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The Handmaid’s Tale S01E06 (A Woman’s Place)

Book title: A Woman’s Place by Serena Joy Waterford

We are given a glimpse of Serena Joy’s life before Gilead: she wrote a book about domestic feminism, a topic she was very passionate about, so much that she was arrested because of it.

Thoughts on the HTGAWM finale

…..okay, what the fuck.

• One of the first thing that struck me was when after Connor’ confession to being at the house the night of the fire, Laurel told him he should kill himself. Seriously?? That was so out of character! Laurel is grieving, Laurel is feeling miserable, and I will fight anyone who calls her annoying for dealing with such a horrendous loss, but pushing someone to suicide? Laurel Castillo would NEVER do that. Her mother was mentally ill for crying out loud, she knows what it’s like to struggle with depression and she never would have said those words, so already we’re off to a bad start from the writers. (It was also much more gut-wrenching since we knew from the opening scene Connor was actually suicidal.)

• Talking about Connor. I don’t know what to think. He made us all extremely angry over the past few eps with his attitude towards Wes but we’ve always known that to him, being self-destructive and making people hate him is a coping mechanism. It doesn’t excuse what he said, but it explains it and I still think he’s a redeemable character. Also for what happened when he found Wes, he seemed to have done his best and seeing him come clean about it was very poignant. Falahee’s acting was particularly impressive this episode.

• Oliver’s arc keeps on revolving solely around Connor lmao. I loved their dynamic in seasons 1 and 2, but season 3 was messy and they don’t seem to have fixed their issues. It’s sweet how much they care about each other, I was convinced by Oliver’s worry and I smiled at his proposal but it’s mostly thanks to the actors’ chemistry rather than the writing. Connor and Oliver “love” each other yes, but this finale felt like a cheat-way out of actually digging deep into their relationship troubles.

• I stay not caring about Asher. I’m sorry. I don’t like him. I don’t give a shit about Frank either. I was happy when he said “it should have been me, I know” because YES IT SHOULD HAVE

• Michaeala is such an interesting character. Weirdly enough, the whole struggle about the “i love you” didn’t bother me I didn’t think it took away from the gravity of the ep. I never complain about a look into Mic’s psyche. Although I don’t like her relationship with Asher.

• And now onto the real real issue I have with this episode. How they handled the Wes storyline. Fucking awful. That scene towards the end showing Wes crawling to the door and being caught by his murderer, overlapped with Annalise demonizing him and pinning everything on him? I was bawling my eyes out. How could they do him this dirty. He was good. He was kind. He was a gentle mentally ill black man who worked hard and was about to be a father. He deserved better than this. I had harvested the hope he would be revealed to be alive but. No. He wasn’t. He was murdered and he was slandered through his death, by the same woman who claimed to love him as a son. Another weird writing decision. We know Annalise can be ice cold and goal-oriented but would she really drag Wes through the mud after he died?! Even to protect the others? It ripped my heart out.

• I would like to say though that the reval of who killed Wes, it being a hitman employed by Laurel’s father and/or ADA Danver wasn’t the worst choice the writers could have made. I wouldn’t have accepted him being killed by another Keating5. Wes still deserved better though. Oh and Bonnie calling him a murderer was fucking rich lmao, she’s the only cold-blooded assassin of the group, second worst is Asher who literally ran Sinclair over with his car bc she was.. being mean? Wes only killed Sam because Sam was about to kill Rebecca and everyone still blamed him. I want to scream.

• The whole Charles was Wes’ father not Wallace???? What the hell? How old is this kid? Made no sense! Seemed like a plot twist for the sake of a plot twist.

• The baby plotline? Is Laurel going to keep it? I don’t know. I feel nothing. Except that that baby should have grown up with two parents. Also Laurel seems to be heading towards a dark direction judging by how she seemed ready to just shoot Charles Mahoney in the middle of the street?

• I don’t want to watch season 4 after what they did to Wes. But I want to see Dominic and Mr Castillo and ADA Danver rot in hell. Dilemma.

