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The Handmaid’s Tale S01E06 (A Woman’s Place)

Book title: A Woman’s Place by Serena Joy Waterford

We are given a glimpse of Serena Joy’s life before Gilead: she wrote a book about domestic feminism, a topic she was very passionate about, so much that she was arrested because of it.


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13 Reasons Why

Mr. Robot

How to get away with Murder

Teen Wolf 


The 100

Creepypasta #1170: Black Hat

Length: Medium

“Congratulations, Mr Castillo! Your project proposal had just been approved.”

My boss shook my hand. My colleagues clapped and gave me taps on the back. I called my wife to tell her about the news. She was ecstatic.

I’m 32. An architect working in one of the top firms in the area. Married to a lovely wife with a wonderful daughter. I’ve got good friends. I feel very blessed. Life is good.

But it hasn’t always been that way. Once upon a time, I was an entirely different person. One without direction. I never thought I would make it this far. I had a pretty rough upbringing. I was rebellious and anti-social.

Then one night changed it all. The night that basically gave me a new lease on life so to speak.

The night I felt lucky to be alive.

I was 16. I was raised in a dysfunctional family. Money was not the problem. My father was a manager at the local bank. But he was rarely home. Eventually my mother found out why – he was having an affair. Since then, my mother became an alcoholic. I became neglected at a very young age. They hated each other, and I hated them both. Three people who couldn’t stand each one’s presence, living under one roof.

I often get into trouble at school. I steal things. I break noses. Violence has become my way of releasing frustration and anger.

Friday night. They’re arguing again, yelling at each other like the bitterest of enemies. I grabbed my backpack and ran out of the house. I needed to get as far away as possible from that hellhole. This wouldn’t be the first time I’ve done that.

It’s been dripping. I opened my bag and checked what’s inside. A couple of shirts, a bottle of water, and a toy gun. Ah, my favorite toy gun. I got it on my 11th birthday from a godfather. It used to be bright red in color, but I painted it black to make it look real. I had even managed to rob a couple of people with it.

But tonight, I want to up the ante.

I want to steal a car.

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«Shū Sakamaki x Pianist!Reader» One-Shot 『Music Lovers!』

《Third P.O.V.》

“The last assigned partners are Shū and [Name].” Tension exploded on the classroom as the older Sakamaki and the [Color] haired glared at each other. Everyone on the classroom gave a step back.

“Now please everyone go their partner and share thoughts about what to play on the next concert. I add that it would be in two weeks.” Said Mrs. Castillo, the music teacher. Everyone gathered on their groups and started chatting about what type of music they should play.

[Name] hesitated for a moment then stood up from her chair and started stumping towards Shū, who was leaning back on a chair of the class.

This was not a good pair to put together. People thought they were like water and fire. They just couldn’t get along. She was a outgoing student, a crazy piano player and really loud. Shū was calmed and chilled, he didn’t really cared about school or making any friends. Which [Name] founded to be annoying.

She dragged a chair and sat in from if him. “Alright.” She started. “I know we don’t really get along, but I’ll be glad if you will cooperate with me on this project. Neither of us wants to fail this class.” “I don’t really care.” Said Shū. She sighed and dropped her head. “Well then, I don’t want to fail this class. Please cooperate with me.” She said. He opened an eye and turned down the volume of his MP3. “Alright. But you’ll be the one that has to come to my home and practice.” He stated. She quickly nodded. “Y-Yes! I will!” She said. “But… what will be playing?” [Name] said then paused. Both kept silence.

It was something that had to be decided later.


“I’m out, mom!” [Name] shouted. Her mother came out the kitchen. “Wait! Wait! Where are you going?” She asked. “Oh. I’m going to the house of Sakamaki Shū to practice for the coming concert.” [Name] explained as she placed her jacket on. “Oh. Alright. But I don’t want you here before the sun starts coming up.” Her mother mentioned. [Name] rolled her eyes with a smile. “Yes, mom.”


