The film plays with time to accentuate the families’ economic differences. The Bennets’ clothes are stuck in the 1790s, while Caroline Bingley wears styles from after 1800. Audiences may not detect the difference, but Bingley’s country neighbors do. At a second ball, women ditch their earth-tone dresses for dignified white gowns like the one Caroline Bingley wore to the first one. Everyone is trying to catch up with her.

(Jacqueline Durran, Costume designer)

i laugh whenever people make mr. darcy out to be the ultimate heartthrob, because let me remind you this man’s talents amount to gushing about his little sister when literally no one asked, not socializing at parties, insulting the people he likes as well as their loved ones, probably saying “thank you” to the bus driver (that one’s good, at least), randomly jumping into lakes whenever he’s in a particularly angsty mood, sulking in the background while his one friend socializes with someone else, ruining his and everyone else’s personal relationships, and making what should go down in history as the Worst Marriage Proposal Ever™