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Sherlock’s mind palace becomes a musical extravaganza as he solves various crimes in this production by The Hillywood Show®. With the aid of John Watson, a big ass coat, and the science of deduction, this consulting detective is always one step ahead. You’ve never seen a high functioning sociopath like this before!  By filming on some of the actual locations seen in BBC’s Sherlock, The Hillywood Show® brings Sherlockians a parody of intricate detail, like never before!  Includes fan favorite moments from episodes such as, A Study in Pink, The Great Game, A Scandal in Belgravia, The Sign of Three and more! This parody is bloody awesome.

Watch now if convenient.  If inconvenient, watch anyway. - SH

Starring, Osric Chau as “Moriarty”, Chris Rankin as “Mycroft” and a special guest cameo from the Co-Creator and Writer of BBC’s Sherlock, Steven Moffat, himself!

View in 720p, 1080p or 4kHD for the full Sherlock experience!  
Enjoy and God bless.



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Siphon brewing.

Conversations over coffee every first Saturday of the month with barista Mr. Nu Nguyen. He’ll show you how to brew a cup of coffee and then you brew one for the next human.

This is a free and family-friendly event where we provide a new batch of coffee beans to pair with pastries from Mr. Chau’s Donuts and Macahhrun.

When you’re trying to take a nice #TongueOutTuesday pic and your sisfur is bein’ extra weird 😂😛😂 #corgi #dogsofinstagram #instacute #instaweird #corgiaddict #woofpack #knivesthecorgi #bestwoof #machetecorgez

My take on RADIOMARUS unfinished poster from 2010.. got home today, with my Scott Pilgrim books in a bag, lend them to a friend a couple of months ago, finally got around to get them back.

And well, then I saw a post of him, showing someones take of this

and yeah, that made me wanna draw it myself! This is still a sketch (WHOD HAVE THUNK IT), need to figure out how to distinguish between MR. Chau and Lisa on the top right still, I mean the right part is completely set up by me, which is why it sucks more xD

so, yesterday, i was trying to teach knives “get in the box” and it went very well because she already knows “place.” and after a few practice runs machete was like “F this she’s too slow, i’m the best, watch me do it, mahm!”

such a jealous little stinker.  two corgs, one box, man.