“Was it here?” [Name] looked through the gate on the front garden. “I knew he was rich brat. But I don’t know he lived in this kind of place.” She mumbled to herself then walked through the gate. Once she went through the gravel path, she stood in front the door and knocked. No one opened. She knocked again. This time the door creaked open and a male with black-purplish hair looked down at her. “May I help you?” He asked. “Oh. I’m sorry, I’m looking for Sakamaki Shū. Is he here by any chance?” [Name] asked. “Oh. You are [Name] then.” He said. “Please come in. I don’t get how you got that good-for-nothing to participate in the concert.” He said. ‘Good-for-nothing?’ She thought. “Are you… his brother by any chance?” Asked [Name]. The man nodded. “Sadly that’s true. My name is Sakamaki Reiji.” He said bowing his head. ‘Is his brother for real? They don’t look alike at all.’ She thought without noticing she was mumbling things. “Did you say something?” Reiji asked turning around. “O-Oh… no. I’m sorry.” She stuttered.

“Oi! Kanato! What the hell are you doing with the Takoyaki of your truly!?” “I’m throwing it away. It just ruins the scent of my cookies.” “Kanato does have a point, Ayato. They have been there for three weeks already.” Faded voices were heard through the door they passed by. Reiji sighed and looked at her. “Continue down the hallway until the next turn and in the second door on the right it’s the music room. Please wait there for Shū to arrive. I have to take this three out of the kitchen before they burn it down…” Reiji explained. “Again.”

Once Reiji completely left, [Name] let out a muffled laughter and continued down the hallway. In the next turn she gave, she ran into someone. “Oh! I’m really sorry.” She apologized and looked up. He was a white haired male. “Hm? Who are you?” He asked. “Oh. I’m Shū’s music partner. I came here to practice with him.” [Name] explained. “Heh. I knew it was weird seeing him out of his room or the couch. He is on the music room right now.” He pointed at the open door behind him. “Thank you.” She bowed and kept on going.
She poked her head through the door’s frame and looked around. There was no one there. “Was he lying to me or something?” She wondered.

The [Color] haired walked in and directly spotted the piano. “Woah…” she walked over and brushed the keys with her nails. It was a classic old black and white piano. She sat down on the chair and stared playing with the keys. “What are you doing?” The blond male appeared sitting on the couch behind [Name], startling her. “Wha…! H-How did you…!?” She gasped. He opened an eye and grew a smirked. “Shh.” He placed a finger over his lips. She stood up and pulled down her skirt. “So… have you thought of a song yet?” She asked. He shook his head. Dropping her face, [Name] sighed. “Well, I did thought of one. Want to hear it?” [Name] asked. “Alright.” Shū shrugged. She dropped her sight and sighed. She turned around again and started playing the keys she saw on the screen of her phone. At first slowly, then made it faster. Time later she finished half of the song and looked at him. “Seems good. But… for real? ‘Thousand years’ piano and violin version?” He asked. “You have a problem with it?” She gritted her teeth. “None.” He answered. “That was the piano part. I’ll print out the violin part for you.” She said. Shū yawned and nodded. “But.” He said. [Name] turned to look at him. “What happened?” She asked. “Your playing is very rough. You have to be more soft on the notes. Try on imagining or really feeling what the song means to you.” The blond haired stood up and dragged a chair behind her. He sat and placed his hands over hers.
[Name] startled.

“Sh-Shū…?” He controlled her movements like a puppet and moved her hands across the entire of the piano. She felt the familiar heat when she was around him, growing on her cheeks. “Y-You can let go now…” she pulled her hands back. He chuckled at her reaction. The blond male leaned down and nibbled on her ear startling here. “You ears are red…” she turned her head away. “A-Alright…! That will do for today.” She quickly stood up. “I’ll get going. Sorry for intruding.” She bent down to pick her bag up, but she noticed it wasn’t there anymore. “Huh…? Where’s my bag?” She mumbled to herself. “This?” Shū appeared sitting on a couch at the other corner of the room raising his hand showing the leather bag. “Could you like — stop joking around? Give it back!” She walked towards him then tried to snatch the bag away. He moved it to the side and chuckled. “You look like a dog trying to get back it’s toy.” [Name] gritted her teeth. “Could you give it back already?” She asked stepping back and crossing her arms. “Please.” She finally mumbled. “What was that?” He asked looking at her. His blue deep eyes penetrated through her [Color] ones. “P-Please.” She stuttered. He leaned it toward her and she took it from his hand. “A-Alright. I-I guess I’ll come back tomorrow again.” She said before leaving through the door.
'That was weird as fuck…’ [Name] thought.


