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i know it's really not what your know for which is the classpect analysis but i really wanted to say i like the sprite they are really cute and i was wondering if there is any tips you have on drawing sprite (sorry for the silly question but i am honestly curious)

oh my gog thank you so much i’m so glad someone loves the sprites QuQ

ok here’s a crappy tutorial:

today we’ll be making a prince of breath i guess

(btw this is all done in MS paint)

ok you see this

these are the sprites from ministrife you can find them on the wiki

i use them as bases

let’s take mr ampora here for a base

erase shit to turn him into this

now add some hair and change the hood and cape to actually look like a hood and cape

now add some colors and a face

now shading to make it look all pretty and shit

there you go here is a sprite of a cute little prince of breath. now you all know my secret. you can all go make sprites just like mine and now mine are worth far less because now everyone can make them. i’m terrible at capitalism. enjoy

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Is Kankri going to be okay on Mother's Day? Maybe he could introduce Cronus to his mom, give her a visit. It helps me to visit my dad on Father's Day, even if I can't see or talk to him. uwu

[ sadstuck mother’s day cronkri under cut. sfw. contains mentions of death, cancer, and religion. also, cronus meeting the family. ]

School’s over. You’re happy about it.

Finals week was a tedious affair in the Alpha Tau Alpha house, maybe even stricter so than at the end of the Fall semester. The Spring semester brought warm weather and the promise of Summer and you were looking forward to your vacation.

Finally, you could relax.

When you weren’t taking Summer classes, that is. Or when you weren’t looking for a job and then working at said job. Or even when you’re not helping Cronus with his campaign for Alpha Tau Alpha presidency- yes, like his father before him, he intended on filling the biggest shoes in the fraternity. He asked you to be his vice president but you declined, preferring to instead apply for the treasurer role. You enjoy the fund raising and it’s an excellent way to get your voice heard.

But aside from that, aside from the class and the job and the Greek life, you can totally relax.

If this is what being an adult is like, you’re not sure you like it.

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CroKri Ampora Pornstar Family AU Drabble

Eridan had tried many times to get Cronus to talk about what had happened at the auditions for his One Night with Cronus movie. Nothing. He couldn’t get any information on who the guy that had run away had been or how his brother knew him.

“Equius, I need you to find out who that guy was and how Cronus knows him.” Eridan said, crossing his arms. “Why do I have to do it?” Equius asked. “You’re a neutral party and Cronus likes talking to you.” “Can’t you ask Horuss to do it?” “Horuss doesn’t know that that happened though! I need you to do this!” Equius sighed and nodded, agreeing to be the younger Ampora’s information collector. After they finished taping a new scene for one of Cronus’ movies, Equius went up to him. “Um… Mr. Ampora…” He started, his forehead breaking out with a sweat. “I would like to ask you about what happened the day of the auditions.” “Oh… About the guy who ran out?” Cronus asked. “It’s not anything important.” “Could… Is it possible that you might have feelings for the man?” Equius inquired. “I wouldn’t say that I have feeling for him but that kind of thing does leave an impression.” “True but I remember what it was like when I met someone and found myself really attracted to them.” He was talking about Nepeta but he would try to make his experience as vague as possible. “I have met him twice and both times he ran away, screaming.” Cronus laughed. “Would you like to get to know him?” “It would be interesting to know why he ran away from me both times.” “Maybe I could help you find out who he is.” “I think his name is Kanny or something like that.” Cronus smiled. “Tell me about your first meeting.” Equius listened intently as Cronus talked about what had happened at the grocery store and about how he couldn’t help but find the guy adorable with how nervous he had seemed. “He had the cutest blush.” “Maybe you’ll meet him again.” It was getting warmer and the sun was high in the sky. Summer was coming. Kankri was on his way to the grocery store. He became nervous when his father or brother asked him to go to the store, remembering the first time he met the man of his sexual fantasies. A slight breeze rustled his hair as he walked. He sighed softly and tried to put it out of his mind but those eyes seemed to haunt his every thought. “He’s so handsome and…” Out of my league… Kankri sighed once more as he walked through the automatic doors of the grocery store. He grabbed a basket and pulled out his list of needed items. He tried to focus on the task at hand, inspecting the vegetables as he had been when he had met Cronus the first time. “Always so expensive…” He mumbled as he picked up one of the packages to examine it closer. He found one that he felt was suitable for his family’s consumption and put it in his basket before he went around, gathering the rest of the items from the list. As he pondered over which fish he wanted to purchase, he felt a presence behind him. Slowly, he turned around. He had expected it to be either his younger brother or a figment of his imagination. Kankri froze when he saw those scars that he dreamt about almost nightly. “C…C…” Cronus! He screamed inside his mind. He was in a corner, trapped between a wall and the man of his dreams. Kankri tried to ignore his urge to run as far and as fast as he could to focus on getting the items that had been requested. Cronus felt the person standing beside him tense and he looked over. “Hey! It’s you!” He grinned at Kankri. Kankri almost dropped his basket. He felt dizzy, like the world was rushing by. He felt a hand on his forearm. “You okay, Chief?” Cronus asked, looking worried as he tilted his head to the side. Kankri looked up and opened his mouth but nothing came out. He took a moment to catch his breath and collect himself before trying again. “I’m sorry.” He said, voice soft and shaky but there. “You ain’t running away this time.” Cronus chuckled. Kankri’s cheeks colored themselves deep red with embarrassment. “I… I… Um…” Kankri stammered. “It’s okay.” Cronus smiled and Kankri felt himself melt a little. Why was Cronus so attractive?? This shouldn’t be possible! But here he was, this beautiful human being standing in front of him, holding onto his arm. Kankri’s mind blanked for a moment as he realized that Cronus, THE Cronus, was touching him. “You don’t have to be so nervous. I don’t bite.” Cronus said, chuckling a little as he spoke. “You… You… You’re Cronus…” Kankri said softly “I am and you are?” “Ka… Ka-Kankri.” He blurted, eyes wide. “It’s nice to meet you, Kankri.” Cronus smiled his most dazzling smile and Kankri felt his chest pull tight. “I’d love to stay and chat but I have to get back to the studio soon. Call me sometime.” He said, pulling out a card with his number and name on it. Kankri took the card and held it to his chest, nodding quickly.

