mr. and mrs. william hallett


Black is the colour.

Black is my favourite colour and I had never made a post about it in the blog (shame on me!). One of the most expensive colours to accomplish back in the day (several dyes were required and done wrong could damage the fabric) and THE go colour for the Spanish court.

In taffeta, velvet or wool, black is an always YES colour for the mid to upper classes, of course also for court, since the colour itself was pretty enough to send a message (you know, the always old message “I can afford it” is always on fashion).

Images from top:

  1. Jamie Dornan and Kirsten Dunst as Count Axel Fersen and Marie Antoinette in “Marie Antoinette”, 2006, Director Sofia Coppola, Costume Design Milena Canonero.
  2. “Susanna Highmore”, ca. 1740-1745, Joseph Highmore.
  3. Black Brunswick, 2014, by Maija the seamstress.
  4. Black silk suit, mid 18th century, Great Britain, Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  5. “Mr and Mrs William Hallett (“The Morning Walk”)”, 1785, Thomas Gainsborough.
  6. “Miss Mary Hickey”, 1770, Sir Joshua Reynolds.
  7. Mourning dress, 1781, Cahier des Costumes Français.
  8. “Charlotte, Lady Milnes”, 1788-92, George Romney.
  9. Man’s embroidered silk velvet court suit, probably English, about 1790-1810, Sudley House, Liverpool.
  10. Masquerade outfit, 2013, by Merja Palkivaara.


There’s nothing better than owning a dog (sorry not sorry cat people!), and as well as we know it now, people at the 18th century knew it too: from lap dogs to hounds, we see them beloved in portraits next to their masters (friends) with their happy cute eyes looking at them or their heads laying on a knee (I totally LOVE when my dog does that!), laying calm on the floor or totally ready to play.

Dogs are the best ever.

Paintings from top:

  • “The Morning Walk (Mr and Mrs William Hallett), Thomas Gainsborough, 1785. By the way, that’s Pomeranian. Apparently they used to be huge before being ridiculously cute as small dogs.
  • “Portrait of Squire Morland with his gun and dog”, James Miller, ca. 1773. Dude, watch the bird! That cutie is about to take it from your hand!
  • “Fernando VI”, Jean Ranc, 1723. Fernando, stop pretending you’ll throw something to the cute skinny dog u.u
  • “Karl Friederich Abel”, Thomas Gainsborough, 1777. Relaxing with your viola da gamba and your super fluffy dog. Casual as everyday.
  • “Anna Maria and Thomas Jenkins”, Angelica Kauffmann, 1790. While the niece holds flowers, the uncle pets the dog. Sorry Anna, dogs are better than flowers.
  • “A Woman with a Dog”, Jean Honoré Fragonard, 1769. How to make cute little dog even cuter? Put on a huge ribbon bow.
  • “The Painter and his Pug”, William Hogarth, 1745. Believe or not, this is how pugs looked like. And his name was Trump.
  • “Portrait of Colonel John Bullock”, Thomas Gainsborough, 1780s. Redcoats and dogs look great together.
  • “Portrait of Miss Anna Ward with her Dog”, Joshua Reynolds, 1787. I wanna hug that dog SO much. The girl not that much. I’m a dog person not a child person.
  • “Miss Mary Edwards”, William Hogarth, 1742. Is this a Border Collie or an Spaniel? I don’t know and I don’t care since it’s super cute.