Next day was only practice and practice. [Name] had actually overestimated Shū’s skills too much. He was an incredible violin player. She lost herself on the sounds coming out of the instrument over his shoulder and with the smoothness that the sound came out with. It was so much her trance that she didn’t even noticed he had already finished. Shū rolled his eyes and made a screech with a wrong note on his violin to make her wake up. “U-Uh!? What!?” [Name] snapped. “You literally went into a trance.” He mentioned. “Did I?” She asked. The blond haired nodded. “Yup.” He answered. “I’m sorry… is just that you are such a good player…—!?” She covered her mouth with one hand and looked away blushing madly realizing what she had said. He chuckled. “Is that so? I thought you hated how I played the violin.” He said. “I-Is not that I hated it… but I don’t love it ether…” she murmured under her hand. He chuckled once more.

That’s how time passed. The two rehearsal weeks went by really fast and it just got to a point where neither of Shū nor [Name] felt bad about seeing each other.
In other words: it was even enjoyable. To [Name] it was fun showing Shū how to exaggerate on some parts and make it more interesting, and for Shū’s side he enjoyed [Name]’s blushing moments when it came to show her how to control her excitement on parts of the song.

Then the time came.

“We now present: [Name] [L/Name] and Shū Sakamaki with a piano and violin duet of 'Thousand Years’.” Said the music teacher then stepped down the stage. [Name] came into the stage first, followed by Shū who was carrying his own violin. Both stood in the middle and bowed quickly. She sat on the black piano’s chair and looked at Shū who stood on one side of the piano. She smiled at him and flipped the pages showing the notes of the song. She then proceeded to start.

【I recommend reading the following with the song:

[Name] kept on playing, then looked at Shū indicating him to start. In someway everything she could think of was the music going with many of the funny moments they had gone together while in the rehearsals. She smiled and flipped the page to the next set of notes. She gently touched the keys feeling the music almost entering into her chest. [Name] quickly glanced up at Shū who had his eyes close, moving from side to side with the music.

Now on the final notes she closed her eyes and felt a deep connection with Shū’s violin notes. The song that seemed to last centuries, finally ended. Faded applauses were heard then they became clear and strong. [Name] stood up from her chair and walked up to Shū. She grabbed his hand then lifted it up. Finally to drop it and bow. She had the biggest grin on her face he had ever seen on her. He also smiled and walked out of the stage hand in hand with her.


Weeks later, Shū and [Name] had gotten to be one of the bests friends. But many people thought it was something else
“[Name]!” One girl on the middle of the hallway called out for her. “Huh? What’s up?” [Name] went up to her and waved. “Is it true!?” The girl asked with excitement. “What’s true?” The [Color] haired asked. “That you and Shū are going out!?” [Name] became as red as a tomate and gulped. “I… n-no…! W-We are not—!” She stuttered. “You are red! So it is true!” The girl said. “N-No…! W-We are just friends~!” She awkwardly said. “You keep telling that to yourself~ you are still red~” the girl laughed. “H-He’s just my senior…! Nothing special—!”

“We aren’t going out, [Name]?” Shū appeared behind her. She quickly turned around. “W-Wha…!?” She covered her blushing face with the back of her hand. “Well… then. Why don’t we start?” He chuckled pulling her closer. “Wa-Wait…! We are in the middle of the—!” “Then let everyone know about our new relation.” He pulled her towards him quickly and kissed her deeply. Her eyes grew wide as the gasps on the back of her head started fading. She slowly closed her eyes and tip-toed wrapping her arms around his neck. She felt him chuckled then pulled back slowly. “Just friends… sure.” The girl giggled and saved the picture she had took on her phone. Ready to post it later.

