mr. fanservice

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Mr. G, you are some good shit. G00D SH!T. eh heh. maybe you can convince zeroster to show you how to never die, even if your soul get's broken// It won't be easy tho~~

look out we got a badass over here 


fun fact but @fuckyeahsmoshgames​ ’s favorite name for Shayne is Mister Fanservice. This is for you bby (and me, because, hey, fanservice. And everyone else too.) if you question where a specific gif is from, pls just ask!

In order for a guy to qualify as Mr Fanservice, just being attractive isn’t enough. He needs to be shown in scenes intended as fanservice for girls (and certain guys). He can have anything between muscular limbs, broad shoulders and/or sculpted abs. . Most of the time, he has no shirt on. He needs to be subjected to at least one Shirtless Scene.

request gifs here! (requests slowed a bit with summer games in session) You may delete the captions except for ‘request gifs here’ and dedication for fysg.


Can we all just please take a moment
to appeciate Shayne’s performance  in ‘DICK PIC CURSE’? 

Like, it’s not even just a fangirling thing, I just straight up honestly think he did an amazing job there, especially for being a super late substitute cast for Ian. This man gets way too little praise for his talent and definitely needs more appeciation. He’s way more than just a living ‘Mr. Fanservice’ trope that some people seem to see almost exclusively!

On a side note,
I’m fangirling nevertheless and I effectively live for serial killer Shayne now, go ask @shitsmoshsays about it, k bye.

can u imagine if the zestiria characters learned about the zestiria fandom though

like Zaveid would be like “I bet the ladies all love me, right? I’m like MR Fanservice!” and then he’d scroll through the Zestiria tag on pixiv or whatever and be like “THESE ARE ALL PICTURES OF MIKLEO??”

and Mikleo would be so embarrassed because everyone’s complimenting him and basically dying and saying things like “if i loved mikleo any more i’d be sorey” and everyone’s like “true” and mikleo’s horribly flustered but sorey’s just so happy that everyone loves Mikleo so much, he always knew it

lailah would be happy to see all these people loving her puns, edna would be fine with her slightly fewer but dedicated fans that love her snarkiness

rose and alisha would be like “ok so half of them are fighting about which of us is better and half of them are saying we should make out”

Civil War impressions (SPOILERS)


2. Vision and Wanda. I SHIP IT

3. Capt’s ARMS THO like do u even lift bro

4. Ant-Man upgrade YEAH

5. FINALLY Spiderman is legit acting like a teenager

6. Everybody fangirls over Steve lel


and finally

8. FREAKIN HIPSTER FONTS MAN thanks for taking me out of the immersion and making me giggle