mr. everywhere

going to college/university in gotham city would be so wild???

  • a student who forgets to sort out their accommodation until the last minute and ends up moving into mr freeze’s hideout because everywhere else in town is full. still beats dorms i guess.
  • the welcome assembly is 6 hours long and most of it is what to do if you encounter the joker or batman or some other hero or villain and how the police are essentially useless.
  • non-gothamite students being freaked out over why the gothamite students aren’t panicking when their campus coffee shop gets held up by harley quinn and poison ivy.
  • city-wide catastrophes are not an excuse for getting out of finals week.
  • the black market is incredibly easy to access in gotham and ends up getting used by students wanting to make a quick buck by writing other people’s essays or stealing answers off tests. beware ex-psychology professors who do not take kindly to cheaters.
  • not being sure whether the sound you’re hearing is an explosion somewhere in town or just your neighbor’s music at 3AM. 
  • did you just see nightwing pass by your window or are you hallucinating from lack of sleep? 
  • riddler crashes the university’s servers, causing untold fear and panic to the students who had left their essays to the very last minute to turn in.
  • iceberg lounge is to be avoided, the drinks are so damn expensive and the nightlife is usually lousy unless batman’s doing a raid on the place.  
  • any drunk student could easily be taken in as a new batman villain. one minute you’re at a fancy dress party having a good time, the next thing you know you’re waking up in a jail cell with a suspicious, batarang shaped scar and the tabloids calling you Donkey Girl. 
  • every student thinks they can be robin within the first two weeks of moving to gotham. this usually does not end well. 
  • seeing two-face chilling at mcdonald’s on your friend’s snapchat story and not even being surprised at this point. 
  • no need to set an alarm for a 14 minute nap, batgirl will probably come crashing through your window anyway. 
  • most people want to bang either someone from the batfam or the rogues gallery. some have even attempted it.
  • fear toxin is put in the vents one time but almost no one is affected. everybody is already terrified for exams. 
  • most dorm rooms have an “adopt me batman” sign hanging from the windows, or variations of that (”adopt me catwoman” is a pretty popular one too)
Breeding Time.

Hi guys! It’s Raphaëlle talking! Hope you were good to Santa this year. But in all honestly, I preferred you when you’re naughty ;)

Submission of Thunder-Banger 

Disclaimer: Smut. Breeding kink. Daddy kink. Swearing. If you are a prude, you’ll may want to scratch your eyes out.

Words : 2537


Imagine, you just got out of Belle Rêve and he wants to put a baby up your belly. 


It was 00h37 when you arrived at J’s house. Tiredness was dripping from all the pores of your skin. Escaping Belle Rêve was harder than you though it would be. At some point you even stop believing it was possible. Guards were surrounding you from everywhere, Mr J’s men were all getting killed. 

When you it was sure in your head that you were going back into your cage tonight, a helicopter came out of nowhere and drop you a rope. Holding you firmly by your waist, J hoist the both of you up to safety, bullets charging at you from everywhere. 

 The helicopter drop you off when you were in a safe perimeter. A car was waiting for you. You climbed in it while J killed the pilot. You were happy to see that he thought of bringing you clothes to changes. You went in the backseat so you had more place to change before going back in the front. You pulled down the window and pitched the orange uniform as hard as you could.

 It took 15 hours of driving before arriving at J’s house. 15 hours of driving in pure silence. He wasn’t saying a word, you weren’t either.

 When the Rover pulled up the entry of the mansion, the sun was beginning to go down, J told you to not wait for him, that he’ll be back later in the night. You didn’t ask any questions, you didn’t have the force to, and even if you had your brain wouldn’t have registered his answer. 

 You climbed off the vehicle, and went directly inside, to your room, more precisely, while you heard him putting the car on reverse and leaving the manor. Getting out of your stained blood clothes, you slipped yourself under the cover of the bed you share with J. 

 The smooth mattress under you felt so good after the year you passed slipping on the floor that you can’t help yourself: as soon as your head touch the pillow, you fell asleep. 


 You were put out of your sleep, maybe some hours later, you didn’t know, by a sticky and hot substance that was running down your cheeks. You were laying down on your side by the window, so the sticky stuff was going all over your lips. 

