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Sufjan Stevens was found in a milk crate on the doorstep of Mr. and Mrs. Stevens, in Detroit, MI, on Canada Day, July 1, 1975. He was wrapped in cellophane, and tagged on the wrist with the mysterious note: “I love you.” Mr. and Mrs. Stevens had three other children: Jo-Jo, Zukey-Dukey, and Jam-Jam. Mrs. Stevens crocheted afghans for the flea market. Mr. Stevens was the custodian at the hospital. They had very little money, but very big hearts. They decided to keep the baby (using the milk crate to hold their National Geographics). They named him Sufjan Stevens, after Abu Sufjan Muhammad, the great Armenian Sufi warrior who slew ten thousand dragons to save the Fairy Princess. Despite his despondent looks, Sufjan was a good kid. Mr. and Mrs. Stevens did the best they could. They fed him carrots, they read him parts of the Bhagavad Gita, they combed his hair, they sang songs and tap-danced in the living room. Things were looking good!


Mr Hockey Gordie Howe dies at age 88.

Gordie Howe, recognized as the greatest NHL player who ever lived, died Friday June 10th, the Red Wings announced.

Forever known as Mr Hockey, Gordie set a number of records that many fans worldwide had considered to be untouchable. Tough in many aspects of his career, Gordie was a player not to cross and not to take lightly.

Playing a grand total of 26 NHL seasons, 25 seasons with the Detroit Red Wings and a brief season with the Hartford Whalers, and a 6 season stint in the WHA. 

Gordie’s list of achievements:

  • Playing until the age of 52, Gordie scored 801 goals and 1,850 points in 1,767 regular-season games.
  • A 23 time NHL All-Star.
  • Four time Stanley Cup Champion: 1950, 1952, 1954 and 1955
  • He was the League’s top scorer in four straight seasons, from 1951-54, and again in 1956-57 and 1962-63.
  • Winning the Art Ross Trophy and Hart Trophy six times.
  • Pioneered his own hockey stable, the Gordie Howe Hat Trick.
  • Set standards that were believed to be out of reach until “The Great One”, Wayne Gretzky arrived in the 1980′s

“Detroit’s full of characters.” - Bruce Weber

Meet some of those fascinating characters in the Spring 2014 Shinola campaign shot by Bruce Weber in Detroit. All-American model Carolyn Murphy poses alongside some of the city’s most talented and eccentric residents. Casting by Jennifer Venditti/JV8INC.


Tribute to Gordie Howe