Tell me your thoughts! If you agree/disagree I would love to talk.

archie ‘i get a new love interest every week’ andrews

a updated list of all the romantic moments archie has had with various people

betty cooper
↳ kissed as kids
↳ betty stroked his face when he was injured at the pep rally
↳ they slow danced at the semi formal
↳ they sat together to share stories about the summer at pops
↳ he tried to comfort her when she ran off crying
↳ he walked her to school

veronica lodge
↳ kissed during a game of 7 minutes in heaven
↳ she bandaged his wrist and called her ‘jealous’ of his romance with valerie
↳ archie could not stop staring at her when she walked into pops for the first time
↳ he greeted her shirtless when his towel fell off in the locker room
↳ he continued to stare at her after she shoved him out of her way
↳ they have cute nicknames for each other that are used regularly (’ronnie’ and ‘archiekins’)

valerie brown
↳ kissed her after his variety show performance
↳ ate breakfast together
↳ played a duet together
↳ worked on his songs with her late at night
↳ valerie comforted him in pops after being rejected by mr castillo
↳ she hugged him before he sang at the variety show

cheryl blossom
↳ cheryl kissed him at her family’s banquet
↳ was cheryl’s date to her family’s tree tapping
↳ asked to be with cheryl and attempted to comfort her during the frog dissection
↳ cheryl brought him a new guitar and kissed him on the cheek
jughead said archie was “pimping himself out to cheryl”

cheryl’s mom
↳ she stroked his hair at the memorial for jason
↳ she was standing uncomfortably close to archie when she told him to take cheryl to the tree tapping
↳ she was finding any excuse to touch him (picking things off his shirt)
↳ she complimented him repeatedly

miss grundy
↳ hooked up with her in her car
↳ kissed multiple times
↳ ew

polly cooper
danced together at the blossom family banquet

jughead jones
↳ walked in on jughead after showering in the locker room
↳ offered him to live at his house
↳ shared a pretty gay stare in the hallway
↳ sat with jughead at pops after the semi formal
↳ stood up for jughead to reggie
↳ asked jughead to forgive him after the pep rally, made some friendly banter
↳ miscellaneous gay moments, lingering stares
↳ played video games together in archie’s room

reggie mantle
↳ shirtless together in the locker room
↳ reggie tried to get him to sit out the game so his hand wouldn’t get hurt
↳ had a casual shirtless conversation in the locker room
↳ reggie called archie “ripped,” held up his arm and called it “pure diesel”

****note: i am not dragging archie in any way, or shame him or anything. i actually like him a lot! i compiled this list simply because i thought it would be funny to look at. 

Dance AU Chapter 2

“I’m gonna update every week.” Boy I am a lying liar who lies. Anyway enjoy!

The company watched in awe as Michaela danced around the studio. Her feet, as light as air, tapping in perfect time with the music, each note clearly searing through her skin when she moved. Her face was contorted to show incredible pain, a longing that nothing could satisfy. Loneliness, heartbreak, and hope for the future all at once. The piece slowly ended, as she sunk to the floor, curling in on herself.

The crowd was almost too stunned to applaud, taking a moment before an eruption of clapping echoed on every wall of the studio. Michaela rose from the floor, the look of a victor, shoulders square and proud as she took a bow and smiled.

“Good, very good Ms. Pratt,” Annalise said coolly, a rare moment of her giving praise. Michaela nodded and took her seat on the floor next to Connor, flashing him a look that said I still got it.

“Now that you’ve all gotten your assignments, I’ll tell you exactly what we’re doing here. Our theme for the opening show of the season is intimacy and different forms of connections. Apparently, I seem to only do shows that are dark and sad and leave the audience feeling depressed, and that I’m a cold person. I have no idea what they’re talking about.” Annalise said flatly, smirking at her own joke. “As you know, I, along with Bonnie, have choreographed this whole performance, which means everything will be new. Which means you need to learn and remember everything we show you. It’s easy to get lost in the fray. Don’t. You all are—apparently—good at what you do. Prove it to me. If there are no quest–”

The studio door crashed open as a man and a woman ran inside, sliding to the floor, the woman’s chestnut hair flying around her.

“Good of you to join us, Ms. Castillo, Mr. Gibbins.” Annalise said, her voice stern.

“Sorry, we were–” the woman began.

“I don’t care,” said Annalise flatly. She turned back to the rest of the company. “As I said, if there are any questions, go to your rehearsals.”

The company rose from the floor and filed out as they always do, eager to prove to Annalise that her words didn’t fall on deaf ears, though some might have been happy to just get away from her.

Oliver felt a soft hand on his forearm. Turning, he was face to face with the man and woman that just had recently walked in.

“I don’t think we’ve met yet, I’m Laurel,” the woman—Laurel—greeted, her voice friendly, extending her hand, Oliver shaking it.

