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Mr. G, you are some good shit. G00D SH!T. eh heh. maybe you can convince zeroster to show you how to never die, even if your soul get's broken// It won't be easy tho~~

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The way Camilla is getting treated because Lyn lost is really disgusting

It really is, tbh. I get it, Team Lyn can’t believe they lost to “Mrs. Fanservice” and half the fandom is tired of the fanservicey characters winning the gauntlets, but come on. Camilla didn’t win just because she’s got boobs: there are actual people who genuinely love her character behind her (lookitme!), and by talking shit about her, you’re talking shit about these people. I saw a lot of posts complaining about how she only won because of the multiplier… but this is what the multiplier is for, and it’s literally here because of fan request. I have a friend on Team Camilla who had to unfollow people she’s been following for years because they kept talking trash about Camilla.

I know people are salty. I know you love Lyn and think she deserves to win, and she does! Just like every other character in this gauntlet. But if you think it’s worth stomping on the love a character gets, that’s not only petty and immature, but also outright mean. 

I really don’t care who wins between Camilla or Ike, because I like these two characters a lot, but I (very) low-key hope Camilla will win just to piss the haters off. That being said, I’d be absolutely astonished if she wins against Ike, of all people.

Frankly, it’s not Camilla’s victory over Lyn that’s tearing the fandom in two. It’s the fandom’s half that’s treating her victory as if it’s some kind of unforgivable blasphemy. 

  • Terry Crews: /dubbed sexiest man alive for three years in a row. discusses feminism and gender equality. loves to please Overwatch fans. mr fanservice.
  • Blizzard designing doomfist: sexualising.... a MALE character..???uhhh?h?o??w? genji's flat robutt is enough.....
  • Blizzard designing athena's robot body: /hourglass figure, thigh gap, wide hips, steel titties, metal g-string, and a cleverly disguised tramp stamp shhhhhhhh

fun fact but @fuckyeahsmoshgames​ ’s favorite name for Shayne is Mister Fanservice. This is for you bby (and me, because, hey, fanservice. And everyone else too.) if you question where a specific gif is from, pls just ask!

In order for a guy to qualify as Mr Fanservice, just being attractive isn’t enough. He needs to be shown in scenes intended as fanservice for girls (and certain guys). He can have anything between muscular limbs, broad shoulders and/or sculpted abs. . Most of the time, he has no shirt on. He needs to be subjected to at least one Shirtless Scene.

request gifs here! (requests slowed a bit with summer games in session) You may delete the captions except for ‘request gifs here’ and dedication for fysg.


Can we all just please take a moment
to appeciate Shayne’s performance  in ‘DICK PIC CURSE’? 

Like, it’s not even just a fangirling thing, I just straight up honestly think he did an amazing job there, especially for being a super late substitute cast for Ian. This man gets way too little praise for his talent and definitely needs more appeciation. He’s way more than just a living ‘Mr. Fanservice’ trope that some people seem to see almost exclusively!

On a side note,
I’m fangirling nevertheless and I effectively live for serial killer Shayne now, go ask @shitsmoshsays about it, k bye.

Writing Bisexual Characters

Queer identities are gaining more and more ground in written and visual media. While this is splendid, portrayals often seem limited to gay people. Bisexuality is, in many ways, still an “invisible” queer identity. Way too often, I hear people who don’t know what it is, doubt its existence, or just plain don’t consider it when telling a story.



About the author: I am a bisexual woman in my mid-twenties who has studied gender and queer theory non-professionally for a few years. I’m by no means an expert on anything, but I do have an interest in seeing my sexuality represented well.

Let me start with a disclaimer: There is no one way to be bisexual. This doesn’t describe everyone by a longshot. The best way of learning is to go out there, listen, ask and listen some more. This article is just a starting point for knowledge and questions.

With that in mind, let’s start!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is bisexuality?

Being bisexual means you are able to be sexually, romantically and/or emotionally attracted to more than one gender. Some people make a distinction between being attracted to both genders (bisexual) or being attracted to all genders (pansexual), but for most intents and purposes, bisexual is the term you want.

For some bisexuals, gender is a factor in the attraction, some are genderblind, some fluctuate between genders, some have a preference, etc. Point is, there are many different ways to be bisexual. The one thing they all have in common is the sexual attraction to more than one gender.


Isn’t it just a phase?

While it’s true that some gay people identify as bi before coming fully out, and that some straight people identify temporarily as bi, bisexuality is a completely legitimate orientation. Bi adults tend to stay bi.

Part of the “phase” idea comes from the fact that most bisexuals indeed settle down with a person of a specific gender. This doesn’t make them non-bisexual though. It just means that their perfect match happened to be male/female/whatever.


How and when does a bisexual person know that they are bi?

That differs a lot. Some have known all their lives, some figure it out through experimenting, some only realize when BAM they’re in love with someone unexpected. Personally, up until my early twenties I just figured everyone was a little gay until I realized that hey, maybe it’s just me.


How do bisexuals choose?

The same way as everyone else. We meet someone fantastic, and we decide that we want a relationship with them.


Aren’t you just greedy?

