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Sherlock’s mind palace becomes a musical extravaganza as he solves various crimes in this production by The Hillywood Show®. With the aid of John Watson, a big ass coat, and the science of deduction, this consulting detective is always one step ahead. You’ve never seen a high functioning sociopath like this before!  By filming on some of the actual locations seen in BBC’s Sherlock, The Hillywood Show® brings Sherlockians a parody of intricate detail, like never before!  Includes fan favorite moments from episodes such as, A Study in Pink, The Great Game, A Scandal in Belgravia, The Sign of Three and more! This parody is bloody awesome.

Watch now if convenient.  If inconvenient, watch anyway. - SH

Starring, Osric Chau as “Moriarty”, Chris Rankin as “Mycroft” and a special guest cameo from the Co-Creator and Writer of BBC’s Sherlock, Steven Moffat, himself!

View in 720p, 1080p or 4kHD for the full Sherlock experience!  
Enjoy and God bless.



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samtung  asked:

I'm curious about race and Scott Pilgrim. "Knives" is a crazy, fun name for a character, but also doesn't feel as FOB-y and naive as I got the impression Knives and her parents are. Also, her dad wields a katana, which is a Japanese weapon. Not really a question here, just curious how much thought went into authenticity or accuracy or whatever in backstory vs. just fun story stuff.

i meant it to be funny, weird, dumb and thought-provoking that Mr Chau, a Chinese man, would own prized antique Japanese samurai swords. 

The name Knives has nothing to do with ethnicity. It’s just not a human’s name. It’s just something that stuck in my head. “Knives Chau.”

I thought it was funny, weird, dumb and thought-provoking

Not the Sunday Funday activities they had in mind… 🚿😂🚿 Machete knows he’s just getting prettier, but Knives is very disappoint. 😛 #knivesthecorgi #machetecorgez

Machete and Knives got a #HurriK9 for Christmas and we took it to the park to test out today. 🐶 These little fetch monsters had a blast! We would’ve kept playing for hours but it was super cold outside! 😨❄😨 We’re definitely going to have tons of fun with this, can’t wait to try it out at the beach this summer! 😁