“I’m Oliver,” he replied.

“Oh, the new guy! I’ve been dying to meet you!” Laurel cried, smile growing wider.

“You would have met him sooner if you actually showed up on time,” chided Michaela, sauntering up to Oliver and Laurel.

“I show up on time, I ‘m just smart to skip the boring stuff.”

“I would hardly call Annalise threatening us ‘boring,’ more like bone chillingly creepy,” said the man next to Laurel. Tall and fit, deep brown skin with kind dark eyes, “I’m Wes, by the way,” he said, offering his hand, Oliver shaking it earnestly.

“Pleasure,” said Oliver.

“So what was Annalise droning on about today?” asked Wes.

“The usual; don’t embarrass her, you can get easily cut, yadda yadda,” Connor said dryly.

“It goes in one ear and out the other at this point,” said Michaela.

“If you’re all done wasting time by talking about your miserable lives, get to work,” Annalise called.

Laurel and Wes pivoted towards the door, Annalise telling them to leave being the only prompt they needed to get out of the studio. Michaela moved back to the middle of the room to begin practicing her solo without hesitation.

Oliver felt a warm hand on his forearm. Turning, he found Oliver next to him.

“Shall we?” Oliver asked, cocking his head towards the door.

“Yeah, l-let’s go,” responded Connor. Oliver paused, hearing the slight shake in his voice, choosing to brush it off after a moment’s thought.

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Face the Music

A closed rp with @burndownthehousetonight


Aria was busy cooking away in her apartment. The smells of homemade soup, some roast and fresh bread filled the small, one room apartment , and wafted into the hallway. Manic and scourge were coming over for dinner after returning from their honeymoon the day prior. She truly had missed her friends while they were gone, although she was glad that they had gotten a vacation to celebrate them.

Aria made a move to set the table, pausing as she counted plates. Would her Scourge be coming? She impatiently checked her phone for messages, but none from the king. The past two weeks had him acting strange. This past week was even worse. She only hoped that Mr. And Mr Castillo had any idea how to help him.

Her phone buzzed with two texts. One from Terra who was on her break at work, and one from Manic.


Raúl Castillo, Star of “Looking,” Settles In To His New Role: Heartthrob

Raúl Castillo was nervous the day he had to come out as straight.

“It was that first day we were shooting on Muni, going back and forth on the train,” said the 38-year-old star of “Looking,” the short-lived HBO drama that followed a group of gay friends in San Francisco. His scene partner was Jonathan Groff, the gay actor playing the main character, Patrick.

“We were talking about a love affair, or at least the beginning of a love affair between these two guys,” Mr. Castillo recalled, walking around Hell’s Kitchen on a recent Friday afternoon. “And I brought up meeting my girlfriend for the first time. But I did so trepidatiously, because I didn’t want to spoil any kind of chemistry that was beginning to happen.”

Mr. Groff, to his relief, “didn’t bat a lash.” They went on to film one of the pivotal moments of the pilot episode, when Patrick strikes up a spontaneous, often fraught romance with Mr. Castillo’s character, Richie, a Mexican-American hairdresser he meets on public transportation.

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“It’s a great idea, Wes.” “Annalise would kill us.” So, when did Wes and Annalise came to a first name basis term? There’s something there that they aren’t showing us yet. As far as I can remember, Wes has been addressing her as “Professor Keating” and Annalise addressing Wes as “Mr. Gibbins” especially in front of the other Keating 5. But last episode was different. They both are bolder, even in front of the other four. Imagine, Annalise calling everyone on their first name which she never does. Michaela, Connor, Laurel, Asher instead of Ms. Pratts, Mr. Walsh, Ms. Castillo and Mr. Millstone. Doesn’t it sound off? But with “Wes,” Annalise is a natural. I see what you did there, Pete Nowalk. Okay. And again, die haters. I ain’t got no time for your vibe so stay away from me.

anonymous asked:

what do you think about Laurel and Wes?

Yay. Thanks for sending me an ask. I get these so rarely. 

I’m not surprised Wes and Laurel were paired up. This pairing did NOT come out of nowhere. The writers was setting this up since the beginning. 

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I’d watch out for Mr. Gibbons and Ms. Castillo here. The quiet ones are usually the most dangerous.       -Annalise Keating 01x02

Wes bonds with Laurel the most out of Keating Five. 

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