown haired boy says.

“Oh! Guys this is y/n, y/n, Calum, Michael, and Luke,” Ashton says.

I wave to them as they all sit down, getting to know the four boys who were the highlight of my day.


After school, the day filled with being pushed and bullied by Larson and his friends. I decide to go and walk through the forest to see the wolf.

Driving down the free way and through the twisting dirt roads as I listen to classical music to clear my mind of the day…

I pullover to the side of the road when I get to the familiar spot that I was yesterday. I hop out of the car and start walking the direction to the patch of grass with the view. I sit and watch the sunset, the cool breeze hitting my face as I let out a deep sigh and finally let the tears go..

I bend over into a ball, holding my knees to my chest as I sob from the hell I went through that day.

“Why did he have to leave?” I ask my self, remembering that night…

“Mom?!”I yell through my house, looking at the family photos and decorations for the living room scattered and broken on the floor…

I slowly walk up stairs, seeing my parents bedroom door wide open.

“Mom?” I say softly as I look through the door way, the form of my mother under the piles of blankets.

“Mom? Are you ok?” I ask as I slowly near her.

I look at the mess of what once was the place my mother and father slept. Then I see an open bottle of prescription pain meds.

“Mom..” I say in shock, looking to see her still body.

“MOM!!!” I say as I throw the covers off of her and start to shake her, hoping she would become conscious.

“Momma.. Mom please wake up.. Mom.” I beg as the tears flow down my cheeks.

I give up on shaking her awake and run to the house phone, dialing 911.

“911 whats your emergency?” The operator says.

“M-my mom.. S-she w-won’t wake up.. She- There was a bottle o-of p-pills a-and..” I stutter out as I cry in fear.

“How old is your mother?”

“In her mid 30′s.. I think?”

“Alright, is this a land line?”

“Ok, we have your location, and ambulance is on its way.”

I hang up the phone and go back to my mom, sitting next to her and slowly putting her on her side so she won’t choke if she throws up.

“The ambulance is coming, theyre gonna help you ok.” I say as I move her hair out of her face.

“Why mom? Why..”

The ambulance came and took me and my mom to the hospital.

“Miss y/l/n?” The nurse says as she enters the waiting room.

“Ya? Is she ok?” I ask as I walk up to the nurse.

“Shes fine now, lets go see her, ya?”

I nod and follow the nurse to the room my mom is in. She looks so tired, the paleness in her face and the new bags under her dull eyes.

“Mom?” I say in a whimper.

She looks to me and gives me a small smile.

“Hey sweetie..” She says in a weak voice.



“Why did you do it?”

“Oh.. Honey, Its noth-”

“TELL ME!” I say harshly.

“He left..” My mom mumbles.


“Your dad.. He left us.. He was cheating on me with some college girl..”

I feel the world fall around me…

I sit and remember the day, tears still streaming down my face.

I hear a movement in the bushes behind me, thinking its the wolf I turn around.. But nobody’s there.

“Hello?” I say with a sniff, wiping my nose with my sleeve.

I look around and then see two red dots..


The red dots then blink and I realize, those are eyes.

Not waiting to find out what creature awaits for me, I start running as fast as I possibly can, a loud growl and the sound of movement behind me makes my adrenaline kick in.

I run and run, tripping and hurting my ankle, but baring the pain so I can get away. I don’t look where I’m going, focusing on getting away and catching my breath. Then I turn back and see the dark figure with the red eyes behind me still. Then I look forward and realize, there’s no more ground. I try to make myself fall back, but gravity had another plan for me and I fall down the cliff, screaming at the top of my lungs as I hit the cold water. The waves keep pushing me deeper and deeper, then I gasp and feel the liquid spread through my lungs with a sharp pain… 


BOOM! ~Ava

Part 3?
Boyfriend Tag ft. the grump (A.K.A the bf A.A.K.A Derek Hale)

This is a very short very shitty continuation for the ‘Sterek - Youtuber AU’ I wrote as a meme fill because Takkun asked for a continuation and what Takkun wants, Takkun gets~


“When did you realize your boyfriend was the one?”

“I don’t know,” Derek says, “When it occurred to me that I actually missed him when he wasn’t around to annoy me.”

“Oh, be still my heart,” Stiles clutches his chest, batting his eyelashes as he looks up at Derek from where he’s leaning against his side. “You do care.”

Obviously I wouldn’t have agreed to make this stupid video if I didn’t.”

Stiles smirks at him, then faces the camera and says, “When his smile started having the same effect on me as his ass.”

Derek shoves a pillow in his face, Stiles merely cackles.

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