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Weekly Vocabulary Series (15)

‘The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’ - vocabularies - adjectives (2)

48. petrified (of)

extremely frightened

49. repugnant (to so.)


50. scanty

not enough

51. austere

plain and ordinary

52. apt

suitable and acceptable

53. apocryphal

An apocryphal story is probably not true although it is often told and believed by some people to have happened: It’s a good story but I dare say it’s apocryphal.

54. detestable

used to refer to people or things that you hate very much: a detestable coward

55. genial

friendly and pleasant

56. irrepressible

energetic and lively

57. abominable


58. vicarious

experienced as a result of watching, listening to, or reading about the activities of other people, rather than by doing the activities yourself: She took a vicarious pleasure in her friend’s achievements.

(source and credit: Cambridge Dictionary)


Manly Monday Men in Tight Uniforms!

Nothing Beats A Cambridge Man In A Skin-Tight Uniform!

Added Some Oxford Men At The End For Comparison!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!


Manly Monday Cambridge Blue

CUBC Men’s Crew Is Not Singing The Blues Today. They’re Celebrating Cambridge Blue!

And They Were Sexy As Frackin’ Hell In Their Tight Kits Yesterday!

Woof, Baby!

MY FIRST EVER FOLLOW FOREVER! (I’m half tempted to just put the url of my blog here, but that doesn’t seem very festive)

So I recently hit 10k (I say recently, I mean just then, I have had this planned for weeks) and I decided to commemorate the occasion by making a follow forever of all the blogs I like to stalk! Probably not gonna include everyone, but what can you do? Well, you can add yourself but that would be slightly weird. Anyways … I love all the blogs I will mention below, and thanks to everyone that follows me - you guys rock. 


babycambridgesus | caroline your blog is perf and i love you to bits even though you’ve never held back your opinion on how shit my photoshopping skills are and how note thirsty i am (but it’s the truth) so i hope one day you get max foster or jon snow or jon snow and robb stark | katemiddletons | bella you were the first royal blog I ever came across and you made me love kate so much more then I already did and your blog is amazing the detail you put into it is so awesome it makes me jealous but then i remember I’m lazy as fuck | middletonroyalty | your photoshopping skills are amazing, i’m so so so jealous and your blog is perfection | ravishingtheroyals | crystal you’re honestly the nicest person and you make the fandom so much better by just being here plus god girl can you write | slaybridges | your url kills me every time and i am extremely annoyed that i didn’t think of it before you + your coverage of the NZ/AUS tour slayed me every time you posted a new edit | kateisourfabbiestduchess | your tags always make me laugh and i’m in love with your blog | maryandkateourfuturequeens | my australian buddy! whenever i talk to you you’re so nice and your blog just makes me happy | ilovethebritishroyals | trish you are such a nice person and when i started this blog i legit thought you were like on another level you’re blog is amazing and just yeah i love your blog 

Sorry about the lack of grammar there, but I’m tired and writing with no capitals just seems so much more relaxed. 

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Eddie Izzard poses before addressing The Cambridge Union on the EU Referendum on June 12, 2016 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire. After joining Labour activists to campaign on the streets of Hulme, Manchester Mr Izzard spoke in Cambridge as an advocate for remaining in European Union ahead the referendum vote on June 23.