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The Dreamy Town of Toyland- A Christmas Town
Toyland’s Dreamy Update  

I’m so excited to be able to once again share Toyland’s dream address! Christmas is a time that is very dear to my heart and what better way to express that love than through a game that is also very dear to my heart! Toyland is really the most incredible fun to create and, I really hope you will once again or even for the first time enjoy visiting Toyland! There’s still so much I want to do, especially now that there are so many fun new items, but it is very much mostly complete and, for those of you who have visited in the past, there are a few new additions, such as some new designs and an added room in Jack’s house!

Toyland- A Christmas Town is town based on Santa Claus and the North Pole! Here you will meet Mr and Mrs Claus, Holly the Elf, and the mischievous Jack Frost! However, not everything is as it seems in this quiet and peaceful winter town. What happened in Toyland? What secrets are hidden here? Why is everyone so distressed? Can you solve Toyland’s mystery?
Note: If you wish to discover Toyland’s story, it is recommended that you speak to, and visit the homes of all the playable characters. 

I really hope you will come and visit Toyland, and that your time there will be absolutely magical! If you do visit, I would love to see pictures of your time there, so please tag your visits with #toycrossingcrossing (toyland is not recommended as it as a common tag) so that I can see and share them!


Credits: Big Thank you to Denice from @deniceinlimbo for toyland’s amazing town flag!
And thank you to Angie from @lowqualityfriend (formally@angiestown) for letting me take inspiration from her town Maplerow for my Christmas tree lot room!

The Joker x Reader *Your day*

The Joker came up with the idea a while ago: from time to time you will have ”your day”, which means that for 12 hours you can do whatever you want. Sometimes it happens twice a month, sometimes weeks and weeks go by and…nothing. He secretly likes to make you happy but he wouldn’t admit it even if his life depends on it. A real sweetheart.   T__T

(warning: a bit of smut)

“Princess, today’s your day.” His raspy voice comes from behind you, his breath on your shoulder, waiting for your reaction.

You’re sitting on the couch, reading a magazine, bored to death. You quickly lift your head up, turning to see him, full of hope.

“Oh my God, J, like…for reals?”

“For reals,” he confirms, grinning his silver teeth at you.

You scream, tossing the magazine to the side, pulling him for a fast kiss, then you push him back and you get off the couch.

“That’s all I get?” he complains with a puzzled look on his face. Oh, he’s such a little jerk, he knows what follows.

“Hold on, let me get dressed, I’ll be back in a sec, Puddin. “

You are soooooo excited; you didn’t have your day in almost three months. You run to your closet and get your skimpy favorite outfit out that you like to wear for such…occasions: a tight red and green t-shirt (your and his favorite colors) barely going down halfway your abs , short enough to reveal your “Property of Joker” huge tattoo spread across your pelvis, plus the matching really short shorts with your name printed in the front and his printed on the back. Add the high hills and…you’re done.

You go back in the living room, and he sits on his chair, waiting, playing with his gold chains.

“Under 5 minutes, Princess, I’m impressed. I should let you have your day more often, this way you get ready in time,” he mocks you.

“Whatever Mister J,” you roll your eyes while sprinting towards him and landing on his lap. “First thing on my list, always,” you whisper, pulling down on his bottom lip with your finger, teasing him a bit before you start kissing him passionately.

-  First thing on your list is always making out with J for about half an hour. The reason why? He usually would do it for about 10, 15 minutes and then… well, you can imagine with him being such an impatient man. When it’s your day he can’t stop until you stop. Ha! Sucker! For sure taking advantage of this. You know it’s about time to put an end to it when your lips go numb. His hands are all over you and you know what he wants but it’s not going to happen right now. You have more stuff to do and can’t waste time, otherwise you’ll be trapped in the bedroom all day.

He growls, unhappy, trying to pull you back when you part from his mouth and you know better than to let him snitch you. You dodge his hand and walk backwards, licking on your lips so you can get some feeling back into them; they feel so red and swollen, just like his. You let out a devilish snicker (and you know you’ll pay for all of it later), encouraging him to get up so you can finally leave the penthouse.

