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#52: Boyband VS Girlband | AU | Part 12


2/2 Part of the final Camp Competition!

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“Good afternoon Calum.” You greeted, sending him a smile. He just rolled his eyes by your sweet behavior, crossing his arms. “Y/N was actually here to compliment on our music.” Luke snapped towards Calum making him change his face expression to soften more. “Yeah. You guys did well. Rocked out as always, I’m very impressed and inspired. You’re a wonderful bassist Cal.” Your compliments made Calum’s cheeks blush into a reddish shade of tomato red, his mouth opening wide but no words came out. He had no idea what to say, for so long he had treated and misjudged you for so long and you were just a really caring person. “I uhm..” He mumbled out trying to compose himself, Luke chewing on his bottom lip to try to prevent the smirk. “Thanks.” Was the only thing he said, not really coming up with something better and you could only nod your head, looking back up at the stage, the last band of the camp performing now. “You’re really a cool girl Y/N.” Michael announced, tearing your eyes back to the boys and you send him a smile shrugging your shoulders as the other boys nodded in agreement. “So everything is approved?” You asked, referring to an impatient Luke standing a little further away from you. “I guess it is.” Calum spoke, watching Luke as his eyes lit up. “Can I kiss her now?” Luke almost whined, looking over at Calum and the boys for approved. “I’m surprised you haven’t done it tonight already.” Calum spoke, pointing his head towards you which made Luke break out into an award winning smile before he took the smaller steps towards you, pulling you into his embrace and placing his plump lips on yours. “So for how long are we going to stare at you before you guys realize that the winners of this year’s competition are revealed at any second now?” The sound of Amia questioned making you guys pull away from each other, looking to see the girls standing next to Calum, Michael and Ashton. “Sorry.” You mumbled, turning around and having Luke wrap his arms around your waist from behind, embracing you into his chest and looking up towards the stage. Mrs. Walden walked onto the stage making the camp student crowd scream up, her letting out a laugh by the applause. “Hello you guys!” She greeted, holding a hand in front of her eyebrows to cover the sun. “This is both the best, and also the saddest part of the camp. Today is our last day. You all have to remember to clean up your rooms, clean the beds and under them, and remember to take all the trash out. You can decide whether you will pack tomorrow or today, as long as you all are out of your cabins and they are locked at 11AM. But let’s not talk about the sad part. How about we go find out who’s the winner of the competition this year?” She questioned and everyone started to scream up. “I have the winner, right here.” She mumbled, fishing out an envelope, starting to unlock it, some crossing their fingers, other just having smiles on their faces. “The winner is.. Converse Conclusions. The eight of you just shrugged looking at each other, clapping your hands together for the mixed up band that was on the stage now, receiving their trophy. Both of your bands had one a trophy before, now it was all about enjoying and playing music. “I was about to say there’s always next year, but that doesn’t work anymore.” Michael said making the other chuckle as well, Luke placing a kiss to your cheek. Even though none of you had one, he could always remind himself of how lucky he was of getting you instead.