“Music lovers!” Was going to be the tittle of her blog site’s new post.


【😴Day 1: Shu Sakamaki】

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Dance AU Chapter 2

“I’m gonna update every week.” Boy I am a lying liar who lies. Anyway enjoy!

The company watched in awe as Michaela danced around the studio. Her feet, as light as air, tapping in perfect time with the music, each note clearly searing through her skin when she moved. Her face was contorted to show incredible pain, a longing that nothing could satisfy. Loneliness, heartbreak, and hope for the future all at once. The piece slowly ended, as she sunk to the floor, curling in on herself.

The crowd was almost too stunned to applaud, taking a moment before an eruption of clapping echoed on every wall of the studio. Michaela rose from the floor, the look of a victor, shoulders square and proud as she took a bow and smiled.

“Good, very good Ms. Pratt,” Annalise said coolly, a rare moment of her giving praise. Michaela nodded and took her seat on the floor next to Connor, flashing him a look that said I still got it.

“Now that you’ve all gotten your assignments, I’ll tell you exactly what we’re doing here. Our theme for the opening show of the season is intimacy and different forms of connections. Apparently, I seem to only do shows that are dark and sad and leave the audience feeling depressed, and that I’m a cold person. I have no idea what they’re talking about.” Annalise said flatly, smirking at her own joke. “As you know, I, along with Bonnie, have choreographed this whole performance, which means everything will be new. Which means you need to learn and remember everything we show you. It’s easy to get lost in the fray. Don’t. You all are—apparently—good at what you do. Prove it to me. If there are no quest–”

The studio door crashed open as a man and a woman ran inside, sliding to the floor, the woman’s chestnut hair flying around her.

“Good of you to join us, Ms. Castillo, Mr. Gibbins.” Annalise said, her voice stern.

“Sorry, we were–” the woman began.

“I don’t care,” said Annalise flatly. She turned back to the rest of the company. “As I said, if there are any questions, go to your rehearsals.”

The company rose from the floor and filed out as they always do, eager to prove to Annalise that her words didn’t fall on deaf ears, though some might have been happy to just get away from her.

Oliver felt a soft hand on his forearm. Turning, he was face to face with the man and woman that just had recently walked in.

“I don’t think we’ve met yet, I’m Laurel,” the woman—Laurel—greeted, her voice friendly, extending her hand, Oliver shaking it.

“I’m Oliver,” he replied.

“Oh, the new guy! I’ve been dying to meet you!” Laurel cried, smile growing wider.

“You would have met him sooner if you actually showed up on time,” chided Michaela, sauntering up to Oliver and Laurel.

“I show up on time, I ‘m just smart to skip the boring stuff.”

“I would hardly call Annalise threatening us ‘boring,’ more like bone chillingly creepy,” said the man next to Laurel. Tall and fit, deep brown skin with kind dark eyes, “I’m Wes, by the way,” he said, offering his hand, Oliver shaking it earnestly.

“Pleasure,” said Oliver.

“So what was Annalise droning on about today?” asked Wes.

“The usual; don’t embarrass her, you can get easily cut, yadda yadda,” Connor said dryly.

“It goes in one ear and out the other at this point,” said Michaela.

“If you’re all done wasting time by talking about your miserable lives, get to work,” Annalise called.

Laurel and Wes pivoted towards the door, Annalise telling them to leave being the only prompt they needed to get out of the studio. Michaela moved back to the middle of the room to begin practicing her solo without hesitation.

Oliver felt a warm hand on his forearm. Turning, he found Oliver next to him.

“Shall we?” Oliver asked, cocking his head towards the door.

“Yeah, l-let’s go,” responded Connor. Oliver paused, hearing the slight shake in his voice, choosing to brush it off after a moment’s thought.

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Irma: Florida residents call on Trump to open Mar-a-Lago as a shelter for hurricane victims
Clark Mindock Miami @ClarkMindock 3 hours ago

Thousands of residents of South Florida are inundating hurricane shelters ahead of Hurricane Irma’s arrival, filling locations to capacity as a storm billed as one of the most powerful to ever make landfall in US history approaches.