“Come on, babeee, I wanna have fun out there, come on, pleasseeeee?”

“Damn it, it’s your day, I guess,” he gives up, frustrated, because he has to. He came up with the stupid thing anyway and now he can’t take it back. You smile to yourself watching him walk a bit funny towards the elevator. You almost feel sorry for him. Almost…

To compensate, you let him give you a few hickeys on the way down, this way he feels like he’s getting some revenge on you.

-   Next thing on your list is shopping and actually paying for the stuff you like. The Joker pouts and has a tantrum because his Pumpkin shouldn’t do such a common, boring thing as paying for stuff. But what are you supposed to do with all the money you have anyway?!

-  Since you are out during the day, you are using a black, unmarked car and you ask him to take you in Gotham woods at your favorite spot so he can speed and race. OMG, you love speed. He drives like a demon through the paved road, mostly deserted since Mister J bought the property last year and closed it down to the public. He does cookies and spins too and you love it until it starts to make you nauseated.

“OK, Puddin, I think I’m good now!” you let him know with a grimace. “I’m starting to get sick.”

“Lightweight!” J snickers, still doing a few more doughnuts while you dig your nails in his arm, yelling at him to stop. He can be such a stubborn ass sometimes. Thank God his rampage doesn’t last for longer.

-  You go to the movies and he rents a whole screening room just for the two of you. You wanted to watch a scary movie and he wanted to watch you get naked but you win because it’s your day and you have plans. He frowns for the length of the whole movie, arms crossed on his chest, not even looking your way until the end. Jeez, sometimes you feel you live with a 5 year old. You sigh and you have to be the bigger person (again) and give him your neck for more hickeys. That seems to please him, but you’re sure you will regret it in a little bit. In fact, you already are, your skin looks like a bruised up minefield.

-  Late lunch with Frost and his new girlfriend. You really like her since she’s your sister. They both seem to stare at your love bites that you don’t even try to hide. You like to wear them with pride, like battle wounds. People need to know how you suffer. Small talk going on, she lifts her eyebrows, pointing her lips towards your hickeys and you sigh, rolling your eyes and soundlessly mutter “temper.” She understood what you said and she giggles, quickly coughing when Mister J looks your way. You play with your food, trying to look as innocent as possible. The boys don’t talk too much; they are kind of socially awkward anyway. You don’t think they know what to say to each other except work stuff.

- Back to the penthouse, day almost over with.

“Come on, Princess, hurry up!” the Joker rushes you, coming out of the bedroom with only his gym shorts on, your name printed all over. You guys really like personalized clothing.

“I’m ready, almost done!  I swear!” you grab the popcorn from the microwave, plus your Pepsi and you follow him to the gym area. This is one on the best things to ask for when it’s your day: the Joker working out and you watching, eating popcorn and sipping on your drink. It’s better than any movie, ever. You whistle and roar every couple of minutes, visibly pleased with the view.

“Yeah, Puddin, work it! Oh, look at those muscles,” your eyes widen, totally getting excited. He’s starting to sweat a bit and that makes him look even more delicious to you and he knows it. He gets off the weight bench and with just two fingers he slowly and seductively pulls down on his shorts, watching your mouth open in anticipation. You choke on the popcorn but quickly recover because the show is getting better and better. Right before he uncovers what you’re dying to see, he pulls up his shorts, full of himself.

“That’s for doing the same thing to me all day, baby doll.”

Wow, what a jerk! He’ll pay; your day is not over yet.

“Wanna come help me?” he winks and you agree, still upset though.

He starts doing pushups with you sitting on his back and you count.

“50,51,52  …Wow, J, how many can you do?! Last time you did 50.”

“A hundred,” he grunts from under your weight, pushing himself to the limit.

“I’m impressed, you know,” you reply, spanking him and continuing to count, back to slurping on your Pepsi.


