mr. corpse

My Rich American Family

by reddit user aliceinvunderland

I am part of a rich American family, in a rich American suburb, full of rich American people.

Life is hell.

Every morning, me and the rest of the Wives get up at 5:00am sharp. Fifteen minutes of jogging around the neighborhood, five minutes in the shower (set to cold), twenty minutes for hair and makeup, and then five to get dressed. If we’ve managed that in time, meaning no later than 5:45am, we might be allowed solid food with our coffee.

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My MasterList For YouTubers Who Read Aloud: Ghost Stories, True Scary Stories, CreepyPastas, & So Much More!: 👻=================☠

*In No Certain Order!*   

[If You Have a Favorite or Recommendation I did not List, Please feel free to Comment! I love hearing from You All!] Also I will keep adding so keep checking in! -Stay Spooky!  

*Updated as of April 27, 2017! I had requests to add plus channels I like, so Please enjoy again and keep giving me recommendations!* -Paranormal-Geist

The signs as stop-motion movies

Aries: Coraline

Taurus: Chicken Run

Gemini: Fantastic Mr. Fox

Cancer: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Leo: The Boxtrolls

Virgo: Jason and the Argonauts

Libra: Frankenweenie

Scorpio: ParaNorman

Sagittarius: Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town

Capricorn: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Aquarius: Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Pisces: Corpse Bride

Sherlolly Appreciation Week Day One First Meeting

Exactly Her Type

Hooper looked up when the doors opened and smiled as her favorite detective inspector, Gregory Lestrade, entered the morgue. 

“Hello, Molly.”

“Good morning, Greg. Here about the Lancaster case?”

He nodded. “Brought in a consultant for this one–I hope that’s okay?”

Molly shrugged as she moved towards the coolers. “Mrs. Lancaster isn’t going to know the difference.”

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Animation Challenge Thang

I saw someone else do this, and it looked fun, so I thought I’d have a go!


  1. No Disney/Pixar
  2. No Dreamworks
  3. Optional Hard Mode: No Studio Ghibli and for Challenge 8, no Steven Universe, Avatar, Gravity Falls, or Adventure Time


  • Favorite Film

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Corpse Bride makes me feel things 

  • A Film made in your home country

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Fantastic Mr Fox

  • A Film made outside your home country

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Underdogs (Metegol) considering it’s about foosball players it’s amazing

  • Favorite Film released before you were born

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We’re Back! A Dinosaur Story

  • Favorite Overlooked Oscar Nominee

(Guessing this means non winning?)

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It’s Such a Beautiful Day

  • Favorite 2D Animation

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Cats Don’t Dance

  • Favorite 3D Animation

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  • Favorite TV Series

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  • Favorite Short Film

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  • Favorite Student Film

Okay, I literally haven’t watched any I’m sorry T_T


Twitter shenanigans. I’ve been gushing over an Au/crossover thing I came up with

Osmt Corpse party AU! This is gonna get gory so if anyone’s not into that, watch out!

I haven’t fully thought out the whole plot of how this would go but like, the synopsis is like this:

  • Totty finds a charm on the internet: Sachiko ever after!
  • He wants to test it out just for shits and giggles
  • All of the brothers join in, and peforms the ritual
  • The ground cracks open and consumes ‘em all in a seemingly endless pit
  • suffering ensues

So yeah! I’ve got more in store! You can also check my twitter for more!

2, 3, (gore) 4

The Tall Man of Briarbell, Missouri

By reddit user  The_Dalek_Emperor

We had all liked Mr. Winscot. He didn’t mind when we used the sledding hill on his property and he always gave out the best Halloween candy in the neighborhood. So when we heard he’d been taken by the Tall Man everyone was really bummed out.

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