mr. barbera


Title: Hanna Barbera - Pixie and Dixie and the Make-Believe Mouse

Series: Top Top Tales 2464

Characters: Pixie, Dixie, Mr. Jinks

Creators: by Mary Windler Benson, Illustrated by John Carey and Jan Neely

Year: 1961 Hanna Barbera Productions Inc.

Publisher(s): Whitman Publishing, (Western Publishing)

Story: Jinks gets other cats to pay to see a crazy huge white mouse.  

Good/Bad: Solid artwork. Solid story.


Title: Our Gang March 1943

Series: Dell Comics #4

Characters: Froggy, Janet, Buckwheat, Mickey, Happy, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Mammy Two Shoes, Barney Bear, Buzzy Bear, Goofer, Jack Frost

Creators: no creators listed for most, Oskar Lebeck for others

Year: 1943 by Loew’s Incorporated

Publisher(s): Dell, Western Publishing

  • 1)      Our Gang – (Air Raid Wardens) – feat. Froggy, Janet, Buckwheat, Mickey, Happy – 14 pages (untitled)
  • 2)      Barney Bear – Gold Is Where You Find It – feat. Goofer – 8 pages
  • 3)      The Pete Smith Story – Maintain The Right – 3 page text story
  • 4)      Flip and Drip – by Oskar Lebeck – 8 pages
  • 5)      Tom and Jerry – (Doughnuts Through the Mouse Hole) – feat. Tuffy, Mammy Two Shoes – 8 pages (untitled)
  • 6)      Mrs. Ladybug – 4 page text story
  • 7)      Benny – The Lonesome Burro – feat. Barney Bear, Buzzy Bear, Jack Frost – 7 pages
  • 8)      Jimmy Wells – by Oskar Lebeck – 4 page text story
  • 9)      King – by Oskar Lebeck – 8 pages

Good/Bad: This is a pretty shit comic. There is a ton of filler. 3 features by Oskar Lebeck and the Pete Smith story. And the racist choices made are pretty disturbing. 

Tom and Jerry and Tuffy are all off-model. Mammy Two shoes is on model. Not a fan of Barney Bear, Benny the Burro or Mrs. Ladybug. 

And why the fuck do they need give Buckwheat blackface coloring? This is a pretty shit comic.