mr. ekoda

Eyes of Fate

During homeroom class in 2-E, Mr. Ekoda tells the class that they’ll be having a new student. He prompts the student to enter the room, Fuuka’s ability to sense Persona having activated a bit prior to the student’s entry. The student is a young man with blue hair and sky blue eyes. He’s rather slenderly built at around 61 inches tall. The young man turns to face the class and his eyes scan among his new classmates with a gaze that could pierce steel. “My name is Kinjiro Shirikaza. I’m a transfer student from Kyoto. I hope we can get along.” Kinjiro says calmly before he is directed to the seat to the left of Natsuki.

Fuuka watched him walk towards Natsuki, sitting in the seat next to her. She kept her eyes off of him and focused back on her notes, highlighting the important stuff in her notes.

She didn’t know what to think of this new boy, but she had plans later today, so she might not be able to learn about him.

It’s really cool that the screencap of Mr. Ekoda I took from P3P is going around. I’ve never had one of my posts be this popular. It’s not really that cool that someone called weeaboobs deleted my caption [not a problem] and replaced it with a link to their blog so as to imply that they’re the source who took and uploaded the screencap themselves [Kind of a problem].

Oh by the way if you haven’t played P3P you totally should because it’s awesome! Who else is crazy excited for the P3 movie?