mr. and mrs. morgan


“It would be great to eventually see them have the greatest sex in the world, just as a relief for the whole audience as well as them! We could have an entire hour devoted to just Mulder and Scully in bed together, with a half-hour of foreplay and then raunchy sex with everything from handcuffs to chandeliers over our heads.” 
GA - TV Week. Extract taken from “Special Agent Scully - The Gillian Anderson Files”. 

Dear Girl Meets World...

(if you get to the end of this, clap on the back to you!)

Dear girl meets world,
Where to begin… I’m young (probably a lot younger than most of the people in this fandom) but that doesn’t mean I don’t know a good show when I see one. And this was a damn fine show. It was clever, cheeky, cheerful and real. I love this show with all my heart and I can honestly truly say that it has changed my life for the better. I thought I would say a few things to many of the characters I’ve grown to love and appreciate (no matter how many wrongs and rights they make) so lets begin.

Dear Amy and Alan Matthews,
Thank you for teaching me that you can be classy and calm and collected, even when times get tough. But, thank you for also teaching me that you’re allowed to get stressed and you’re allowed to have fun. I hope you continue to nourish your family and grow old in style as you always did.

Dear Josh and Morgan Matthews,
I may not be particularly fond of you, Josh, but thank you for teaching me to be fun and young and live whilst I can. Thank you for showing that adult life isn’t as easy as it may seem and Morgan thanks for showing me that its okay to be the youngest child and that growing up has its ups and downs. I hope you continue with your education and enjoy the gap year that you will most definitely take cause you’re josh and you just will and Morgan I wish you the best with whatever you choose is best for you.

Dear John Turner,
Thank you for teaching me to care for those who need it when they are going through stuff, and using my own experiences to guide them. Thank you for teaching me that education can be modern and fun, but still be extremely important. I hope you continue to show others the importance of school and ride as many motorbikes as is safe.

Dear Shawn Hunter,
Thank you for teaching me that life is hard. But, that the people around you care and love you, no matter how many mistakes you make. You will always remain a great hero, and I hope you and your family continue to live life to the fullest and make many happy memories with those who have made you who you are today.

Dear Katy Hunter,
Thank you for teaching me that sometimes you have to wait a little to find what you’ve been looking for but that its worth it in the end. Thank you for showing us that being a single mom is hard and that sometimes, your needs come first. Your wounds need some time to heal but that’s alright. I hope you continue to aspire after your dreams and find that true happiness that you’ve wanted and deserved for a long time.

Dear Auggie Matthews and Ava Morgansterrrnnn (Matthews),
Thank you for teaching me to be young and love those we love unapologetically, even if others their age don’t think they go well together. I hope you have an amazing childhood with sass and vibrancy and happy family (even if it takes a while Ava 😉)

Dear Rachel, Angela and Jack,
Thanks for teaching me about love and life. Thanks for teaching me to embrace myself and my future, no matter where it leads me. Thank you for teaching us that we can always rely on friends and that everyone at any age is different, but we have similar experiences to those our own age which we can share and care for. I hope you love your lives and the people in it.

Dear Eric Matthews,
Thank you for teaching me to be a little coo-coo and a little mad. “a bit of madness is key” they say and you truly showed us that. Thank you for making me laugh hysterically and I hope you continue to guide St Upid Town with your strange but most-appreciated wisdom.

Dear Topanga Matthews/ Lawrence,
Where to start. Thank you for showing me I can be female and feminine but strong and hard-working. Thank you for showing me that true love can be found and that sometimes you make the best decisions about yourself by yourself, but asking for help isn’t a weakness (and to always stand by your girls) You will forever be one of the strongest women that i know and I thank you for empowering and inspiring me and your children.

To Janitor Harley, Harper and the teachers, Missy, Charlie, Brandon, Billy, Sarah, Jade, Darby, Yogi, Yindra, Nigel, Dave and all the other wonderful extras that make the show what it is (and that google cant help me find -sorry guys!) thank you for teaching me that my educations matters no matter what drama is happening and that I am every bit as important as everyone else.
I hope you’re all successful and happy!

Dear Isadora Smackle,
Thank you for showing me and many others that a condition isn’t a weakness, and that you are still you no matter what life throws at you. Thanks for teaching girls about the importance of being who you are and not doing it just cause its in “fashion”. I hope you get your nobel prize and find happiness wherever that may be.

Dear Zay Babineaux,
Thank you for teaching me that there are more important things in life than school and to chill sometimes. Thanks for telling us about how hard it can be to be a new person, but stick to the good ‘uns you find. I hope you continue to get the ladies, embrace yourself and make everyone laugh.

Dear Lucas Friar,
Thank you for teaching me that you can become a different and better person to who you were, never mind your past. I hope you have plenty of hucklebabies and become a vet or whatever else you want to be.

Dear Farkle Minkus,
Thanks for teaching me about how the way the world works and that you can not always find a reason for things, you have to let them be. Thanks for showing that who you were makes you who you are now, and that there will always be some pieces of you that never change no matter how old you get. May your future be happy and scienc-y (and full of sunshiney brunettes 😉)

Dear Maya Hart,
Thank you for teaching me that you can accomplish hope and happiness, no matter what you’ve been through or what you’re going to go through. Thank you for showing me that its okay to lose yourself sometimes, but that you can be sarcastic and witty and happy no matter who you decide to be. I love you ❤ and wish you many hucklebabies and inspire others with art and music and whatever you choose to do.

Dear Cory Matthews,
Oh my oh my. Thank you for showing us your experiences, and how the world can be a little daunting, a little fun and a little wild at times but that everything boils down to one thing, that people change people (+for extra credit, what us does for them)
Thanks for showing us who we can become and what we can do with a little magic and a whole lotta love. Continue to have a passion for what you teach, and inspire all your students to do as well as your current students are doing.

Dear Riley Matthews,
Thank you for teaching me that you can be optimistic and open minded, even as you get older and the world becomes a scarier place. Thank you for showing us the world through your eyes and that anything is possible with a little hope. You show your friends, family and everyone around you ultimate love, support and kindness which is so commendable. You will go so far.
I hope you become who you want to be and I hope you reach the targets you set which are so high. You are an inspiration and a light to this generation so thank you from the bottom of my heart. We all need a sprinkling of Riley in our lives.

And finally, how could we forget good ol’ Feeny (or as I like to see him, Mr Michael Jacobs and the whole team who make these amazing stories possible to tell).

I will never forget the lessons you have taught me and so many others about what life is truly about. You have bought light to so much darkness in people’s lives and have really changed people. I will never forget the memories this community has given me and though it may be over, I will always remember your most important lesson (its even in my insta bio!).

Dream. Try. Do Good.

So thank you to everyone in this letter, to the fandom, to the cast and crew and to anyone who has ever made it possible. Thank you.

I love you all,

Class dismissed.