“Okay boys and girls, there’s no backing down now, I’m announcing the winners of this year’s camp competition.” Mrs. Walden cheered into the microphone, everyone going crazy. “So let’s see who it is then.” She smiled, fighting the urge to open the envelope, taking the paper out and reading the winner’s band name. “This year’s camp competition winner is..” You and the girls crossed your fingers together, the same thing happening with the boys, you and Calum sending each other a wink. “Devilish Angels!” You and the girls’ eyes went wide by the mention of your name; you guys hadn’t won since the first time you were at this camp 4 years ago. “Come up on stage, don’t be shy!” She invited, you and the girls standing up in surprise, the boys clapping their hands together even though they knew they would be cleaning for two bands tomorrow morning - meaning they would have to wake up an hour earlier. You and the girls approached the stage, Mrs. Walden giving out the microphone to Hero. “Thank you so much for this trophy. It’s probably the best way to end the camp since this is our last year here. We really did practice hard, and it’s paying off by letting 5 Seconds of Summer clean our rooms tomorrow morning since we had a bet and they clearly lost.” She smiled, pointing towards the trophy Emma was holding.” Everyone started to laugh and you guys bowed down, ready to walk down the stage and when you were down on the field again, you were met by the boys. ”Well well well what do we have here.” Calum smirked, looking down at you. ”I told ya we would be great this year.” You chuckled, pointing your head towards the trophy in Emma’s hands. Calum looked over at it for a second before looking down at you again. “So you don’t think you deserve another price than that huh?” Calum smirked, reaching his hands out. “Yes. In the matter of fact, I do.” You snickered, approaching him and taking him by surprise, placing your hands on his defined cheekbones and placing a soft kiss to his lips. Calum could barely register what was going on, just having his eyes wide open as he felt your lips work against his none moving ones. “Calum for god sake, for once you guys are actually kissing and not faking, how about you actually show her what you can do with those plump lips of yours.” Luke yelled towards him, making him realize the reality and take action, placing his hands on your hips and pulling you in so he could embrace you, taking you by surprise by actually moving his hips against yours. “See. I knew he had it in him.” Luke smirked, nodding his head. You pulled back dazed by the kiss, panting lightly as you glared up and Calum down, his eyes still closed. “I never in my life thought that would happen.” He chuckled making you laugh as well, ruffling a hand through his hair. “Please, no more love then, I will puke.” Michael stated, the others starting to laugh at his comment. ”Let’s see how much you guys will puke tomorrow when you have to clean our room.” Willow stated, making the boys snort in disgust. ”Please don’t remind us.” Ashton moaned, you girls starting to laugh as you walked back to your blankets, ready to hear for the last time ever Mrs. Walden thanking speech and the usual rambling about where the cleaning stuff were and how the cabins should look like at exact 11AM.


You guys walked fast up towards the stage when you noticed Mrs. Walden wandering towards the microphone ready to announce the winners. “I hope all of you had a great camp this summer.” She started out which earned a holler from the crowd. “Should I have the normal speech about cleaning your cabins?” “Dear god no.” Michael yelled from his position on the field, Mrs. Walden and the crowd starting to laugh. “Without further ado then..” She mumbled, opening the envelope in her hands, reading what stood on the paper inside it. “And the winner is..” Mrs. Walden said into the microphone. She looked confused and puzzled for a second, before breaking into a smile. “Devilish Angels featuring 5 Seconds of Summer.” The 8 of you cheered out in a big holler as the crowd did the same. Hugs mixed in between you guys making sure to hug each one, you ending at Michael as he grabbed you by the waist, swinging you around shortly as Mrs. Walden dapped on the microphone trying to get the attention back again, Michael still holding his hands on your waist as you leaned your head against his neck, everyone looking up at the stage again. “The judges must admit that this was something very extraordinary. And especially since you guys have seemed like enemies the whole 4 years you guys have been here each summer at this camp. We’re very impressed and sad that you guys are too old now to even attend anymore. We wish that you guys will get a good future with music involved.” When she finished her speech, she waved you guys up, indicating that the 8 of you should approach the stage. Mrs. Walden reached out the microphone to Michael which he gladly accepted, lifting it to his mouth and taking a look out at the crowd. “Thank you so much to everyone who liked our performance. And we gotta be honest, all of us have hated each other for more than 4 years now, but suddenly we realized each other’s talents and used it to gain both our performances.” Mrs. Walden came back from backstage again, giving out the usual camp competition winner trophy, giving it to you. “And we’re very proud to say that we have both won as solo bands but also now won as a whole group together. Thank you!” Michael yelled at last, the crowd going wide instantly. Michael returned back the microphone to Mrs. Walden, ready to leave the stage again. Michael placed his arm around your waist again as you walked down the stairs and headed back toward your blankets. ”I can’t get myself to even think about the cleaning we have to do now. The cabin has never looked so much like a mess than this year.” Luke groaned, running a hand through his hair. ”A good thing that already collected and organized everything so we can just put our stuff into our luggage and then vacuum the cabin.” You smirked from behind, the girls, Luke, Calum and Ashton walking in front as you and Michael was walking furthest behind. ”Just shut up already Y/N.” Luke groaned back, sending you a wink. You could just laugh by his statement, looking up at Michael who was already looking down at you. “Well, I told you this would be a great idea.” You hollered, lifting the trophy into his head. “Yeaah. I’m sad we had that dip down period.” He apologized but you could only lift yourself up on your toes, giving him a kiss on the cheek. “Apologize accepted Clifford.”