-   And for your grand finale, you lured The Joker in the bedroom,( which was effortless after you took your top off) and tight him to the bed with handcuffs. You still have 20 minutes from your day left so you decided he’s going to pay for the hickeys, for the gym scene and for other things he always does to you.

You tease him to the max, kissing him all over, brushing your skin on his but not letting him touch you himself. You bite his flesh softly and he just goes crazy.

“Untie me, doll, I can’t take it anymore, I want you right now. “

“I still have three minutes,” you give him an evil smile, licking his neck.

“Fuck, stop it or I swear I’m gonna punish you the worst way possible.”

“Hehehe, do it…Daddy!” you smirk.

That’s it, he’s done. When you call him Daddy he’s a goner and you soooo know it.

“I’m going to be nice, Puddin and untie you a minute earlier”, you smile, feeling sorry for him and to be honest at this point for you too. “But you owe me since you’re cutting into my time.”

He just purrs, biting his lips, his eyes devouring you.

“Ummm, Puddin, I can’t find the keys,” you say, looking around the bed, trying to hold your laugh.


“I can’t find the keys” you repeat, amused.

“Well, where did you put them?”

“I don’t know,” you chuckle, “I don’t actually remember seeing them.”

“You’re fucking with me, right?”

“Ehehehe, not yet,” you giggle, still looking around.

Mister J lets his head fall down on the pillow, annoyed.

“I’ll find them, I swear I will, but now…”

You crawl on top of him, forcing him to look at you again.

“You know what… Daddy? We can have fun anyway, it’s not like we didn’t do this before. Since you find yourself in this…position, I will just have to take advantage of you.” You kiss him roughly and he lets out a deep moan.

“I don’t deserve you, doll.”

“Tell me something I don’t know,” you bite his lip and pull yourself up, starting to take your bra off.

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Baby X Joker X Reader

You woke up feeling fresh for once and not hungover. The silk sheets felt soft and warm. You could hear your king asleep next to you, a deep growl came from in his chest. His makeup was all smudged across his face, he’d clearly forgot to take it off before he passed out like usual.

He slowly opened his eyes to look at you “Mmhh morning.” He grumbled. He wasn’t a morning person but neither were you.

Today was an exception because you were really looking forward to the day. “Morning baby.” You gave him a kiss, you could still smell the alcohol on his breath “I’ve got to nip out for a couple of hours but I won’t be long.”

He looked slightly annoyed “Why? You’ve been going out alone quite a bit recently.”

You smiled at him “Just gona meet my sister for a coffee.” You gave him another kiss and got dressed. Quite a simple outfit for you, black jeans, black vest top, army shirt your dad gave you and doc martens. You brushed your long black hair and put your face on really quickly.

“You don’t look like you? You look normal.” He grumbled.

“Yeah well I don’t want people to run away when I walk in the coffee shop. I’d like to have a normal day. I gotta go. I love you” You blew him a kiss and skipped off.

You could smell food which made your stomach growl. You nipped in to see frost cooking “Ermm what ya doin?”

“Well miss” he replied “You shot the last maid so I have to make breakfast till we find a new one.”

You laughed “Oops yeah I forgot about that. I’ll take my bacon now. I gotta go for my appointment.”

He looked at you “You haven’t told him yet have you?” The only reason Frost knew was because he found out you were drinking apple juice instead of cider one night at the club.

You shook your head “No because he’ll leave me. I told him I’m going to see my sister so keep yah mouth shut.”

As you were leaving you heard him mumble something along the lines of ‘Js gona kill me’

You hopped into your custom electric blue Audi Quatro and bombed it down the street, Jump around by waka flocka flame blasting out.

J woke up with another hangover. The silk sheets made him feel sick so he got up and grabbed the glass of water by the side of the bed. He took a massive gulped and spat it straight out. It was vodka. “Oh Jesus fuck.” He moaned. He stood slowly and shuffled over to the sink. He splashed some water over his face ‘Where the fuck is she? She was supposed to be back now’ he thought ‘ha with her sister my arse’ anger started to fill him. “Frost!” he yelled making his head hurt worse.