No, no and also no. Bisexuals are not attracted to everyone. We can be attracted to anyone regardless of gender, but we still have taste and standards. The specific standards depend on the bi individual, just like libido, faithfulness, etc. - all things that have nothing to do with the orientation and everything to do with the individual.


Writing a Bisexual Character

The top 6 most important things to remember while writing a bisexual character are as follows:

  1. “Bisexual” is not a personality trait, nor does it say anything distinctive about the character apart from their shipping potential. Sexuality informs personality, sure, but just like you can’t base a character around their hair color, you can’t base a character solely around their sexuality. Flesh ‘em out.

  2. Bisexual people face discrimination from both straight and gay communities. Bi girls are seen as flaky teases or “drunken straight girls”. Bi guys are seen as equally flaky, unable to settle down, or as gays in denial. All bi people are seen as more promiscuous and less trustworthy. Many people will avoid serious relationships with bi people because of this.

  3. Since bisexuals are regarded as more sexual, bi characters (especially female) can skirt the line of Mr./Ms. Fanservice. It’s not fair, but know that a same-sex couple kissing will often be seen as shocking and/or pandering.

  4. Most (Western) bisexuals live happy, well-adjusted lives at peace with our sexuality. The media has a tendency to depict queer characters in a very dramatic and traumatised light, and there is some truth to this (e.g. the suicide rate among bisexual teens is higher than for both straight and gay teens), but the angst is currently overexposed in media. The angsty queer story needs some spotlight, but it isn’t groundbreaking or edgy anymore.

  5. Related to this, be careful about killing off one half of a same-sex couple. It has been done. A LOT. I’m not saying it can’t be done well, but it leaves me a bad taste in the mouth to see just how many storytellers don’t believe I deserve a happy ending.

  6. If your bisexual character is the only non-monosexual person in the story, be prepared for extra scrutiny and criticism (as this character will stand as ambassador for your view on bisexual people). Avoid this by having a broader selection of LGBT+ characters.


How to Out a Bisexual Character

It can be tricky to out bisexual characters, especially if they’re uncoupled by the time of writing. Here are some easy ways:

  • Casual outing. Mention same-sex partners/exes in passing. “Yeah, my ex always did so-and-so. S/he was crazy!”. Date stories are also good fuel here. This is the most casual way of coming out.

  • Sexy outing. Let the character join in on “that person is so hot!” conversations, or have them hit on someone of the same gender. This type of outing may be at little ambiguous, at least to the other characters, and it emphasizes the sexual aspect of the identity. But it can be a fun way.

  • Explicit outing. Let the character explicitly and directly out themselves. This may be in response to some bigoted speech (“whoa dude, you know it’s me you’re talking about, right?”), during a relevant conversation point (“Actually, since I’m bi, I know so-and-so”), or it might be a bigger gesture (“Since you’re my friend, you deserve to know”). There are lots of reasons one might bring it up.

  • Forced/accidental outing. Someone else outs the character. This might be an enemy throwing it in your character’s face, a friend who slips up and mentions it, someone who comes across old love letters, etc. Depending on setting and other characters, this can be quite the drama fuel.

In real life, most bi people are acutely aware of how we mention our dating lives. We have made active decisions about whether we’re out or not, and who we’re out to. Very few bi people are careless about this.

That said, please out your bi character to, if no one else, then at least to the reader. Representation only matters if it is, you know… represented.


Tropes and Caricatures To Avoid

There are lots of weird and harmful tropes and stereotypes regarding bisexuals. Namely:

  1. The sex fiend. Yes, some people like sex a lot, and sometimes those sex lovers are bisexual. But there’s nothing inherently promiscuous about bisexuality, and the world doesn’t need any more sex-crazed bi characters.

  2. The straight-then-gay. A person who has genuinely enjoyed sexual relations with the opposite gender, then starts dating someone of the same gender, is probably bi. Don’t erase their identity, and the genuineness of their previous relationships, by proclaiming them suddenly gay. Or vice versa.

  3. Crushing on the straight person. While this can make a compelling story, and it certainly happens in real life, it has been done to death. It also tends to cast queer love as inherently more tragic than straight love. Maybe not avoid outright, but certainly tread with caution.

  4. Too Good For This World. While it is a nice gesture, killing off your queer character to make a point about the world’s cruelty has been done. To death, if you’ll pardon the pun.

  5. The Tease. Especially common with female characters. It’s a bisexual person, often very sexy, but her orientation is never stated outright. It’s played with, alluded to, flirted with, but she never crosses the line of plausible deniability. Almost always overlaps with the sex fiend or Ms. Fanservice. Just… just don’t.



The most important part is: It’s not hard! As long as you build an interesting, three-dimensional person not relying on stereotypes (the way all characters should be written), you can’t mess it up. And the world sorely needs good bi characters, so you will be doing both the queer and the writing community a solid by including us.

Also: Please remember that there are as many ways to be bisexual as there are bisexuals on this planet. Sexuality is fluid, and complex, and just a small part of one’s identity.

If you’re interested in reading more, here are some good starting points:

I will also be delighted to answer questions through my own blog or this post’s notes.


Now go forth, and write great bisexual characters!