 Still light-headed and not really sure of what was happening, you just ran your tongue over your lips. When the viscous substance touched your taste buds, you knew exactly what it was. You opened your eyes immediately and raised yourself up. You turn yourself on the left side and come face to face with J, who had is hard-purplish meat in between is hand. 


 His torso was raising up and down in a fast speed, his eyes closed and a little smile tucking his lips softly. His boxer were only down at the middle of his thighs. Humidity was starting to make its way into your panties, but you shook your head, furious. 

 “What the fuck J!” 

 When your voice reach is ears, his blue eyes finally come into sight. 

 “What? I had blue balls for almost a year, I needed little relief.” 

 “But were you really obligated to cum on my motherfucking cheek?! I was finally having a good damn night of sleep!” You said, rage spilling out of you. 

 “I jacked off so often to your pictures that they are all ruined now.” 

 “Oh please, you’re worse than a fucking teenager.” 

 “Don’t speak like that to me. You never complained before.” 

 “J, I just spend 9 fucking months in jail sleeping on the goddamn floor. Is it too hard to ask from you to just leave me alone for one goddamn night? Just cum into your fucking pillow.” 

 Suddenly, your cheeks were caught in his right hand, putting your mouth awkwardly forward. His eyes were getting cloudy with anger. He was slowly gritting his teeth, the metal of it making a sound that gave you goosebumps all over. 

 “Listen to me you little brat. You are not allowed to speak to me on that tone. You are not allowed tell what to do with my fucking dick. If I want to mark you like a fucking dog who mark a tree by pissing on it, I’ll fucking do it. Do you understand?” He was so calm compared to his eyes, it was scary. You didn’t want to answer. 

 “ANSWER!” He screamed. 

 “Y-yes, J.” 

 “J? Wow, they really had fun with you in there, hey? So much you forget who I was. I should give you a spanking for that. But I’ll give you one more chance. Yes-who?

 You didn’t want a spanking. At least, not tonight. 

 “Yes, Daddy.” 

 He gave you a smile. You gave him one in return.

 “Good girl. Now undress and get on your hands and knees.” 

 You smile slowly faded to an uncertain look. 

 “What, but Daddy I did everything you asked!” 

 He gave you a malicious smile. He just win a hiding game he had been playing. 

 Knowing that if you didn’t do it, the consequences would’ve been worse, you did what you were told. Getting out of bed, the coldest of the room came rushing at you, making the hair of your arms raising. Your back was facing him so you couldn’t see the expression on his perfect face when you pull up your shirt, revealing your braless torso. You began to slowly slide down your burgundy velour short along with your lilac laced panties. 

 You turned on your heels, coming face to face with Mr. J, whose eyes was eating you alive. You could see the lust in them, the desire to swallow you in one shot. His cock had already took a deep red color and was able to support itself by its own. 

 Some liquid was already showing at the tip and you couldn’t help yourself at the sight: you squeezed your thighs to get some friction. Its only when you did that that you realised how wet you were. You could feel it running shamelessly down your legs. A deep shade of pink appeared and colored all of your face. You hided yourself behind your (h\c) hair. 

 “Don’t be shy baby. You weren’t before you left.” 

 You stay still. 

 “What? You became a prude in there? Your baby hole got closed up? You suck a dick to deep you busted your vocal cords?” 

 You bite your lips at his obscene words. 

 “You like that? You like thinking about another’s dick deep in your throat? Hum? You like that little slut?” 

 “I-I only like your cock, Daddy.” You affirmed. 

He show you his metal teeth. 

 “Good girl. Now on the bed. It’s time for your punishment.” 

 Without missing a beat, you go on the bed, on your hands and knees, putting your ass facing him and a little bit higher than the rest of your body, to make it seems more enticing. You can feel the bed moving under you and you know exactly that J is moving to try to get the best angle for your spanking. 

 His rough hands are suddenly touching the bare skin of you ass. A good goosebumps make all of the hair on your body raised up in excitement. You could feel the coldness of his golden bracelets travel behind his hands. 

 “You know why I am punishing you babygirl?” He ask, the roughness of his voice showing up. 

 “Because I have been a bad girl to my Daddy.” 

 “You are right baby. That little mouth of yours put you in trouble. I thought I educated you better than that.” 

 “I’m sorry Daddy…” 

 “Being sorry won’t save you baby girl.” 

