mr. cellophane


We watched the film Chicago in my film class today, it was actually way better than I thought it’d be, mostly because of this. 

John C. Reilly  

When doing a group project involving cellophane-
  • Person #1- okay so the directions say to put the cellophane over the bottle like this
  • Person #2- I'll record the results!
  • Person #3- the density of the air is blah blah blah Einstein blah blahhhh
  • Me- Cellophane, mr. Cellophane should've been my name, mr. Cellophane, cause you can look right through me, walk right by me, and never know I'm there!!!

okay so i’m tumbling and watching chicago and the cellblock tango came on and i literally had to put the computer down so that i could sing (okay talk) along because are you kidding me fiercest fucking female performance ugh a bunch of fabulous women singing in lingerie about killing their significant others goddamn