  • ok but imagine neil getting a twitter and just?? calling out everyone who pisses him off and starting fights 
  • and wymack gets phone calls about his striker mouthing off online and he’s like “kEVIN!!!” bc he doesn’t think neil w his dinosaur of a phone would even know how to work social media but then Kevin’s like ‘whaaaat i didnt do it it was nEIL’ and like of couuurse it was neil duh he should know better by now when is it NOT neil stirring up trouble. 
  •  So then wymack grudgingly is forced to get a twitter to 'monitor’ neil and like this is So Not what he signed up for. They are Not paying him enough for this shit. 
  • But then he really gets into twitter?? And he’s mostly just complaining about things and yelling at neil and quoting ridiculous shit the players say out of context and slowly he gains a small following. 
  •  The girls, Matt, and nicky all have twitters already but the twins think its pointless and Refuse. (Aaron and Andrew are shocked that they?? Agree on something??) 
  • Eventually the others crack them tho. neil just asks and andrew’s like ok fiiiine. (he secretly really wanted on ok)
  • Aaron mostly ends up retweeting science related things what a Nerd. Or liking all of katelyns tweets. Nerd.  
  • Andrew tweets stuff like 'I’m bored’ 'I hate @ neiljosten’ 'the ravens suck’ 'almost punched someone today’ 'just punched someone today’ 'got a new knife’ '102% @ neiljosten' 
  • Matt, nicky, dan, and allison are terrible, awful enablers when it comes to Neil’s twitter fights. 
  • They all totally jump in and back him up, especially Matt and Dan. nicky retweets everything and cheers him on. Allison and Renee start up bets on who neil will drag next. 
  • Sometimes when fights get reaaally heated (like w death threats and shit) Andrew will randomly appear to back up neil like “dial it back fucko or i’ll wreck u” @ some mouthy rival or like some random hater that just wanted to start shit w neil. maybe someone who keeps calling him “nathaniel” and brining up his dad and stuff and andrew’s like *cracks knuckles* “turn on ur location buddy” 
  • also aaron totally indirects everyone. aaron is shady as hell. probs throws shade at his on teammates when they’re being annoying. allison later comes up to him w her phone like ‘what the hell is this all about aaron why the fuck are u talking about me on twitter!’ 
  • ‘u were being a fucking dick at practice’ and allison is like?? (she starts a new bet: how long will it take for aaron to discover the @ feature) 
  • Kevin only uses his twitter to livetweet exy games and talk about exy and occasionally tweet fans (mr fanservice) 
  • matt tweets the most random shit. like movie quotes, random things about the foxes, tweeting nice, cute things about dan. retweeting everything from neil’s account. posting team pics and selfies like his twitter is probs linked to his instagram. being such a BroTM 
  • nicky and erik are always tweeting each other and being gross cute and like So That Couple. his icon is probs rainbow and he’s like super in ur face about all gay things just to piss off all the homophobic exy ppl 
  • allison’s is p much all fashion and livetweeting updates on her ongoing bets/when bets are finally settled and who wins 
  • dan is wymack’s first follower and her twitter is a mix of kevin’s and matt’s it’s like 40% exy things + interacting w fans, 40% random stuff from matt’s twitter, and 20% retweets from wymack and neil’s accounts
  • renee retweets/likes most of andrew’s tweets and sometimes comments on them. her tweets usually end with heart and smiley emojis. she posts a lot of positive/inspirational quotes and lyrics. she follows back all her fans and is just very sweet and very renee. 
  • the foxes also get an “official” twitter and its clearly run by one of the foxes because they always tweet stuff that only the foxes would know about but whoever it is won’t own up to it and is a very good liar and none of them can figure out who it is like they all pull each other aside one by one and ask each other are u “sEXYfoxes_official”???? 
  • and everyone is like “” 
  • allison starts a bet about who it is but everyone is suspicious that it’s her 
  • she insists it’s not and puts her money on neil or nicky 
  • matt’s like ‘it’s fucking andrew!’ 
  • andrew looks at him w the most bored look ever at these accusations (which really does nothing but confirm matt’s suspicions) 
  • neil puts money on nicky, nicky puts money on neil, renee puts money on matt, dan puts money on allison, aaron and kevin are suspiciously absent for all of this …
  • wymack knows exactly who’s behind the twitter but he ain’t telling 

Blanket Burrito Illya - JackyMedan (AO3)

In which Napoleon can NOT fight back the urge to wrap an almost naked Illya in three layers of blankets before letting him out in public ;))

This was inspired by a line in Cirnellie’s fic “The Gentlemen’s Club Affair”, which in turn was already inspired by my earlier drawing “Mr. Fanservice Man”, lol :’).. I couldn’t help myself

@cirnellie ….. my hand slipped, oops <3

Civil War impressions (SPOILERS)


2. Vision and Wanda. I SHIP IT

3. Capt’s ARMS THO like do u even lift bro

4. Ant-Man upgrade YEAH

5. FINALLY Spiderman is legit acting like a teenager

6. Everybody fangirls over Steve lel


and finally

8. FREAKIN HIPSTER FONTS MAN thanks for taking me out of the immersion and making me giggle