 Then come the first slap. It sound echoed in the room along with my hiss. He messaged it for a while before hitting the same spot even harder. The same pattern kept going for a while: hit, massage, hit harder, hit, massage, hit harder… You were a moaning mess at the end, and you couldn’t feel your ass.

 “You can’t imagine how much I love the sight of your ass all red and ready.

 You can feel his fingers sliding down carefully towards your wet folds. You moaned when you felt his big finger splitting your lips apart to give him a better look. 

 “That’s it baby, make your little pussy cry me a river.” He said while putting a finger inside of you. 

 You could feel your walls trying to suck it in, recognising it right of the bat. Your pussy was squeezing his finger so hard that when he tried to retract it, a sound of suction could be heard. It’s like if your pussy didn’t to be left without him. 

 Of course you were used to getting something in it every day. Before getting your ass into Belle Rêve, you always had his daddy stick up your tight cunt. 

My, my, my baby, you’re so fucking tight it almost hurt!” 

 Another finger was added to the equation. You bite the sheets under you, muffling the sounds of your moans at the same time. Your daddy’s fingers were hammering inside of you. And you could hear the sound of slapping flesh all around you. 

 Suddenly, you were on your belly, face to face with him. His fingers were shot down your throat without warning, making you chocked over the surprise. You started to swirl your tongue around, the taste of your juice all over your mouth. Soon enough, his fingers were replaced by his tongue. Your wet muscle was dancing with his for a couple minutes, spit falling down of your mouth at how sloppy the kiss was. 

 "You know what baby? I think I found a better way to show people who you belong to.“ 

 ”What is it daddy?“ You asked, in a baby voice.

 His big blue eyes was on you the all time he was lowering his head so his mouth could be at the level of your ear. His fingers were moving all around your body, pinching your nipples at some point, which made you trembled. 

 ”I’m going to breed that little cunt of yours.“ He whispered. You cried out in ecstasy as your hands grabbed a hold of the covers on your bed as his ginormous cock entered your tight little pink pussy.

 You could hear his moans of pleasure as his dripping cock head pushed against the wet, tight walls of your cunt. 

 ”Fuck yeah, suck daddy’s meat with your tight little cunt. Make me feel good babygirl.“ 

 He started moving slowly inside you, breaking the tight suction of your hole around the thickness of his cock. He started to move faster as your moans begin to be louder and louder, working his cock completely in and out of your little cunt. 

 “Mm… that’s it, little pussy, grab onto my cock. Make me fuck it harder.” 

 J grunted with every thrust into your little pussy. His balls popping against your clit over and over slowly turning your pussy into a lake of wetness. Your moans turned into screams ad you knew that if anybody were to be in the house, they would perfectly heard you. 

 He dug his fingers once more into your hips, pulling you into his hard thrust. He could feel his gut twisting in pleasure inside of him. It was so good, so good. It was making his balls tighten with every stroke. He was about to breed his babygirl. 

 ”Fuck, I can’t wait to put my fucking baby inside you.“ 

 You could feel your muscle started to cramp over the movement of in and out of his meat inside of you. Sweat was dripping all over his face. You lift yourself up to wipe it with your tongue. J moaned at your action. You smiled, proud to make him feel so good. But you were rapidly pull back into the bed by his hand that was now wrapped around your tiny neck. 

 He used his grip as leverage, his cock slapping inside you harder than ever. The smell of your sweet cunt cream scented the air around him and made him go totally insane. He put every muscle he had into pushing as deep as he could into you, to push as far up into your belly as he could get and breed your little hole with his potent seed. 

 ”Oh god, daddy! You’re gonna make me cum with your long, big stick!

 Your pussy clenched down on his dick like a vice, making it close to impossible for him to withdraw. Suction noises was flying in the air as he kept pounding into you. You were still trembling underneath him. 

 You could tell he was close to cum. 

 ”C'mon you little fucking cunt. Milk me. Fuck!“ 

 When his orgasm hit he screamed. It felt like his cock was exploding inside your sucking walls, milking the incestuous seed from his swollen balls into waiting womb to breed you. He dived as deeply as he could into you. Again and again he stabbed his meat into you forcing your womb to opened up against the head of his cock. 

 “Fuckkkkk yeah… swallow it… little pussy,” he hunched his cock against your womb with every spurt. 