In some locations, people are arriving at the doors only to be told that there is no room for them there. Frustrated with what has been seen as a lack of communication from local officials — and, in some cases, conflicting messages about where to go — some are asking a simple question: Why hasn’t Donald Trump said he will use his Mar-a-Lago resort as a place of refuge for desperate Americans?

“Of course he should” open up Mar-a-Lago, Rick Castillo said, standing just in front of his beachside home in Hollywood. Mr Castillo had prepared his home the best he could, and was admiring the crashing waves in front of him before the worst of Irma arrived.

Mr Castillo said that he wasn’t worried about the storm anymore — forecasts no longer say that the eastern coast of Florida will experience direct landfall — but said that the ramped up concern in recent days had forced people to help one another, to be as selfless as possible. On Friday, he had picked up a shovel to help others fill sandbags from the beach to bring home for safety.

“He should be doing anything to help the public,” Mr Castillo said of the President. “When people need help, you either help or you turn your head. I think Trump is turning his head.”

Documentary filmaker Michael Moore - and frequent Trump critic - also raised the question on Twitter.

Mr Trump’s Mar-a-Lago beach side resort was ordered to be evacuated Friday alongside all of the ritzy Palm Beach Island where it sits. The resort is located on a low-lying strip of land that runs against the Atlantic Ocean, and is separated from the mainland by yet another body of narrow water. Some of the country’s most expensive real estate is located on those same barrier islands where Mr Trump’s property sits.

However, it could potentially provide shelter in the wake of Hurricane Irma for those that may see their houses flooded.

The Trump Organization did not respond to a request for comment on this story by the time of publication.

Is Laurel’s dad just basically Rumplestiltskin?

Maybe in the small print of that contract she signed in S3E3, it just said “signing this document hereby gives Mr Castillo custody of your first-born child”.

So when he finds out she’s still knocked up, he just takes what is legally his.

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Raúl Castillo, Star of “Looking,” Settles In To His New Role: Heartthrob

Raúl Castillo was nervous the day he had to come out as straight.

“It was that first day we were shooting on Muni, going back and forth on the train,” said the 38-year-old star of “Looking,” the short-lived HBO drama that followed a group of gay friends in San Francisco. His scene partner was Jonathan Groff, the gay actor playing the main character, Patrick.

“We were talking about a love affair, or at least the beginning of a love affair between these two guys,” Mr. Castillo recalled, walking around Hell’s Kitchen on a recent Friday afternoon. “And I brought up meeting my girlfriend for the first time. But I did so trepidatiously, because I didn’t want to spoil any kind of chemistry that was beginning to happen.”

Mr. Groff, to his relief, “didn’t bat a lash.” They went on to film one of the pivotal moments of the pilot episode, when Patrick strikes up a spontaneous, often fraught romance with Mr. Castillo’s character, Richie, a Mexican-American hairdresser he meets on public transportation.

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“It’s a great idea, Wes.” “Annalise would kill us.” So, when did Wes and Annalise came to a first name basis term? There’s something there that they aren’t showing us yet. As far as I can remember, Wes has been addressing her as “Professor Keating” and Annalise addressing Wes as “Mr. Gibbins” especially in front of the other Keating 5. But last episode was different. They both are bolder, even in front of the other four. Imagine, Annalise calling everyone on their first name which she never does. Michaela, Connor, Laurel, Asher instead of Ms. Pratts, Mr. Walsh, Ms. Castillo and Mr. Millstone. Doesn’t it sound off? But with “Wes,” Annalise is a natural. I see what you did there, Pete Nowalk. Okay. And again, die haters. I ain’t got no time for your vibe so stay away from me.


#WIPwed Did an inking of the comic’s character cast for Lavender Tea. From Jasper and friends (top row); Damian, Nina, Henri and Sheryl.

Bottom row: Sub support cast - music idol Amber Light, Andrew (Jassie’s dad), the ‘Boss’ Mr. Castillo - award winning chef/Nina’s teacher, grumpy Vincent (barista) and sneaky April; she runs the local bookstore.