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This is my official post about Raven Alexander Knight who is the founder of “Repscue AZ” thereby changed to Repscue PHX, then to Midnight Rescue-Mr. Arizona, and, finally, “Not Backing Down” The facebook community page.
They claim to be nonprofit, however, have no evidence of the appropriate paperwork to prove they have achieved that status.

The first three images show their idea of “rescue.” Although I do not have specific screenshots, it was said the animals were purchased from someone off of craigslist. They were not given a health assessment by a certified veterinarian and immediately posted on craigslist again. He was also intentionally breeding them to raise her price as a proven female. Anyone with rescue experience is well aware this is not how true rescues function. True rescues do not breed their animals, nor sell them, nor try to trade them for higher end morphs to breed.
Now, I understand that is all hearsay without the proper proof. Try as I might, I could not find screenshots of the initial conversation due to Raven Alexander Knight deleting the post when things went south. However, that is why I have included the other images above- to show you how this individual deals with potential customers and the community around him.

He publically posted someone’s address multiple times. He cusses at everyone instead of having a discussion. He lies about his associations and then refuses to correct his information. He’s a nasty, nasty person and i would suggest you deal with them at your own risk.


All the furries I saw at PCC2014!!! This con was a lot of fun for me and it’s good to know I’ve been progressing on my social anxiety >< I only felt mild anxiety talking to other furs and tried my best to talk just a little. Hopefully if I go to Saboten or for sure at Taiyou I can hold conversations and not be afraid!


Balbir Singh Sodhi was shot point blank while working at his gas station on September 15, 2001- just four days after 9-11- by a racist white man in Arizona. Mr. Sodhi became the first person to be killed due to post-9-11 racism and xenophobia.

Younger social justice bloggers criticized Sikhs for “derailing” the conversation of Islamophobia by expressing our fear and our sorrow during the killings of Deah, Yusor, and Razan in Chapel Hill, but the cold hard reality is that to a racist person fuelled with hatred, rage, and a loaded gun, you and I are both camel-jockey towel-headed sandn*gg*rs.

We should be standing united, because divided we all fall.

Happy New Year everyone! Though 2014 isn’t quite here for me just yet I thought I’d do this early. To celebrate the new year, I would like to give a shout out to some of the Fast & Furious blogs who have messaged me and supported me, as well as give a shout out to the blogs I follow who post amazing F&F posts. 

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If I’ve left anyone out, I will get you next time. :)