 “Swallow all of Daddy's… hot seed,” he grunted, shaking as he forced the head tight against your cervix and held it there, letting the last drops leak into your opening. Allowing your womb to suckle on the tip, trying to draw every drop from his potent cock. 

 “God damn… suck it… suck it,” he moaned before finally collapsing on top of you as his softening cock fell out of your pussy with an obscene slurp. 

 Your chest was falling heavily as you tried to regulate your respiration. You gently passed your hand into his green hair, kissing his temple sweetly. He raised his head that was currently burried beside your neck and kissed you slowly. 

 “You took all of Daddy’s big cock, little girl,” he murmured against your lips, pecking it once. 

 “And Daddy is really proud of his babygirl,” he pecked it once again. 

 "Nobody will ever take you away from me now.“ He said, rubbing your belly who will soon be the home of somebody else.

So I was looking up cairn terriers for fic and I saw this on their characteristic list. They are not tolerant of being alone. Can you imagine Harry taking Mr. Pickle everywhere? Like the one time he left him home alone Mr. Pickle went crazy and destroyed priceless furniture, so from that moment on Harry decided to take him with him everywhere, even to the office.

And when he’s on a mission Merlin (much to his dismay) had to watch him, because Mr. Pickle HATED the kennels?

I just want Harry carrying this tiny little pup around with him everywhere, the grocery store, to work, to suit fittings, everywhere and anywhere.

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#35 from dialogue list for Bughead

#35 was quite a challenge, at first… I had no idea of how to make something so dramatic with those words, but I’m quite happy with the results! Thank you for sending me this, Anon!!

Title: A Moment of Despair
Summary: For the Dialogue List- number 35: “Go on, tell me. Tell me you don’t love me.” Jughead goes after his father, but FP is long gone by now. The boy is troubled and broken, and she’s the only one who can fix him.
A/N: Since we all seem to be trapped in this angst feeling after ep 10, why not writing some dark Bughead moments, right? This was supposed to have less than 1k words, but as always, I couldn’t hold back XD This is a failed prediction of chapter 11, and even if I know this is definitely not going to happen, I decided to write it down simply because I can. I hope you all enjoy it!

Also, thank you so SO much, @jeemyjamz and @confessionsof-riverdale ! You guys have no idea of how much you’ve helped me during this time my beta took a break XD This pic is for us!
The front door of the trailer was practically tossed aside by the teenager as he stormed inside, not minding whatever consequences his actions could bring upon him. His heart was beating faster, his lungs were demanding for air, and his hands were shaking uncontrollably, as his eyes gradually adjusted to the darkness that surrounded him.

“Dad! Are you in here!?”

A chilling breeze followed him as he searched the entire place, not leaving a single room forgotten. Memories were spread around the metallic, fragile walls of his father’s trailer home, staring at him with those familiar faces that were long gone from his life. They reminded him of how things used to be, and confronting his broken reality, Jughead’s heart beat even more anxiously with each passing moment. His feet made their way past the pile of junk and empty, beer bottles that created a trail of mess and destruction, which, in the end, ended up leading him to the worst possible scenario.

The trailer was empty. Empty of life and hope, and certainly empty of his father’s strong presence.

So it was true, he thought.

The scene his greenish-blue eyes were witnessing at that very moment just proved what he’d overheard from his friends earlier. His father had run away, attesting his guilt regarding Riverdale’s most shocking crime. He shot Jason Blossom in a cold-blooded act and fled from the town — labelling himself as a murderer, and leaving everything behind. Leaving his own son behind.

And just when he thought his father was getting his act together.

Realization hit him hard, and soon, tears started to pool around his eyes. Jughead was breaking down in a mix of anger, fear, and disappointment he wasn’t sure were directed towards his father or himself. He was mad at FP for shooting a kid, but most of all, Jughead was mad at himself for actually believing his father when he said he had nothing to do with Jason’s death. He lied to him about the murder and probably about everything else just so he could keep his own son away until he had everything ready to leave.

‘It must have felt incredible.’ Jughead thought, as his mind started to think back to all the successful lies his own father had told him. Lies which he believed whole-heartedly simply because they came from the man he loves. The man who raised him, for god’s sake!

“You bastard…”

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There Will Be History - Part Three

Lin x Reader

Word Count- 1,201

Warnings- Nothing. It’s the calm before the storm.

A/N- It’s a small, tame one before what I am planning to be the fourth and final part of this unplanned series! @plamspringsdancingontables has, as always, been a saint in helping with this and I love her more than I love most things.

