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Aria was busy cooking away in her apartment. The smells of homemade soup, some roast and fresh bread filled the small, one room apartment , and wafted into the hallway. Manic and scourge were coming over for dinner after returning from their honeymoon the day prior. She truly had missed her friends while they were gone, although she was glad that they had gotten a vacation to celebrate them.

Aria made a move to set the table, pausing as she counted plates. Would her Scourge be coming? She impatiently checked her phone for messages, but none from the king. The past two weeks had him acting strange. This past week was even worse. She only hoped that Mr. And Mr Castillo had any idea how to help him.

Her phone buzzed with two texts. One from Terra who was on her break at work, and one from Manic.


“It’s a great idea, Wes.” “Annalise would kill us.” So, when did Wes and Annalise came to a first name basis term? There’s something there that they aren’t showing us yet. As far as I can remember, Wes has been addressing her as “Professor Keating” and Annalise addressing Wes as “Mr. Gibbins” especially in front of the other Keating 5. But last episode was different. They both are bolder, even in front of the other four. Imagine, Annalise calling everyone on their first name which she never does. Michaela, Connor, Laurel, Asher instead of Ms. Pratts, Mr. Walsh, Ms. Castillo and Mr. Millstone. Doesn’t it sound off? But with “Wes,” Annalise is a natural. I see what you did there, Pete Nowalk. Okay. And again, die haters. I ain’t got no time for your vibe so stay away from me.


Raúl Castillo, Star of “Looking,” Settles In To His New Role: Heartthrob

Raúl Castillo was nervous the day he had to come out as straight.

“It was that first day we were shooting on Muni, going back and forth on the train,” said the 38-year-old star of “Looking,” the short-lived HBO drama that followed a group of gay friends in San Francisco. His scene partner was Jonathan Groff, the gay actor playing the main character, Patrick.

“We were talking about a love affair, or at least the beginning of a love affair between these two guys,” Mr. Castillo recalled, walking around Hell’s Kitchen on a recent Friday afternoon. “And I brought up meeting my girlfriend for the first time. But I did so trepidatiously, because I didn’t want to spoil any kind of chemistry that was beginning to happen.”

Mr. Groff, to his relief, “didn’t bat a lash.” They went on to film one of the pivotal moments of the pilot episode, when Patrick strikes up a spontaneous, often fraught romance with Mr. Castillo’s character, Richie, a Mexican-American hairdresser he meets on public transportation.

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