mr. bamboo

Mr. Bamboo - Lee Daehwi Scenario

this is my first scenario guys so it probably isn’t any good but I want to try so here goes!


I woke up with my head pounding, my stomach turning and a slight blurriness of the world but I couldn’t have been ill today.

Not today.

Today Daehwi said I could finally watch the performance that he and the rest of the Brand New Music boys had prepared for the audition. I knew Daehwi had made it himself so it must have been better than any other performance!

So I simply dragged myself out of bed and to the top of the stairs.

By the time I had got there, the blurriness had got worse and I found myself stumbling, luckily before my clumsy ass fell down the stairs, I fell backwards into the bathroom.

Mum heard the crash and came to see what had happened, as soon as she saw me she went into ‘mum mode’ and started fussing about me and helping me back to bed.

“Look at you! You’re so pale, there’s no way you’re going with Daehwi today!” Mum exclaimed as she walked me along the hallway, back to my room.

“Mum please!” I pleaded, but it was no use Mum was not going to let me go.

Mum came by at different points giving me tea, water and soup to ‘make me feel better’.

I heard the phone start ringing and my mum answer it, I couldn’t hear exactly but I knew she was telling someone I was ill, probably my friends. I sighed, I bet they were doing something fun today while I’m partying over her in my bed obviously. Only a few minutes after the phone rang, someone knocked on the door. I was half asleep so couldn’t hear who it was, but I knew it was a boy.

After the door had closed I heard someone coming up the stairs, presuming it was my mum I shouted, “Go away! I’m fine, really!”

I was sick of her deliveries of soup, tea and water.

“Fine then, I’ll just go,” I heard a familiar voice say and I nearly fell out my bed.

"DAEHWI!” I exclaimed, jumping out of bed to run over, but stopping as I saw my reflection in the mirror.

"I know, I know, everyone loves it when I visit,” he said in his usual cheery tone.

But before he could come into my room I quickly hid under my blanket.

"Y/N?” he asked, walking into my room.

I hummed from under the duvet.

"What are you doing?” he asked, chuckling slightly.

"I look really bad Daehwi,” I moaned.

Daehwi laughed, “thats cause your ill! Everyone looks bad when they’re ill!”

He slowly peeled the duvet off of me and I looked up at him then reached my arms up, asking for him to cuddle me.

"AW! So cute, so cute,” he whispered, getting into my bed and pulling me into his chest.

He leaned down to kiss me but I refused.

"You’ll get ill!” I exclaimed. “And then you’ll have a terrible performance!”

"Do I look like I care?” Daehwi asked, looking at me with his ‘intimidating’ face.

"Daehwi!” I moaned.

"What? I’ll be fine!” Daehwi said. “I’m more worried about your burning forehead.”

He reached over to my bed side table and got the cool pack, pressing it to my forehead.

Aigoo,” he muttered. “What are we gonna do with you?”

I giggled slightly and he pulled me back into a hug.

I pulled away, much to his disapproval, and sneezed quietly. Then again, then again, and again, then again and again.

Daehwi laughed, “have you ever thought of accessorising more often with a cold? It’s cute.”

I playfully hit his chest.

"Daehwi!” I pouted, dragging out the ‘i’.

“What? I’m just saying!” he chuckled. “Oh! by the way, I bought you this!”

He reached down and picked up his bag, slowly getting a toy panda from it.

I smiled, “why?”

"Do you not like Mr. Bamboo?” Daehwi asked in an innocent voice.

I laughed at the name my pathetic yet somehow adorable boyfriend had given him.

"I love him,” I announced.

I kissed Daehwi’s nose and snuggled Mr. Bamboo into my chest, yawning slightly.

"Go to sleep if you need to and then the quicker you can be better to watch our performance,” Daehwi whispered, snuggling me closer into his chest.

I nodded in the safe security of his arms, Mr. Bamboo in the safe security of my arms.

Maybe being ill wasn’t so bad after all.


Xiao Liwu - San Diego Zoo by Rita Petita
Via Flickr:
The handsome Mr. Wu shows of his yummy bamboo. Mr. Wu can be seen either sleeping or eating like there is no tomorrow.

I seem to have, uh, changed appearance again after eating the Lord of Torment. Oh well, I think it’s fine, I’m fine.

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well, at least I managed to headcanon a dave as being a demon that could get more power and body parts by eating demon souls! please click it for hq 

thanks for everyone that watched this on stream!