Tags- @always-blame-jefferson @awesome-wow-imagines @findmyflower @butlinislin  @hamilton-gaygod @congratsonhamlet @yayhamletnonstop @quiet-fawn-of-the-galaxy @fangirlwithasweettooth @spicydice @tea-at-teatime @panacebean  

Part One/Part Two/Part Three

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hey, is it too late to request a one shot? if you could do one where the prophet makes up a story about harry having a secret girlfriend and draco getting jealous?

It’s not too late at all!!! My ask box is ALWAYS open :D I would have finished this sooner, but I had work (le sigh). Hope you like it! (I’m sorry I didn’t know whether to post in full or link out… I’m not sure if it shortens asks with a “keep reading” link?)

Harry ran his hands through his hair and pulled, staring in incredulous horror at the mounting pile of post.

“Why do they keep sending it here?” he yelled at Agnus, his secretary. “Surely there’s some law against this much personal post arriving at work?”

“Now when it’s you, honey,” Agnus called back cheerfully. “Just forward it to your home if it bothers you.”

“But then I’ll just have to deal with it there,” Harry muttered, picking up the first letter and opening it at arms length.

“Why?!” the letter screamed.

Harry dropped it in alarm and took a step backward.

“Why her and not me? Why her and not me? Why her and not me?” the letter howled over and over until Harry pointed his wand and sent it up in flames.

He pointed the wand at the rest of the pile. With a sigh, he lowered it again. There could be real post in there.

Though it wasn’t likely. Ever since the Prophet had published that stupid article about him and some supposed secret girlfriend, the letters had come pouring in.

A noise by the door made him look up.

“Malfoy,” he said in surprise. “What are you doing here?”

Malfoy leaned casually on Agnus’ desk, ignoring her fierce glare. “Head Auror Potter,” he said loftily, “you know perfectly well that that information is-” he paused and lowered his voice dramatically. “Unspeakable.”

Harry rolled his eyes. “Fine,” he said, turning back to the post.

He frowned as he caught sight of a large package sitting near the bottom. It looked different to the others.

Harry flicked his wand slowly, and the package unwrapped.

There was a small warning sound, like a puff of smoke, and then confetti exploded all over the room and Harry.

Harry blinked slowly. In the centre of the package was a single, white rose.

Harry reached out and tapped it carefully with his finger. It tinkled.

“Crystal,” Malfoy drawled from behind him. “Expensive. Is there a note?”

Harry leaned forward cautiously and plucked a note from the box.

Congratulations on getting a girlfriend!!

Harry stared at the note.

“Does it…” he said slowly. “Does it sound patronising to you?”

Malfoy leaned over Harry’s shoulder and shrugged. “I see only sincerity, Potter,” he said with a  smirk. “This lovely admirer obviously knows all about the dastardly awkwardness of your youth, and has chosen to offer their heartfelt congratulations. You should send them a thank you card.”

“There’s no return address,” Harry said, picking up the package and inspecting it.

“Modest too. What a lady.”

“Or man,” Harry muttered, then shook his head as he realised he was agreeing with Malfoy. “Don’t you have work to do?”

“Always,” Malfoy said with a grin, and strode off, leaving Harry to pluck pieces of confetti from his hair.

Harry stared at the walls of his office and wondered if anyone would notice if he quietly sobbed in the corner for a while.

Every flat surface in the room was covered in gifts.

Crystal roses glinted softly in the sunlight, and that was only the beginning. There were boxes and boxes of custom made Belgian chocolate, printed with words of encouragement: Perseverance is half the battle! Never stop trying! You’re an inspiration!

He had tried to throw them away, but Agnus wouldn’t let him.

Eighteen vases of flowers, decorated with jewels and spelled to last for weeks.

Twenty three greeting cards.

And the piece de resistance – the singing doxy. As soon as Harry had unwrapped it, it had fluttered up to the ceiling and began to sing in a high-pitched wail.

His eyes are as green as a fresh pickled toad…

It had become suspiciously adept at hiding amongst his books and the other gifts. When Harry finally managed to catch it, he was going to express owl it to Ginny. If he couldn’t blame the person who was sending the ridiculous gifts, then he had decided he was going to blame her.