”Good to see that we haven’t lost our drummer to some other.” Adelaide beamed, looking back down at you and grabbed the drumsticks, ready to play. ”Don’t worry so much.” You laughed into your microphone, her sending you a wink. ”Okay, so the song we’re going to play is usually played with a lot of effects. Yet we’ve transformed it into a more instrumental one. This is DNA by Little Mix.” Adelaide explained, the crowd going inside and Hallie starting out with some smaller chords, you guys following behind into the song. Saying drumming was harsh in the heat of the sun was an understatement. You and the girls had tried everything from storming weather to rain and to normal temperature weather but this were absolutely mindless. The sun was hotter than ever, just walking up on stage was a death by heat itself. But Ashton managed to do it and so did you. Drumming out to the Little Mix song, everything was amazeballs and at some point, you had forgotten how hot it actually was, just floating around with the music together, showing off the passion that had been there since you guys were young. When you guys had finished and bowed down, you could barely walk on your feet due to the heat hitting you, barely seeing where the steps were before your feet landed on the field, Ashton and the other boys greeting you guys with water bottles. ”How did it go?” ”Amazing!” Ashton beamed, smiling down at you as you dried off some sweat from your forehead, dazed by the lack of water. ”Here.” He smiled, giving you a water bottle, both of you turning your attention towards the stage where Mrs. Walden was about to walk up on it again, ready to say something. ”Okay, you guys ready to hear the winners?” Mrs. Walden smiled, starting to open the envelope. You grabbed Ashton’s hand tight feeling him almost shake in nervousness, but he seemed to calm down when your palms touched each other. ”5 Seconds of Summer!” Ashton’s mouth felt open and eyes wide by the mention of his name. He had no idea how to react or what to do at the exact point, barely registering everything that happened or when the boys pushed his back, pulling him up on the stage. He looked out at the crowd amazed before receiving the long waited trophy in his hand, getting a microphone in the other. At first he had no words to say, but when he looked around at the boys, a smile came to his lips. ”I can’t believe we finally did this.” He said looking down at the microphone. ”It took us 4 years to beat those girls. And today, it finally happened.” He said amazed looking down at you with a smile. ”And I couldn’t be more proud of the boys and myself.” ”You guys deserved it!” The sound of you girls screaming made the boys look down at you with blushing smiles, looking out at the again. ”Just thank you very much. But we couldn’t do it without a smaller help from the girls over there. I think we can finally say that the rival is finally over.” Calum explained, Mr. Something mumbling out a thank god into his microphone, everyone starting to laugh. ”Again thank you very much, we really appreciate this.”

Eight Nights With Mr. Gold, Epilogue

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Summary: The town of Storybrooke is devoted to Christmas, so much so that they revile Mr. Gold for not participating in their celebration. Amid this tension, Belle French discovers that he is actually Jewish and he’s alone on Chanukah. Naturally, she can’t let that stand.

Author’s Notes:  Happy Chanukah and happy reading! Thanks for all the support, I’m so grateful for the response.I expect I might have a Christmas surprise in this verse and I think I’ll probably take prompts or something from time to time. Thanks again. 

Chapter  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


One Year Later

Rona Gold stared up at the lights of the tree, safe in her father’s hands.

“In Australia where your mama is from, Santa has six white kangaroos to deliver presents,” he said softly. “Don’t worry. I’ll get you on the list for reindeer…”

“Rum,” said Belle, coming to scoop up the infant, “we have to get ready to turn on the lights.”

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