“Yes boss”

“He sisters back in England. I know that for a fact so I’m gona get dressed and we are going to find her cheating lying ass and kill her. OK?” he couldn’t believe the words he was saying but he also couldn’t believe she would do this to him.

Frost looked shocked “But boss. You can’t kill her. You can’t”

J turned to Frost with hate and death in his eyes “Get the car NOW. Don’t question me!”

Frost left without another word. J fixed his make up and hair, shoved on his boxing shorts, leather boots and long purple crocodile skin coat. He marched out the house with his gun in his hand ready.
He stepped into the car “Take us around gotham till we find her car. It ain’t hard to spot.”

“yes boss” Frost sighed.

After around 15 minutes of driving round they found her car parked out side a small run down hospital.

“Ahhh!” J yelled “She’s banging a doctor!”
Frost frowned at him ‘Is he serious’ he thought.

J marched through the hospital doors and pointed his gun in the receptionists face making her cry “(y/f/n) where is she?” the receptionist typed shakily “FASTER!”

“Down the hall! Room 7. Please don’t kill me!” she cried

With out answering J shot her right in the middle of her head. He stormed down the hall shooting in the air making the few people that were there drop to the floor and cry. He kicked the door of room open so hard the door fell fully off. “Get off my girl!” he screamed and shot the doctor in the head. Then he stopped dead.

You lay down on the cool table and lifted your vest. God this place was gross but you the jokers girl couldn’t go to real hospitals. Everyone was too scared of you.

The doctor came in “Hello Miss (y/l/n) how you both feeling today?”

You smiled he was a nice guy to say it was such a horrible place “Great thanks doc. Haven’t thrown up yet today but that could change.”

He laughed “Let’s see the little thing then.” He pulled out the ultrasound kit and started to look over your belly. “There it is. You want to know the sex today?”

Seeing that little thing inside you made you well up. You knew J would leave you if he found out but there was no way you were getting rid of it “ yes please.”

“Hhhmmm let’s see… looks like you’ve got a beautiful baby boy!”

“Holy shit” You sniffed.

A of a sudden you heard gun shots coming from outside the room. ‘Oh fuck.. he’s here’ you thought.

The door was kicked clean off and the doctor shot right infront of you. There he was, stood there deadly still. Surprisingly he looked more shocked than angry.

“What the fuck are you doing J!” you screamed at him getting off the bed and wiping the jelly off your tiny bump.

He looked completely confused “but.. what.. I thought.”

You were well pissed off “What? What did you think?”

“I.. I thought you were cheating on me!” He shouted but you could here the pain in him.

You smiled at him “Cheating? Oh baby no. Not at all.” You gave him a hug.

He stepped back and looked at you “Wait so your not cheating on me and that is a scan machine thingy. So are you?”

“What? Pregnant? Yeah.” You really didn’t want him knowing like this. You just knew how he was going to react.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

You frowned “What? Because you would make me get rid of him or leave me.”

He looked even more surprised “I’d leave you? Get rid of it? Why would you think that?”

You couldn’t believe what you were hearing “Well.. ermm because we rob banks, sort major drug deals, we have the actual batman out for us like all the time, we murder allot of people on a daily basis.”

He smiled and kissed you “Yeah so we don’t live normal lives but that doesn’t stop us from having a little us running around.”

Tears started to fall down your cheeks “I was not prepared for this. I didn’t think you’d want him.”

“him?” he yelled “it’s a boy!”

“haha” You rubbed your belly “its a boy and no we aren’t calling him Bruce.”


As both Magneto and Apocalypse are infected by the newly-engineered Legacy Virus, Magneto was able to defeat Apocalypse with a huge cost. Emma Frost mercy-kills Magneto by shutting down his mind before his powers flare out of control. 

- Age of Apocalypse v2 #4