He had become the laughing stock of the department. The Aurors were holding bets on when the next gift would arrive. He couldn’t conduct business in his office anymore.

It was a nightmare.

And Malfoy popped by every day to snicker at the growing pile of presents.

“Why don’t you just throw them away?” he asked, his eyes glinting with malicious pleasure.

“You know very well Agnus would never let me waste anything so expensive,” Harry hissed, narrowing his eyes. Suddenly, his face brightened. “Malfoy, you like Belgian chocolate, don’t you?” He stood up and grabbed the nearest box. “Have a box. Have five!”

Malfoy backed away, his hands in the air. “I wouldn’t dream of it, Potter,” he said with a smirk. “Someone has obviously spent loads of time and money buying you these. They’re just so very impressed that you’ve got yourself a girlfriend after all these years.” He snickered. “Really, you shouldn’t snub them.”

With a final laugh, he turned and ran. Harry hurled the box of chocolates after him. It hit the wall and burst open, scattering chocolate everywhere.  

“Mr. Potter!” Agnus’ angry voice reverberated through the small waiting room, drowning out Malfoy’s cackling laughter.

His hair is as dark as a blackboard…

Harry ran back into his office and slammed the door.


He was rapidly losing sitting space. He had begged Agnus – pleaded with her – to let him get rid of some of the presents. Finally, she had relented and allowed him to donate the chocolates to the staff lounge, in the interest of his health.

That left him with six crystal roses, nineteen vases of flowers, thirty four greeting cards, one singing doxy…

…and three virility potions.

Those had come with a note that contained only a drawing of a face winking.

I wish he was mine, he’s really divine…

“Arrrgh!” Harry yelled, throwing his framed picture of Ron and Hermione at the doxy.

It dodged the collision with a giggle.

“Now, now, Potter,” Malfoy’s voice came from the doorway.

Harry looked up to see him leaning casually in the door frame.

“We must control our temper.” He grinned.

Harry dropped his head into his hands and groaned. “I don’t get it!” he whimpered. “Whoever it is must be loaded. Why are they even doing it?” He looked up at Malfoy beseechingly.

Malfoy tapped his chin thoughtfully. “Not a clue,” he said finally, grinning broadly. “What does your girlfriend think of it all?”

Harry groaned. “I’ve told you all, I don’t have one! When are you going to stop asking?”

“When you stop looking so shifty when you answer.” Malfoy smirked. “Is she jealous of all the presents?” he tapped one of the crystal roses gently, looking smug.

Harry opened his mouth to snap a reply, but froze. He narrowed his eyes and stood up.

“Malfoy,” he said slowly.

Malfoy looked up in alarm. Harry waved his hand and the door swung shut, trapping Malfoy inside.

“Malfoy, what did you say your favourite Belgian chocolate was, again?” Harry asked sweetly.

Malfoy sniffed. “I much prefer Swiss.”

“No you don’t.” Harry walked toward Malfoy, his stride predatory. “You like Belgian chocolate and crystal ware and expensive flowers and thoughtful cards.” He stopped in front of Malfoy, his lips curving into a smirk.

Malfoy stiffened as Harry brought his hands up to rest on either side of Malfoy, on the door. “And you’re exceptionally good at potions,” Harry breathed.

“What are you talking about, Potter,” Malfoy sneered, a faint, pink tinge rising on his cheeks.

“Malfoy, do you know why I don’t have a girlfriend?” Harry asked, one eyebrow raised as he held Malfoy’s gaze.

Malfoy shook his head slowly.

“Because I’m gay.”

Malfoy’s lips parted slightly and he seemed lost for words.

“And do you know how I know you like Belgian chocolate and crystal ware and expensive flowers and thoughtful cards?”

Malfoy shook his head slowly.

Harry huffed a laugh. “No, I suppose you don’t,” he muttered, his eyes falling to Malfoy’s lips.

A small whimper escaped Malfoy’s throat.

“Or you wouldn’t have sent me that fucking doxy,” he finished, crashing his lips down on Malfoy’s, devouring his mouth, and moaning when Malfoy finally pressed back.

“I love you. Most ardently.” (Mr Darcy)

“Look back. Look back at me.” (Mr Thornton)

“I am half agony, half hope.” (Captain Wentworth)

“My heart is  and and always will be yours.” (Edward Ferrars)

Blue eyes ! Blue eyes everywhere !!!