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Humanstuck Cronkri meeting the parents? Could you throw in Dualsign too?

Things you had expected going to meet Kankri’s family: Meeting and trying to impress Mr. Vantas, trying not be bruised by his younger brother’s tongue, and generally be the charming man everyone would be expecting.

Things you had not expected going to meet Kankri’s family: Your dad sitting at the table as well.

You had both stared at each other and he had looked away, gruff but blushing slightly. You had no idea how Mr. Vantas had known to invite your dad. You glance at Kankri but he shrugs so he didn’t say anything. So you take your seat at the table as Mr. Vantas sets the last plates out. Kankri’s younger brother is the one actually watching the stove.

You’re still not sure what’s going on but when Mr. Vantas stops next to you, you offer a hand. “It’s nice to meet you Mr. Vantas. I’m Cronus Ampora, Kankri’s uh-” You glance at him and he rolls his eyes. “My boyfriend. It’s alright Cronus really. He doesn’t bite. In fact he’s not near as strict as he should be as a responsible parent.” He sniffs and Mr. Vantas grins.

He leans in to whisper conspiratorially. “Kankri would prefer I ban him from all pursuits, but I tell him if he never does anything against the rules how can I punish him?” He chuckles and you flush. Fuck you hope Kankri ages like his dad. Your dad is still silent, but he’s met Kankri before so it’s not that awkward.

But whatever. Karkat brings over the last pot from the stove and takes his own seat. Mr. Vantas claps his hands. “Dig in!” You do and it’s delicious. Still there’s no comment on why your dad is there. You think you’re never going to get an answer to that one and have resigned yourself to such a thing.

Which is of course when Mr. Vantas leans over and they share a kiss. Your mouth drops open as Karkat pulls a face and Kankri rolls his eyes. “Father must you really?” Mr. Vantas grins.

“You brought your boyfriend to dinner. Don’t be frustrated because I’m comfortable sharing affection with mine.”


Heavy In Your Arms - This Killing Time

[tag] [AO3]

[previous part: Over the Waterfall

[chapter I: Only To Condemn] [chapter II: Both Your Heart And Mine] [chapter III: This Killing Time] [chapter IV: here]

Note: you do not have to read the entire series to understand this part, although if you’re not up to date on the series you might be kind of confused by Emperor Tavros and Religious Leader Karkat and the fracas of Gamzee and Eridan’s backstories…

Regardless of the rest of the series, though, I would read Over the Waterfall, for important context. :) 

Chapter 4: Strong Enough To Stand

There are coldbloods in the crowd.  You should’ve been expecting that, but you still can’t get used to the idea there are people who care this is happening.

Fuck, if it comes to that you still can’t believe that this is happening at all.

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